Chapter 3318 - Cheating Geno Table

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Chapter 3318 Cheating Geno Table

“G.o.d said he was here looking for someone.” The geno tablet’s voice did not have any emotion in it.

“Who was he looking for?” Han Sen asked.

“He did not say,” the geno tablet replied.

“What about the Wu Wei Dao person? What was he doing here?” Han Sen asked.

“He said he came here to kill someone,” the geno tablet said. It made Han Sen frown.

“Who was he going to kill?” Han Sen asked.

“He did not say,” the geno tablet quickly replied.

Han Sen frowned even deeper. Not many people could actually gain access to that place. Even if Han Sen had achieved it, he was only the third person to do so. That meant whoever G.o.d was looking for was not residing in this place.

The Wu Wei Dao person might have had the same target as G.o.d. Perhaps he wanted to kill G.o.d. Han Sen could not confirm any of these theories.

“Where did G.o.d and the Wu Wei Dao person go?” Han Sen asked.

“They left,” the geno tablet emotionlessly said. “They were not the creatures I wanted, so they were not permitted to stay.”

“I am not the creature you were waiting for either. Can I leave now?” When Han Sen heard that G.o.d and the Wu Wei Dao person were gone, he felt relieved and thought, “It looks like this geno tablet is a pacifist. He is not going to trouble me.”

“No.” The geno tablet’s answer made Han Sen jump.

“Why?” Han Sen sadly asked.

“You destroyed the geno message foundation,” the geno tablet said. “The geno messages that were split up have to be taken by you. Otherwise, it will be very bad for the universe.”

“Does it have to be like that? Is there no other way?” Han Sen asked with a wry smile. He did not want to become a monster. The red hair he had grown made his head itch. If he grew a few more eyes or a few more arms on his head or something, Han Sen would have much preferred to die.

“Yes.” The geno tablet’s answer gave Han Sen a glimmer of hope to latch onto.

What the geno tablet said next made Han Sen depressed. “If you can control the geno tablet, you can rebuild the geno message.”

If he was able to control the geno tablet, he would not have been pulled inside to consult with the geno tablet and speak to it like a prisoner.

“If you can’t, then use your body, which has already been split up, and give it up to the gene messages.” When the geno tablet spoke, a star spell flew over.

Han Sen now saw what the light spells looked like. The light spells were made of stars and lights. They were a part of the ocean of stars.

Han Sen had left a mark on the geno tablet earlier. He cut a part of the star seas away. That was a part of the light spell.

Han Sen’s body was crushed by the geno tablet’s power. He was made unable to move. He let the light spell land on him.

Because his body was in Super G.o.d Spirit mode, the light spells went through his body. They entered his body, but they could not melt and become one with Han Sen’s genes.

Han Sen was delighted when he found out the light spells could do nothing to his body. He suddenly saw that the giant, weird planet looked like a soft animal twisting. It gave birth to a tentacle that came las.h.i.+ng toward Han Sen’s spirit body.

The geno tablet said, “Your genes can contain super gene features, but it is not a real super gene. Fake genes are fake genes. They will never be the real super genes.” Then, the tentacle wrapped around Han Sen’s body.

Han Sen felt as if he was being electrified. His body was suddenly tremoring. His spirit body was changing. He was going to exit his Super G.o.d Spirit mode.

When his spirit body became a body again, the light spell melted into Han Sen’s body. He could feel his blood boil. It felt like his body was being cooked.

“d.a.m.n it!” Han Sen wanted to enter Super G.o.d Spirit mode again. When his body started to become a spirit body, the tentacles electrocuted him again. It made Han Sen’s spirit body become an average body. Han Sen tried to reverse it many times, but it failed without a single sign of success. All he felt was increased pain.

“Cheating geno tablet!” Han Sen cursed it. He gave up trying to enter his Super G.o.d Spirit mode. He used his power to cast a few geno arts.

The Blood-Pulse Sutra’s Break World power made the gene messages’ a.s.similation with his body proceed slower. Even so, it was only slower.

Although Jadeskin broke the world and provided him with a holy body, it was unable to stop the invasion of the gene messages.

When the Dongxuan Sutra broke the world, it only a.n.a.lyzed the gene messages. It could not stop a thing.

The Story of Genes was madly running, but Forever Solid was not very useful.

Han Sen gnashed his teeth and reversed his The Story of Genes. After his body had mutated last time, he was able to use the reverse The Story of Genes. Yet, he could not put the main and the reverse The Story of Genes and combine them. He could not break the world.

Han Sen gnashed his teeth and tried to do that anyway. The geno tablet’s gene messages were not too strong, but Han Sen could not fight the geno tablet’s power.

The destructive power spread throughout Han Sen’s body. At the same time, the Forever Solid power melted in his body. The two powers clashed against each other. It made Han Sen’s body start to develop changes that could very well flip the sky and the ground.

His flesh was torn from his body, but it was instantly healed. It was then ripped from his body again. Once more, he was instantly healed. His bones broke, inch by inch, but would then repair themselves inch by inch as well. One could not imagine that pain. It was like the substance of his body was being broken and rebuilt.

“Roar!” Han Sen could not endure the pain any longer. He started to roar like an animal. He did it to release the pain that was driving him insane.

His body entered xenogeneic mode. Xenogeneic mode did not provide him with enough power to make his body enter spirit body mode, but the four geno arts and their Break World powers made things like water melting into plastic. Things started to change.

Han Sen’s body started to exhibit changes. His body looked like bone and flesh. Even his organs glowed with holy light. It was the purest body possible that did not have a single speck of dirt or dust.

In that pure body, the red blood flowed. It was like a blood river was running, roaring, and boiling. Wherever it went, it brought a lot of energy.

That holy body was like flesh growing. It slowly created a set of black armor. Han Sen’s body was slowly wrapped up inside the shelter of a set of armor.

Almost at the same time, a destructive and forever scary power was wrapping up Han Sen’s body. It made his xenogeneic body suddenly look like an erupting volcano.

The gene messages that invaded Han Sen’s body were destroyed by the scary power. They turned into nothingness.

Within that explosion, Han Sen’s xenogeneic body started to change. It was like a crab molting its sh.e.l.l or a silkworm breaking through its coc.o.o.n.

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