Chapter 2804

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Chapter 2804: Guests With Hidden Intentions (4)

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Jun Wu Xie walked slowly into the hall, there was no enthusiasm on her cold face as she walked to the main seat and sat down. She nodded slightly to acknowledge Duan Qi and the other ladies but didn't say much else.

The Sacred Maidens immediately looked at Jun Wu Xie who remained seated, every pair of eyes looked at her from top to toe in a seemingly impolite manner.

Han Shu, in particular, scoured every inch of Jun Wu Xie. After glancing back and forth a few times, she secretly sneered.

It was just a little brat who hadn't grown up yet.

Duan Qi's opinion was different from those women. She had also observed Jun Wu Xie, but she was less concerned with her appearance. Based on appearance, 'Yan Hai's' looks could not be compared to the handsomeness of Bai Zhu; as he was still young and not yet matured with a teenager's posture.

But all these did not dispel Duan Qi's attention to Jun Wu Xie.

Because what she really cared about was not Jun Wu Xie's appearance but her strength!

The strength of dual Spirit Rings!

“This is Yan Hai, City Lord Yan right?” Duan Qi spoke first, which she hardly did.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly, “Yes, I am.”

“I am Duan Qi, the Elder of the Sacred Maiden Tribe. I have been tasked by Bai Zhu, the Lord of White Night City, to come and mediate. I understand that previously there was a misunderstanding between White Night City and other cities against City Lord Yan. They are extremely regretful of the altercation and are willing to accede to any request in order to appease City Lord Yan's unhappiness. They ask that City Lord Yan be magnanimous and they are most willing to bow before you.” Duan Qi said in a calm manner without a trace of sternness in her tone.

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow slightly, looking at Duan Qi but saying nothing.

Jun Wu Xie's response caused a bit of confusion in Duan Qi. Jun Wu Xie looked very young and his experience should be insufficient. At this age, in the Upper Realm, one would not have had much success, but instead, she was actually the only bearer of dual Spirit Rings. Which was very difficult to understand.

Before coming to Sea Spirit City, Bai Zhu had also told Duan Qi about the fast rise of Sea Spirit City.

It was probably due to the extraordinary formula which Sea Spirit City possessed that created such a special elixir, which not only increased the strength of the entire city, but it was also most likely due to that elixir that Jun Wu Xie could possess dual Spirit Rings.

This was one of the reasons why Duan Qi was willing to come to Sea Spirit City.

With only that one formula, it is thus possible to train a dual Spirit Ring exponent, which was truly unheard of.

“City Lord Yan, please let me know what are your requirements, the City Lords of the 72 cities have promised that they will do whatever you say.” Duan Qi said calmly; she wanted to see what kind of inclinations this capable teenager had.

“If they refuse, then it means I won't get what I want?” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly, the cold voice seemed to be mixed with ice.

Duan Qi froze slightly. The words were quite arrogant, but since these words came from Jun Wu Xie, then it was par for course.

With dual Spirit Rings, how could the 72 cities put up much resistance?

“So what does City Lord Yan mean?” Duan Qi continued to ask.

Jun Wu Xie supported her chin with one hand as she glanced at the Sacred Maidens. After a moment, she said lightly: “I don't care for their insincere words, and I am too lazy to fight with those pieces of trash. As long as they surrender and swear allegiance to me, I will not do anything.”

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