Chapter 3470 One Yuan, Two Yi, Four Appearances, Gossip

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Chapter 3470 - One Yuan, Two Yi, Four Images of the Eight Trigrams

"So what you're saying is that, in the future, we will definitely proceed to the Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era's ranking tournament?" Although he was not considered strong in the Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era, he still desired to have a good fight with a large number of opponents of the same level. After all, they had lost their memories, and sometimes when they fought, it would be able to help them regain their memories that was a part of the rules and combat level.

"This should be certain." Long Chen said.

"Then I'll have to make some preparations. "You mean, both the fifth and the fourth are possible?"

"The Fifth Age has arrived at the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance, and is on fire inside the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance. With the preparation from the previous few battles, most of the people in the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance would definitely not be able to resist this restlessness. Once this fire reached the Ancestor G.o.d of the Fifth Age, only the Elder G.o.d of Quaternary Era would be left. In all the realms, who wouldn't want to know who the strongest Ancestral G.o.d of Creation was? Even Elder G.o.d Quaternary Era would want to know, so there is no way it wouldn't be held. "

"What you said makes sense. You know them better than I do. " Yi Yuan Sword Ancestor lamented. He paused and asked, "Why do I smell a feeling that the ten thousand realms are going into chaos?"

Long Chen pondered for a moment. His gaze was deep as he looked at the chess game in front of him, and said: "The human heart, is the hardest to grasp. After the Apocalypse, the Creation Era began. The Elder G.o.d's Alliance took control of the myriad worlds. However, there were simply too many rulers. When they ruled over others, there would definitely be internal strife and strife. Especially after losing their memories, everyone had a natural tendency. As for human nature, they would inevitably have to fight. The Ancestral G.o.d Alliance couldn't fight openly. If they did, they would break the rules of the Ancestral G.o.d Alliance and destroy their foundation. Thus, it was a trend for them to come up with this method to fight openly. If the situation can be controlled, then there's nothing much to it. The only thing we need to worry about is leaving a deep grudge against each other. That is the beginning of the Ten Thousand Worlds. "

Even the Quaternary Era's Ancestral G.o.ds were a group of fellows with strong selfish desires, so Long Chen did not think highly of the Elder G.o.d Alliance. It would be fine if the Ten Thousand Worlds could be considered peaceful, but if they were to fall back into internal strife and chaos, Long Chen's goal would obviously be to recover the true strength of his Ancestral Dragon and let him take control of the Ten Thousand Worlds!

Of course, these words couldn't be randomly said. It was fine as long as he knew it in his heart.

"That makes sense. You have won this game of chess. " Although the two were talking, they were also competing in intelligence. Never did they expect that Long Chen had finally won a round.

"Thank you." was also surprised that he had won this game for the first time.

Yi Yuan Sword Ancestor stood up and said, "You are right, everything has the nature of fighting. My mind is now blank. If I lose my memories and experience, I will become frivolous. There is always a desire in my body that drives me to battle. Through battle, he familiarized himself with himself, including his own position. At this moment, I heard that you defeated the Nine Yin Demon Ancestor, so I wanted to spar with you. I wanted to see if there was still a gap between us. "

"It's just a spar. For the Sword Ancestor to be able to say something like this is a bit unkind." Of course, Long Chen was joking.

"So, are you willing to honor me?"

"I should thank you for your appreciation."

In the past, Sword Ancestor Yiyuan had also helped him greatly, but now, his friend was just trying to spar with him. His opponent just so happened to be in the Sixth Age, and was even stronger than the Nine Yin Devil Ancestor, he was born in Mid-epoch.

Although it was not the type of challenge that the strongest in the Elder G.o.d of the Sixth Era s were born in at the beginning of the era, it was still a rather difficult challenge for Long Chen. He had seen the sword aura of the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor, it was extremely sharp and profound.

"Let's go!"

They rushed out of the Eternal Steel Divine Diagram and arrived at the distant peak above the Dragon Sacrifice Continent. Seeing that the Dragon Sacrifice Continent had become extremely small, Long Chen confirmed that the battle here would not affect the Dragon Sacrifice Continent in the slightest, and so he stopped.

The 'Yiyuan' of the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor was already in his hands.

His robes fluttered despite the lack of wind, his gaze deep, his lips curved into a smile, and he said: "To be honest, I heard from Primitive Warring Ancestor that you defeated the Nine Yin Demon Ancestor, but I was startled. I originally thought that it would take you a thousand years to reach this step, but your speed is much faster than I imagined. I was relieved when I heard that you seemed to have a time change. This place is of great use to you. But until now, I still don't believe that the Long Chen half a year ago, who still needed my protection, could contend against me. After all, with this speed, you will leave me far behind sooner or later. If I don't find you for a spar now, I'm afraid I won't have the opportunity to do so again in the future. "

On the one hand, he was modest. On the other hand, he still didn't believe it.

Therefore, although it was a spar, in reality, Yiyuan Sword Ancestor would also unleash his full strength. Both sides would use a sword as a weapon, which could also be considered a battle between swords!

"Let's begin."

