Chapter 57 - It’s Unreasonable for You to Keep Coming Back to the Wen Family

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Chapter 57: It’s Unreasonable for You to Keep Coming Back to the Wen Family

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Wen Xinya enjoyed the delicious seafood and was satisfied. She thought the food was too much for them to finish, but with the help of Si Yiyan, they managed to finish most of them.

After a sumptuous meal, Si Yiyan took her around the small town for a walk. The shops in the town were mainly selling seafood products and there were many specialty seafood restaurants around. With so much good food around, Wen Xinya rubbed her little round belly. She could only look at them and sigh.

Soon afterward, they entered into a souvenir shop. There were many ornaments made from sea products. A wind chime made from different caught her attention. As the gentle breeze blew, the swayed and produced a clear, soothing sound.

Si Yiyan could see that she liked it a lot and bought it for her as a gift.

At evening time, Si Yiyan brought her to another specialty seafood restaurant. Wen Xinya had an enjoyable dinner.

By the time they returned to the Mo bungalow, it was already 9:30 pm.

The next day, Wen Xinya’s scandal intensified. Pictures of her roaming the streets were published in newspapers and magazines. Some of these pictures showed her fighting and creating scenes in public before she returned to the Wen Family. Some even showed her hanging out in bars with her gangster friends and getting drunk. It was probably because the Wen Family had not done anything thus far. And the main character of these stories, Wen Xinya, did not stand up in public to clarify matters for herself. That was why the newspaper and magazines became even more presumptuous.

Wen Xinya kept a few articles and magazines and Mother He burned the rest in the kitchen.

On the third day, the articles got even more ridiculous. It even said that she ate psychoactive drugs to enliven the mood.

When this was published in the news, the shares of the Wen Corporation were affected. Shareholders were desperate to sell their shares. Within a day, the shares of the Wen Corporation dropped drastically by 200 points. It was reported that the shares were still on a downward trend.

On the fourth day, the media s.h.i.+fted their focus from Wen Xinya’s scandal and reported news related to the drop in the Wen Corporation’s shares. Early that morning, reporters swarmed to the lobby of Wen Haowen’s office, waiting to interview him.

Though Wen Haowen detested Wen Xinya, he avoided answering any questions from the media when discussing the news of her scandals.

On the fifth day, the media exposed the old scandals of the Wen Family. It was reported that Wen Haowen had an affair with the current Madam Wen Ning Shuqian, while his wife Mo Yunyao was pregnant. There was even a photograph showing Wen Haowen accompanying Ning Shuqian for a pregnancy check-up on the day Mo Yunyao was in labor. The reports revealed that Wen Yuya was Wen Haowen’s illegitimate daughter.

When the photograph appeared in the news, it created a public uproar. Shareholders denounced Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian, causing the shares of the Wen Corporation to drop even further.

Wen Xinya turned pale when she saw the picture of Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian at a pregnancy check on the magazine. Ironically, Ning Shuqian visited the same hospital where Mo Yunyao delivered. She had already gotten the help of professionals to verify the authenticity of the photograph!

Wen Xinya tore up the magazine in a rage. She bellowed, “Worse than a beast!”

Ning Shuqian was indeed despicable. She was even willing to give up her own reputation to instigate the Wen Family to abandon her.

Wen Haowen valued fame and reputation but he had no responsibility. When this photograph was published, he insisted it was Wen Xinya’s fault. This all started from her scandal. He was embarra.s.sed and was unable to face the media anymore.

Therefore he would not hesitate to pin her down.

At the same time, Wen Haowen was surrounded by reporters at the lobby of the Wen Corporation’s building. When he managed to get past the reporters, he quickly got his a.s.sistant to arrange for an emergency shareholder’s meeting.

The objective of this meeting was to find a solution to stop the fall of their shares that was caused by Wen Xinya’s scandal.

During the meeting, they concluded the best solution was to send Wen Xinya abroad. The shareholders would try to convince Old Mr. Wen of this decision.

After achieving his goal, Wen Haowen left the company and returned home.

Back at the Wen Family’s mansion, Xia Ruya was sitting beside Old Mrs. Wen. She started blaming herself. “Grandma, I didn’t expect for Xinya’s scandal to escalate. I thought it would halt after a while and therefore advised Xinya to not take any actions. Little did I expect the situation to get so out of control. It’s all my fault, Grandma. If not for my suggestion…”

Old Mrs. Wen held her hand tightly. She commented angrily. “This is not your fault! It was all because of Wen Xinya, that jinx who got us into this trouble. From the moment she was born and caused her mother’s death, I knew it was a bad omen. Initially, I had not agreed to let her return to the Wen Family even though we found her. She is indeed a curse. She caused so much unrest in the family just a few days after returning.”

Xia Ruya patted Grandma’s shoulder and consoled her. “Grandma, please calm down and do not get agitated. Please take care of your health. What matters most right now is to find a solution.”

Old Mrs. Wen turned pale and looked displeased. “What can we do? Let’s just send her abroad to bring this matter to a close.”

Old Mr. Wen was hopping mad. He gave Old Mrs. Wen a hard stare and said, “You must have been blinded and cannot think appropriately. Your words are absurd!”

Old Mrs. Wen was startled to see Old Mr. Wen getting so agitated. She did not dare comment further.

“Ruya, the Wen Family has been troubled lately. You’d better stop visiting us. Your Grandma is not one who thinks carefully before she speaks. Do not spread her words lest it causes more trouble. You have already returned to the Xia family. It is unreasonable for you to keep coming back to the Wen Family. It would also make Xinya feel uncomfortable,” said Old Mr. Wen while locking his vision on her.

Xia Ruya used to be the granddaughter he doted on the most. Even when Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family, he disregarded Xinya’s feelings and continued to love her as if she was his granddaughter.

When did his love start to waver towards Xinya? Maybe it was that fateful day under the viburnum tree when Xinya voiced her grievances to him. At that moment, it dawned on him that only a relations.h.i.+p bounded by blood ties could never be severed.

Thereafter, his att.i.tude towards Xia Ruya turned cold. When their relations.h.i.+p weakened, he started to see Xia Ruya in a different light. He gradually saw the scheming and deceptive side of her as he recalled all the unfortunate incidents that happened soon after Xinya’s return. In the recent episode of Xinya’s news scandal, Ruya had been coming to the Wen Family’s mansion every day and tried to influence Grandma’s emotions. He started to detect her ulterior motives.

Xia Ruya was shocked with her eyes wide open. Tears welled up in her eyes. She looked weak and pitiful. “Grandpa… are you forsaking me? I may not be a biological child of the Wen Family, but I have grown up by your side for the past twelve years. I’m eternally grateful for your upbringing and I would never forget the love and care that the Wen Family has showered on me. Grandpa… I could not bear to sever all ties with the Wen Family. That’s why I can’t control myself and keep coming to the Wen Family’s mansion. If that caused Xinya to be unhappy, I…”

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