Chapter 615 - Final Decision

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Chapter 615: Chapter 615 Final Decision

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A wisp of smoke suddenly rose up from an empty teacup on the bedside table until it became as tall as a person, and when it landed on the ground, it completely transformed into a human that no one could tell it was a cloud of smoke earlier.

For the past two days, Old Youling has been “licking” its wound like an injured wolf. Since it swallowed the fiery figure, it has been burned severely internally. Moreover, he has always been forced to do this and that by Chu Yunsheng repeatedly, and it was really tired. Fortunately, Chu Yunsheng did not let it go to the military banquet with him again, so it had some time to recover itself.

Among the few people in the room, only Yu Jian had seen Old Youling. Chu Yue had left to report back to the Chu Clan’s disciples, so it left with Song Ying and Yu Xiaohai. It was the first time for both of them to see a ghostly creature, so their face instantly went pale.

Song Ying’s reaction was slightly better. After all, she has experienced the “scary creature” incident at the test base before. But Yu Xiaohai was different. It was the first time for him to see such a creature since he was a kid. If Chu Yunsheng wasn’t in the same room with him, he would have already run away.

As soon as old Youling came out, Chu Yunsheng could no longer talk to Yu Xiaohai alone. After bringing them together, he explained carefully, regardless of how scared Yu Xiaohai was, “Old Youling, you go with Lin Shuiyao and Xiaohai. She is a celebrity after all, so before her fame becomes completely useless, we need to put it to good use. It will be easier for her to do the talking than Xiaohai. If necessary, we can also ask that young master of the Liang family for help.

If persuasion doesn’t work, then we will have to use force. Captain Yu, at that time, we will need to depend on you. If it gets really difficult to handle, then we can ask Fang Baixiao to send troops to deal with it. No matter what, we will need to try to gather as many people on that list as possible. Song Ying will be responsible for the resettlement, and Xiaohai will oversee everything. Do you have any questions?”

“I have a question!” Yu Xiaohai hurriedly stuttered, “Brother Chu, you have to tell me first, is this brother a ghost or a human? What exactly is happening?”

“It’s the 27th now, it will be completely dark tomorrow, I don’t have time to explain so much to you. Whether it’s a human or a ghost, as long as it is on your side. Why do you need to be scared? In terms of the rest, Captain You will explain it to you. You need to move quickly. Before the sky became completely dark, find the people on the list as soon as possible. After the darkness, it will be complete chaos. At that time, even if you want to find them, you will not be able to find anyone!” Chu Yunsheng looked at his watch and urged.

Yu Xiaohai wanted to ask something again, but Old Youling glared at him and said eerily, “what? You don’t like to work with me? Say one more word, I will eat you!”

Yu Xiaohao completely lost his courage to talk after Old Youling threatened him. He did not even dare to breathe. After all, he was still a white-collar worker a few days ago. Although because of Chu Yunsheng, he has seen many strange things, it still did not change him much.

Chu Yunsheng also had no other choices. Time would not wait for him. Although at the moment, Xiaohai might not be able to control Old Youling, after he awakened his ability, it probably would not be a problem.

Yu Xiaohai was afraid, but he still left to do what Chu Yunsheng told him to do. However, Song Ying didn’t want to leave so quickly. She wanted to explain to Chu Yunsheng about what happened in the university town that day, but Chu Yunsheng never gave her a chance. She thought Chu Yunsheng was angry at her because of what happened that day, but actually, Chu Yunsheng had already forgotten this matter.

However, just when she waited until everyone left, Fang Baixiao appeared. In the end, she had no other choice but to leave the room as well.

“So what’s the update? Has it been decided? Chu Yunsheng asked after closing the door.

He could not tell whether Fang Baixiao was happy or angry, all he heard was him simply saying, “they have decided. They are going to move to Shanghai.”

“Great!” Chu Yunsheng finally let out a sigh of relief. The most important thing at present was finally done!

However, Fang Baixiao continued with a complicated expression, “this matter is too dangerous! They discussed it the whole night last night, and the final decision was only made in the morning. Guess who made the final decision?”

“Don’t tell me that it is Zhu Xirui? I don’t think he is a man who can easily change his mind.” Chu Yunsheng was also in a good mood at the moment so he joked.

Fang Baixiao had a wry smile on his face, “I know you wouldn’t know. It was actually master Yi Jing who recommended the military area command to move to Shanghai.”

“It’s him!?” Chu Yunsheng was trying to pour Fang Baixiao a gla.s.s of water. From his exhausted look, probably he also did not sleep last night. “why would he do that?” He was surprised.

Fang Baixiao took over the water, “In fact, after the military received the top-secret doc.u.ment from the central government, some people asked master Yi Jing to make a prediction. That was still three months ago. At that time, master Yi Jing was certain that Nan Jing was the best location. But last night, Master Yi Jing made a prediction in the hospital again. But this time, it showed that Nan Jing would be an extremely dangerous place, and the situation in Shanghai would get better!”