After he smiled, the power of the four world origin s swept out and surrounded his body. The endless starry sky around him seemed to be enveloped by the sword force and for a moment, Long Chen's world was filled with endless sword images. This was a sea of sword light, and the Yiyuan of the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor was the source of this ocean. "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuu

And Long Chen's' slaughter ', had dyed the surrounding countless sword images blood-red.

Even though it was a spar that ended the battle, the moment it erupted, it was actually not any worse than a real battle! Especially since there was still not a war going on, the opponent's Sword Truth already gave Long Chen a pressure that far surpa.s.sed the Nine Yin Devil Ancestor.

's greatest estimate of his own strength was actually at the level of Sword Ancestor Yi! His goal was to be able to contend against the ancestor. After all, the Nine Yin Demon Ancestor and the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor were not on the same level!


The Yiyuan Sword Ancestor moved, and the myriad of sword shadows moved at the same time!

"One Yuan and Two Yuan Sword!"

Sword Ancestor Yi Yuan School began to spin, in an instant, the entire sea of sword images started to spin. Long Chen and ancestor Yi Yuan Sword Sect felt like they were in the same whirlpool. For a moment, the ancestor of the Yiyuan Sword Sect thrusted his sword, and the sword faced Long Chen, condensing two 30,000-meter sword images. The sword images instantly split into two, one black and one white, as they charged straight at Long Chen!

With the power of heaven and earth, it would overturn and crush anyone. Long Chen's Sword Truth, was completely different from it.

"Blood Devouring Dragon Sword Prison!"

Naturally, when facing his opponent's big move, Long Chen would immediately activate the Blood Devouring Dragon Sword Prison, with a simple and direct momentum, he was able to break through his opponent's sword dao! After witnessing the strength of the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor, Long Chen had already estimated that the rules of the Blood Wheel Sword could no longer block his path of the sword!

Billions of sword qi combined into a blood-colored dragon, and in the tunnel of the sea of sword shadows, they instantly clashed with the opponent's One and Two Elements Sword! All of a sudden, the color of blood and black and white mixed together.

Weng! *

The Tricolor Sword Dao twisted into a vortex.

As a result, the entire sea of sword shadows was completely distorted.

If one was watching from afar, one would naturally be able to see this grand spectacle.

"In his laws, the path of the sword is pure and grand. The only trouble is that these four world origin s possess immense power! "

Long Chen used the power of two world origin s to fight against the four world origin s. He knew the difficulties in fighting against them, and the reality was that if he wanted to break through their sword dao, he had to put in effort using the rules!

The destructive vortex formed by the sword force was rus.h.i.+ng towards Long Chen. In other words, under the suppression of the opponent's absolute strength, the Blood Devouring Tyrant Dragon Sword Prison was not a match for the One and Two Elements Sword!

Having the upper hand, ancestor Yi Yuan Sword was not arrogant. Instead, he took advantage of the victory to pursue and attack once again with his sword!

"Two Elements Four Appearances Sword!"

Previously, it was the One and Two Elements Sword, but now the rule was that it was the Two Elements Four Appearances Sword! After the Sword Truth entered the whirlpool of destruction, the black and white sword dao changed again, instantly splitting into four different colored Sword Daos. The black and white sword Daos were still retained, but they were separated into green and red.

Although they were separated, the power of each attack surpa.s.sed the previous black and white attacks! Right now, these were the four types of sword arts belonging to the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor, a pincer attack against Long Chen!

This was just like the next episode. After the two rules, Yi Yuan Sword's ancestor was simply going to achieve complete victory. The divine dragon formed from the Blood Devouring Dragon Sword was quickly being defeated by the two Four Appearances Sword!

"Long Chen, I have the upper hand." The voice of the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor was calm, but in reality, it was urging Long Chen to bring out a more powerful technique. In actuality, before he went into seclusion, the Blood Devouring Dragon Sword Prison was already Long Chen's ultimate move!

But not now!

"Nine Lives Kill Sword!"

Gripping 'Slaughter' with both hands, he entered into a state of chaos. In his berserk state, Long Chen continuously killed with all nine swords, but this time he completely unleashed the Nine Deadly Death Sword! In the blink of an eye, nine blood-red divine dragons charged into the vortex of the Sword Qi of Death. Each of them was comparable to the Blood Devouring Dragon Sword Prison!

As the ten divine dragons entered and faced the four Sword Qi attacks from the Yiyuan Sword Ancestor, they naturally went all out in their counterattack! Although Yi Yuan Sword Zu's power was strong and every sword qi was thicker than Long Chen's Nine Deadly Death Sword, he was still forced to retreat step by step in the face of such a siege. After all, Long Chen's Sword Truth was specially created for slaughter!

However, Yi Yuan Sword Ancestor laughed out loud. This kind of battle made him feel extremely refreshed! Right at this time, he once again charged forward, both hands holding his sword. Although his Sword Truth was still fair and square, this time, it was going to increase by quite a bit.

"Four Great Eight Trigrams Eight Trigrams Sword!"

Four consecutive sword blows quickly gathered within the vortex of death. The previous four sword paths immediately split into eight, and the vortex of death became even larger. With the birth of this sword technique, Yi Yuan Sword Ancestor relied on the vigorous energy of the world origin to begin his counterattack!

"Gossip comes down to one!"

Another sword strike was simply the pinnacle of sculptures!

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