Chapter 2495 Roll

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The Moon Demon and the Zero Demon both had the image of young men standing in front of Lin Mo, one on the left and one on the right. They had long since become devils. Their bodies were filled with the most majestic devilish energy, and they were the closest to the ancient Giant Demons.

If there was such a boundary, then they should be considered half-step Giant Demons.

which was actually no different from Spirit King's half-step Divine Spirit Realm.

Each of them had their own level, and each of them had their own specialty. In terms of ruthlessness, in terms of endurance in battle, a devil's tenacity in battle far surpa.s.sed that of a Spirit King. If the Moon Demon and a Spirit King were to fight, it would be very difficult for the Moon Demon to die in battle, and the Demon would only lose.

It had black hair that was like a waterfall and looked similar to the Spirit King. Both of them were extremely handsome with a blood-red crescent moon on the center of their brows, it was not just a pattern, but a part of his flesh and blood. A pair of blood-red eyes shone like the bright moon, strange and evil.

His expression was extremely cold, and his body seemed to have a strange whirlpool. Compared to the Moon Demon, his gloomy and cold temperament was even more frightening, around his left arm wound a pure blue snake the size of a thumb, on the head there was a small crystal-like horn, and this seemingly cute little snake was in fact very terrifying.

Before he came, Lin Mo had already introduced these two to Long Chen.

This little blue snake was actually a part of the body of the Zero Demons. It had already cultivated for a million years and was equivalent to a clone of the Zero Demons. It was highly toxic, and its toxicity was countless times more terrifying than the demon clan in the Eternal Demon G.o.d Domain. In actuality, this little blue snake was an 'ancient being' born in the The Age of Dragons, but it was exterminated later on. The one at the side of the Zero Demon was the last bloodline, but it was already refined into its own clone by the Zero Demon.

In front of these two, Lin Mo did not have the slightest bit of strength to retaliate, and he promptly said, "Moon Demon, Zero Demon, Lin Mo saw that the Devouring Demon is still young but is still able to accomplish such a great task. Every day, he destroys the Magic Star Seal, which is extremely lonely and tiring. At the age of devouring demons, females were needed to comfort and accompany them. Thus, after searching for a beautiful woman on the demonic planet, he wanted to give her away so that she could dispel the loneliness and loneliness of devouring devils. Lin Mo was sincere and hoped that the Moon Demon and the Zero Demon were able to fulfill his wish. "

After hearing this, the Moon Demon and the Zero Demon looked at each other.

They naturally wouldn't think that this was Long Chen's plan, or that all the people under the control of the Ancient Giant Demons would use any method to harm the Devouring Demon, so they were extremely at ease. However, they did not like Lin Mo's action of trying to please the Devouring Demon. The Moon Demon waved his hand and said, "Lin Mo, you can go back now.

Lin Mo said respectfully: "This woman is very beautiful, I think the Devouring Demon would like her. Please help the two of you, let the Devouring Demon see, maybe he would like her? Lin Mo begs the two of you. "

In truth, the other people in the Divine Kingdom had long been terrified. It had to be said that this was the most thrilling moment. Success or failure depended only on the line.

In reality, as long as they pa.s.sed the trial of Moon Demon and Zero Demon, there wouldn't be a big problem, because if Mo Xiaolang was controlled, he probably wouldn't reject a beautiful woman, right?

However, when Lin Mo said till here, the Moon Demon was a little angry. It was a kind of terrifying killing intent, causing Lin Mo's face to instantly turn pale white.

"Lin Mo, do you want to become Master's food?"

Moon Demon said in a gloomy voice.

Lin Mo hurriedly said: "I won't dare, I'll leave now."

However, they never expected the two to be strict to such an extent. No one had come to present them before, so Lin Mo was not too clear on the situation, but from the looks of it, the Ancient Giant Demon had given these two a death order.

He hurriedly brought Tao Li into the G.o.d Kingdom and respectfully said: "Moon Demon, Zero Demon, this time Lin Mo has done wrong. Lin Mo promises that there won't be a next time, and he will immediately leave this place."

If they didn't leave now, they would be finished if they kept delaying.

The plan had failed, and Long Chen did not even have the chance to take action. He was even more aware of the difficulties encountered, and this made his mind a mess.

At this moment, a third person suddenly appeared behind the Moon Demon and the Zero Demon.

"What is it?"

This was a voice that Long Chen was extremely familiar with, but it was much more aged and hoa.r.s.e than before.

That's right, it was Mo Xiaolang.

It had been a long time since someone had looked at him up close. His appearance was no different from before, but he now looked like a completely different person. He was even more evil-looking than the Moon Demons and even colder than the Zero Demons. It was simply the same as them, with a monstrous demonic aura, and their strength was actually about the same as Long Chen's current strength.

Indeed, the Devouring Demon was this heaven-defying.