“He really thinks he is a fortune-teller, doesn’t he?” Chu Yunsheng couldn’t help but be amused by this. But then again, he suddenly thought about another possibility and said, “wait, that means he is going to Shanghai as well. Is he planning to fight with me again?”

Although he said this, what he thought in this mind was different. Since the military area command decided to defend Shanghai, it meant that his goal was achieved. So, whatever the old man was going to do to him, it would not affect his plan. The only people that had problems were the Fang family. Originally, the reason why the Fang family wanted to cooperate with Chu Yunsheng was that they wanted to control the military power of Shanghai in the future. But if the whole military area command moved to Shanghai, it would become very difficult for him to obtain full control of the military in Shanghai.

Therefore, the last sentence he said was for Fang Baixiao. He wanted to tell Fang Baixiao that since the old man was also going to Shanghai, then he would still need the military strength of the Fang family and since everyone still had common interests, it was still possible to continue to be allies.

Fang Baixiao was a wise man, so he naturally understood what Chu Yunsheng was trying to tell him. This kind thing should not be said directly, so in order to show his family’s sincerity, he disclosed a piece of secret military information to him, “this morning, we received a doc.u.ment from the Central Military Commission. Although it did not state clearly, the intention was very obvious. They hope that the military area command will still be focusing on protecting Nanjing. The main force should not be relocated.”

Chu Yunsheng sneered, “It seems that this battle between me and some people is inevitable. If that’s the case, let’s see who is weak and who is strong!”

Fang Baixiao’s heart could not help but skip a beat. What Chu Yunsheng said was a very dangerous statement. He would not dare to follow what he said at all. But he indeed also received some news. Because of what Chu Yunsheng had done in Shanghai, coupled with the strange natural phenomenon recently, the people in the capital could not stop urging each other. It seemed like some people over there slowly started to have trust issues. The intention of the doc.u.ment sent by the central military commission was very clear. However, it did not state it clearly. They did not even give any formally signed orders, which meant that some very important people were involved in this. Of course, the people who knew the specific details were very limited. They were mainly Commander-in-chief Chen and some other people. But from the final decision, it seemed like someone important in the capital probably supported this decision as well.

Fang Baixiao was worried about this, but Chu Yunsheng didn’t worry at all. After the insects arrived, everything would change. In the dark world that was without any long-distance communication methods, but filled with bloodthirsty insects everywhere, the pressure from the capital would soon disappear. In the end, the only thing he would need to face was No.1 that old man and his Arctic base.

Originally, Duo Neng race was not his main enemy, but the problem was that the old man now knew that the ancient book was in his hand. In order to get this book, and for the so-called Soul of Cambrian, he would definitely want to do something to him, and he would definitely do it before he completely controlled the Arctic base.

In order to cope with the new changes, Chu Yunsheng had to adjust his original plan a little bit.

A b.l.o.o.d.y battle was inevitable. All he could do now was to make himself stronger as soon as possible. Whether it was his own strength or the strength of the future safety zone, it must be far stronger than the original Sky City.

And among these, having talented people on his side was the most critical issue, and Chu Yunsheng could not help but think about Ding Yan again.

Regarding this, he had thought for a long time. To use him or not to use him both had risks. If he did not use him, with his own intelligence, he did not think that he would be able to fool anyone.

For example, No.1 that old man instantly saw through his plan after he asked Chu Yue to pa.s.s a message to him, so he instantly used his power to influence the military area command’s decision to try to suppress his strength as much as he could.

If Ding Yan was here, maybe they could think of a better way. After all, in terms of intelligence, he was as smart as those cunning old foxes.

After Fang Baixiao was sent away, Chu Yunsheng was still weighing the pros and cons of using Ding Yan, but he still couldn’t find a good way at the moment. So he decided not to think about it temporarily. After all, he was also in Shanghai, and he would also awaken his ability. He could just recruit him first, and if he really could not find a better way in the future, he would then take a risk to use him.

Apart from this, Chu Yunsheng couldn’t think of a better way.

The disappearance of the sun on the 27th came very fast, and when that happened, Chu Yunsheng just happened to be doing his cultivation practice.

Yuan Tian Stage one’s cultivation practice wasn’t actually complicated. It was mainly to temper Chu Yuan Body. If there were insects to provide Yuan Qi, with his current combat strength, the speed of increasing his cultivation level would be very fast. It was not the speed that he used to have, could compare.

So saying he was doing his cultivation practice, wasn’t exactly correct. The more accurate description of what he was doing was that he was just trying his best to absorb the heaven and earth Yuan Qi in the surroundings and then turned into absorption Talismans and keep them as backups.

