Chapter 3526

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What Shen Xiang suddenly thought of, Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon and Ahu merged, and Ahu has Legendary Spell, which can blend everything! Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon inherits Ahu’s Legendary Spell and applies this Legendary Spell to peak, attracting all around the dragon.

The next scene made Shen Xiang feel incredible.

The Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon not only attracted the Dragon Dragon of the Imperial Dragon Palace, but even the Dragon Elephant of the Dragon Elephant Sect flew up and instantly merged into the huge body of the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon.

It’s almost a matter of moments, with a few True Dragons and a variety of large and small dragons, as well as a large number of Dragon Elephants, all blended with the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon.

After the integration of the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings screamed and slammed, throwing out the thousand feet of high violent fire, and took away all the energy from the people in front.

Shen Xiang immediately came to the side of the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, the injury on the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, unexpectedly and obviously!

Imperial Dragon Palace and Dragon Elephant Sect Those who lost their lives to True Dragon and Dragon Elephant have lost a lot of power. Dragon Elephant and True Dragon are their strengths, and now they are all blended with Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon.

Shen Xiang didn’t know what the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon was at this time, and he was relieved that Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon still had contact with him and didn’t get rid of him.

The veterans of Dao Creation Sect, as well as the experts of various forces, and several attacks, were all hit back by the fire waves released by Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon.

“How are you doing? What the h.e.l.l is going on, Slaughtering Evil Dragon? This is not Slaughtering Evil Dragon! The power of the killing has just disappeared,” said a veteran of Dao Creation Sect.

“I don’t know what happened, my Dragon Elephant didn’t listen, just rush over, and when I reacted, I went into the dragon’s body.” Ke Hezong’s face was ugly, the old face was wrinkled As the ashes, those Dragon Elephants are his strengths, so they are gone.

Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon suddenly gave another snarl, this time the sound was so great that everyone shocked the audience.

A flame rushed out of the huge body of the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon, Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon flew into the air, then swooped down against Shen Xiang on the ground, turning into a fire, pouring from Shen Xiang’s head into Shen Xiang’s body. in.

Such a powerful Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon entered the body of Shen Xiang’s in such a violent way, while Shen Xiang did not have anything at all.

“This is…Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon combines all my World Defying Divine Soul!” Shen Xiang saw the Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon enter Divine sea and merged his s.p.a.ce Divine Soul, sword soul, Ancient Fire Divine Soul, etc. .

“My World Defying Divine Soul became stronger…” Shen Xiang was thrilled, and he was feeling the madness of World Defying in his body, all because of Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon.


Shen Xiang could not be yelled, only the muscles of his body were expanding, and there was a burst of golden red fire.

“Is it Ahu?” Shen Xiang didn’t know what it was, and it’s a good development.

“He is absorbing the strength of the dragon and killing him.” Ke Hezong saw it, hastily said: “If he is strong, we will all finish today!”

Shen Xiang has such a terrifying strength. Everyone thinks this is the reason for Slaughtering Evil Dragon. They haven’t seen Slaughtering Evil Dragon yet, but they have seen Shen Xiang become terrifying. They have been attacked by so many people and they are still not dead.

Everyone is playing the power of World Defying, colorful, gorgeous and violent, which is the energy of the expert condense of Divine World Defying Realm. It is like a countless comet falling towards Shen Xiang. .

“Give me back!” Shen Xiang was a golden light burst, and the Arrogant Potential was released. The golden light turned into countless large and small dragons, forming a golden wind, Golden Dragon, and the dragons were like the wind. Countless comet-like energy groups!


The numerous energy groups released by the crowd at the same time collided with the Shen Xiang’s Dragon Arrogant Potential, and were torn into pieces and turned into a haze, which was blown back by a gust of wind.

“Divine World Defying Realm!” Ke Hezong was shocked: “He broke through!”

“Yes, I broke through!” This is the sound of Shen Xiang’s.

Just Xiang was still in the distance, but in the blink of an eye came to Ke Hezong and grabbed Ke Hezong’s neck.

At this time, Shen Xiang, golden scales, Holy Light surround, Arrogant Potential is compelling.

Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon is integrated with Ahu. Ahu himself has a certain s.p.a.ce Spell. He knows how to use s.p.a.ce power. Shen Xiang can use this strength in Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon.

“You…you…” Ke Hezong felt the Arrogant Potential of Shen Xiang’s world, and he was so scared that he couldn’t speak.

“You have worked so hard for so long, and you are tired. I will let you rest forever!” Shen Xiang eyes stunned, a golden light flashed, playing two golden red fires, penetrating Ke Hezong’s eyes.

After the two dragon fires entered Ke Hezong’s body, they instantly rushed to the whole body. Ke Hezong lost the Dragon Elephant, and the strength was declining. The two terrifying dragon fires could not be resisted by Shen Xiang, and they disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Ke Hezong was killed, everyone shuddered, and Ke Hezong, who was as strong as them, was killed by a face-up!

Shen Xiang looked at the Dragon Elephant Sect veterans. As soon as he raised his hand, several golden Fire Dragon suddenly descended from the sky, and instantly fell down, from the top of those people’s heads, burning it into as.h.!.+

Among the Dragon Elephant Sect, except for Zhu Ziqing, who has never shot Dean, the others have been obliterated.

“Imperial Dragon Palace, aren’t you very good at Yulong?” Shen Xiang Hehe sneered and looked at them.

The people of Imperial Dragon Palace, the dragons in the body were all taken away by Shen Xiang. Before their dragons were still there, they couldn’t kill Shen Xiang at once. Now the dragon is gone, and Shen Xiang is still at the peak of Divine World Defying Realm.

“You robbed other people’s dragons everywhere, and now let you taste the revenge of the dragon.” Shen Xiang waved and released thousands of different Little Dragons.

The dragons are like a black cloud, and they are shrouded in an instant. The people who bite the Imperial Dragon Palace with their claws and teeth are swallowing their flesh and blood, and they are so screaming.

“Don’t be afraid of him! The people of Dragon Elephant Sect and Imperial Dragon Palace are vulnerable because they lose Dragon Elephant and the dragon.” Dao Creation Sect’s veteran said with a sneer.

Just as his voice just fell, Shen Xiang was vanish from sight, and the next moment Shen Xiang appeared again. He had appeared in front of Dao Creation Sect’s veteran. He also punched a fist and braved the fist of the flame. The veteran’s cheek.

The fist hit the old man’s cheek, the roaring sound, the Violent Fire splashed, and a large piece of land under the veteran’s foot instantly turned into a magma, and the old man’s body became a little white ash.

“You can’t escape anyone!” Shen Xiang glared at the group of people who had just had a shot. He waved his hand and saw the fire in the air. The reborn Scarlet Fire Divine Dragon descended from the fire, facing the group. The population spit the Violent Fire and the mad thunder, killing the blockbusters in a flash.

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