Seeing him like this, Long Chen felt like he was in a dream. Honestly speaking, he had ten thousand wishes in his heart to speak to him, but he could not do so for now. Right now, it was as if the success was right in front of him.

It was as if he had seen Mo Xiaolang atop the head of an Ancient Giant Demon.

Strange, evil, cold, evil.

Maybe it was because he was being controlled.

There had been no one on the planet since the last time Qu had awakened.

Just as Long Chen was looking at him in shock, Moon Demon turned his head and said to him, "This guy wants to get you a woman to relieve your boredom."

Hearing this, Mo Xiaolang expressionlessly replied: "Scram."

He actually refused to accept it!

Long Chen had thought that he had already been controlled and lost himself, so there was a chance that he would accept it. He didn't think that he would not even look at Tao Li, and would directly say "scram".

This was somewhat out of Long Chen's expectations.

Lin Mo rolled very quickly. When Mo Xiaolang appeared, he originally thought that there was still a glimmer of hope, but when he heard the word "scram", he immediately disappeared. He knew that if he stayed in front of these three people, he would be thrown down and eaten by the Ancient Giant Demons.

However, when Lin Mo's figure disappeared, Mo Xiaolang raised his head and looked at him. His eyes trembled and a blood light surged in his body.

"Devouring Demon, what happened?" The voice of the Zero Demon, which has been silent for a long time, is as sharp as a woman's.

"Nope." Mo Xiaolang turned around and disappeared behind them. In the blink of an eye, he was already in his own position. To the Moon Demon Zero Demon, this was the end of the small interlude.

Lin Mo returned to his own region and sat cross-legged on the ground, cold sweat pouring down his body.

When Long Chen came out of the Peach Blossom G.o.d Kingdom, everyone was currently sitting in a circle around the Peach Blossom G.o.d Realm.

The kitten looked worried as it said, "This sh * t! Why did he turn into a bad guy and still be so unenlightened? It's really strange that he doesn't want a fat beauty giving him a gift. This is simply an insult to my intelligence!"

Long Chen sank into deep thought, while Zheng Zilong and w.a.n.g Ming did not know what to say. In any case, they could only find the next method, but the next method was not easy. At the very least, if Lin Mo made another move, he would definitely be suspected.

Lin Mo said: "This is considered a failure, in the end, we still do not understand this Devouring Demon. Next, if there was no such thing as a foolproof plan, it was best not to take any action. Everyone, if you want to succeed, you'd better be at ease. Long Chen, what do you think? "

Long Chen nodded and did not say anymore.

He understood Mo Xiaolang more than anyone else. If not for the influence of the Ancient Giant Demon's willpower, the wolf cub would definitely not be like this, he thought that Mo Xiaolang should be evil and unrestrained. However, today, although he looked similar to Long Chen, Long Chen felt that something was off.

It was indeed a little sudden to say the word "scram" so decisively, with a hint of hatred in it.

"Maybe the wolf cub isn't in control, or perhaps he still retains some consciousness?"

He guessed.

Saying the word 'scram' should be a normal thing for him to say. If he deeply loved a person, it would be normal for others to send a beauty over. This way, it would be normal for him to reject her.

But Long Chen immediately denied it.

"Impossible, if he was conscious, then he wouldn't have swallowed the Magic Star Seal. He naturally knows in his heart what kind of tragedy it would be if he let the Immemorial Troll and the group of devils out, and he wouldn't let his friends face such danger. He's pure and kind, and even more so, he wouldn't destroy this world!"

Thinking of this, Long Chen suddenly felt that his previous thoughts were extremely ridiculous.

Mo Xiaolang only said "scram", but he actually guessed that he still had his own consciousness. This was simply impossible, because as long as he was a normal person, he would never do something like destroying a Magic Star Seal. This was no joke. The Mo Xiaolang he knew was a sincere youth. No matter what he did, he would have a clear conscience and would have no regrets.

Long Chen trusted him more than he believed in him.

"If we have the time, everyone, think carefully. Is there any other way?"

Lin Mo said in a cold voice, then began to rest with his eyes closed.

Tao Li, w.a.n.g Ming, Zheng Zilong, and Little Cat were all deep in thought and started discussing amongst themselves. However, he had already reached such a level. Wanting to come up with a solution for this problem was easier said than done!

In the blink of an eye, a day had pa.s.sed.

Very quickly, it was time for the devils to destroy the Magic Star Seal. At this moment, a large amount of devils were dancing in the air, and all of the devils were soaring up into the sky, crazily shouting, protecting, and even though Lin Mo had woken up, he had no choice but to protect his surroundings. Otherwise, if he stayed in his original place, everyone would be able to tell with a glance that he was an abnormal person.

This time, Mo Xiaolang shot a glance at it and instantly rushed into the gap between the Magic Star Seal s, disappearing without a trace. This lasted for two hours as the demons continued to dance about chaotically.

After two hours had pa.s.sed, Mo Xiaolang came down from the flames and he suddenly saw Lin Mo with a glance.

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