Chapter 37: Sorry Ye Mo

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Chapter 37: Sorry Ye Mo

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When Ning Qingxue left the storage room and didn’t see Xu Wei, she knew that Xu Wei had a bad opinion of her and had left in a huff. “Am I really a bad woman, though?” Ning Qingxue asked herself but couldn’t find the answer.

Twas a sleepless night, and when she got up the next morning, Xu Wei had already gone to work. Qingxue quickly packed her belongings before staring at the pot at the corner of the room, losing herself in thought. Ye Mo often used that pot to cook some herbs. Was he really using those stuff to cheat people at Bu Xing street? She then set her eyes on a black bag. She knew that bag had Ye Mo’s little chest inside. It was all the stuff he used to sell fake medicine. Just when Ning Qingxue held up the bag, the front door bell had sounded. She opened the door and saw that it was Li Mumei that had come.

Li Mumei scanned the house and didn’t find Ye Mo, so she asked curiously: “Where’s Ye Mo?”

“He went out yesterday and hadn’t been back since,” Ning Qingxue answered subconsciously.

“Oh, I brought a bank card over, regardless of whether he wants it or not, we still need to give him some money right? After all, we used him for so long. Anyway, your parents are picking you up at Yu state, they won’t be coming to Ning Hai, so we’ll go to Yu state to meet up with them,” Li Mumei said casually.

Ning Qingxue shook her head and said: “Oh, no need to give him any money, I already gave a card with 500,000 dollars to him. I think that should be enough as payment.”

“Where did you get 500,000?” Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue in surprise and asked.

“Of course, from when we left Beijing, it was the one you made for me last time!” Ning Qingxue replied.

“Huh, that card is useless. They froze it the day we left Beijing. I only knew afterward and forgot to tell you.” Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue helplessly. Ning Qingxue was dazed for a long while before mumbling: “Useless card? So all this time, I have been using his money? No wonder he was stingy, so it was like that…”

“Qingxue what are you talking about?” Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxue was lost in thought and her voice wasn’t very loud either, so she hurriedly asked. “I…” Ning Qingxue suddenly thought of something and immediately moved. She picked up Ye Mo’s bag and took out the little medical case and opened it quickly.

There were seven or eight bottles, a packet of silver needles, and an ident.i.ty card. The card she gave him was also there. There were also a few charms that had weird drawings on it. Lastly, there was a letter that didn’t have the receiver name on it.

Ning Qingxue took the card as her hands started to shake. If there were a hole in the ground she could crawl into, she would do it without hesitation. She had always thought that Ye Mo was using her money while she even asked 2000 dollars from him without any hesitance. She ate and lived here without any burden on her heart. Only today, she knew how ridiculous she was. She had always been using Ye Mo’s money but why didn’t he say anything?

No wonder he was hesitating on going to Glamorous Cuisine that day. When he was paying the bills, he even took out the 5’s and 10’s. What was more ridiculous was that she actually purposely ordered a 2000 dollars bottle of wine. There was also a stack of receipt at the bottom of the case. Ning Qingxue took out those folded receipts and just felt her head buzzing. Her face immediately became pale, and she almost fell to the ground.

“Qingxue, what happened?” Li Mumei hurriedly held Ning Qingxue up. Ning Qingxue took that stack of receipt and stuffed it into the case hurriedly; then, she turned and said to Li Mumei: “Mumei, could you wait for me outside?” Ning Qingxue ran into the room and shut the door.

“Qingxue, what’s wrong? You’re crying?” Li Mumei stood in front of the closed door and was also dumbfounded. She clearly saw Ning Qingxue’s tears. In all her memory, Ning Qingxue had never cried, no matter how sad the matter was. She never cried, not once.

However, today Ning Qingxue cried. What happened to her?

What made her so sad?

Ning Qingxue sat by the bedside and opened Ye Mo’s case once again. Stacks of blood selling receipts appeared in front of her. The most recent one was a few days before her schoolmate had come.

Ye Mo was selling blood, but she asked for 2000 dollars and was forced to eat a 3000 dollar meal at Glamorous Cuisine. One meal there cost multiple times what he received from selling blood, yet she was there laughing at him for becoming stingier and even complaining that the food he prepared was getting worse.

Why did he never complained in front of her? Was it due to contempt, or just simply not wanting to? What sort of man was this? What sort of man could do this? Was this really the good for nothing trash that was kicked out of the Ye Family?

If the broadest thing in this world was the ocean, then now, in Ning Qingxue’s eyes, Ye Mo’s heart was immeasurably broader than the ocean. But in his eyes now, what sort of a person was she? Heartless? Indifferent? Unreasonable?

Ning Qingxue’s tears fell rapidly on the blood selling receipt as the words on it began to smudge. It was as though she was going to shed her 22 years of tears all at once here. However, she couldn’t stop the regret, remorse, and sadness from charging and flowing out of her heart.

“Come and have a look at a recipe pa.s.sed down from the ancestor! It can cure all sorts of diseases, headaches, fever, external and internal injuries, short-sightedness… There are only things you can’t think of but nothing I can’t cure!” Ye Mo’s promotion voice seemed to still be by her ear. However, he was nowhere to be seen. How ridiculous that at the time she still had a golden cake in her hands, hoping that the city management would kick him away!

Ridiculous? His voice sounded ridiculous at the time, but now, she just felt terrible. Perhaps the golden cake in her hands at the time was bought by the money Ye Mo got from selling blood. However, she held the cake while hiding in the corner, laughing at his shamelessness and ignorance.

Ignorant? When Ye Mo paid for the bills after that dinner, she was actually embarra.s.sed for Ye Mo taking out 5’s and 10’s, yet at this moment, Ning Qingxue suddenly hated herself so much.

“Bang bang….” The door sounded with Li Mumei’s banging; however, Ning Qingxue didn’t hear anything. She only heard Ye Mo’s words reverberating in her mind: “No, the food there is too expensi—”

“… We would only spend at most 1000 dollars at this restaurant…” was her reply at the time. Only a thousand dollars. But how many times did Ye Mo had to go the hospital for a thousand dollars? He was only a student. Other than selling blood to the hospital, where else could he get money from?

Ning Qingxue subconsciously took out the 2000 dollars Ye Mo gave her. There were only a few hundred dollars left. Ning Qingxue who had always thought money was dirty, for the first time caressed the money in her hands feeling pain in her heart.

He had been sleeping under the tree in the back yard and on the stone floor because he had no money to go outside and live. Why could Xu Wei think of it as because Ye Mo was trying to save money but she couldn’t?

I’m so sorry, Ye Mo…

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