But it was too slow to absorb energy by himself. In the past, it took him at least nine days to absorb six units of Yuan Qi. Although he was more skilled in the practice now, he could only increase the speed by four times. That was to say, the number of units he could absorb in a day was three units at most. Before he met one of the revived Fire race, and from the 22nd to the 24th, it took him roughly three days to gather six units of Yuan Qi, so the speed wasn’t that great.

Of course, if earth entered the dark age completely, it may be a little faster, and it may reach four or even five units of Yuan Qi a day. However, compared to the period when he could use insects to gather Yuan Qi, it was still very slow.

But it was better than nothing. Three units of Yuan Qi could save lives at critical moments. Moreover, insects would only appear at least twenty days later after the complete darkness. Based on this number, he would be able to gather sixty units of Yuan Qi, which was equivalent to ten absorption talismans.

No one could guarantee that they would not encounter large insect swarms, so these ten absorption talismans could be his life-saving cards.

The patience of Chu Yunsheng, who had experience in solitary confinement in the zero-dimensional s.p.a.ce, was not something that ordinary people could compare. Although the cultivation process was boring and tedious, he would still be able to endure it for a very long time.

He was doing this kind of cultivation practice until around ten o’clock, then the darkness came.

Chu Yunsheng didn’t store the little bit of black gas that he had restored when he was in the bathroom of the military compound in Old Youling’s body. And the reason for that was that he wanted to find out what he would see when the last darkness arrived.

There was not much black gas, so when it was drawn out from his body, it was not very spectacular. Chu Yunsheng could only see a small wisp of black gas slowly being lifted up to the ceiling like a water vapor cloud and formed a small vortex over his head. It was like a mini version of the black vortex he had before.

When it finally formed its shape, it instantly sucked the consciousness of Chu Yunsheng, who was looking at it, out of his body, and sucked into the black vortex.

Then, the sofa disappeared, the bed disappeared, the ceiling disappeared, the entire room and the entire hotel all disappeared…

When he felt a ray of light, the earth seemed to be trembling, and the whole world seemed to be in chaos.

As he hurriedly opened his “eyes”, a huge, ugly, and fierce head suddenly appeared in front of him. With a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth wide open, breathing air in and out rapidly, and a set of serrated white teeth reflecting the cold light, the monster was running towards him desperately.

It is a dinosaur! An ancient carnivorous king! Tyrannosaurus rex!

However, before he was able to gasp in shock, his gasp was instantly choked.

In the far sky far away behind the Tyrannosaurus rex, a huge fist, violently piercing through the atmosphere with burning flames, coming from outer s.p.a.ce.

The terrified Tyrannosaurus rex eventually “crashed” into Chu Yunsheng, and suddenly everything around him went completely dark again. When he opened his eyes again, he was still in the room.

The amount of black gas was really too small, it was only enough to allow him to see a few moments, but the scene of a panicked Tyrannosaurus rex under the flaming fist coming from outer s.p.a.ce stuck in Chu Yunsheng’s mind.

Although the Tyrannosaurus rex was trying to run away from the fist, Chu Yunsheng was certain that the target of the fist was not the Tyrannosaurus rex.

But that would lead to another question. Who was the real target of this fist?

Then Chu Yunsheng suddenly remembered another scene, a scene that once made him overwhelmed with shock in the underground lake.

‘It was a dark night with heavy rain, the endless raindrops violently whipped the land of war. Roars, battle cries, shrieks, the screams of despair before death, glued to the rain and filled with the sky…

Suddenly, a streak of lightning cracked open the dark sky. Then a gigantic fist that covered with the fire that was caused by the intense friction, breaking through the thick clouds, heading straight toward the battlefield at an incredible speed…

Boom… Rumble…

After an earth-piercing sound, mountains began to crack and collapse, seawater started to recede.

Then shockwaves tore the rain clouds apart and caused a tsunami that was several hundred meters high.

After the flaming fist landed, it blew up mountains, huge clouds of dust and fire, more than 10,000 meters high into the sky.

It even pushed the entire planet away from its...o...b..t… All the creatures on the planet began their long journey of death and extinction…’

Are they the same fist?

One was in the nighttime and the other one was in the daytime? If it was indeed the same fist, then the fist must be enormous enough to be visible on both sides of the day and night boundary. It would be an extremely incredible spectacle!

Or maybe, someone struck the boundary of day and night on purpose.

However, what was the purpose of “recording” this event clearly? In other words, why both “the arriving of the darkness” and “the underground lake” “recorded” the same event?

Was it suggesting something?

Chu Yunsheng knew too little information. If it was Huan or Jing, or even if it was Huang Bei Ying, they may be able to tell him something. After all, these people have lived long enough.

But after thinking it carefully, Chu Yunsheng could also find some clues.

When the sun first time disappeared, which was the first time the darkness arrived on earth, he saw another sun, a dark red sun that was seemingly oozing blood, and nothing else; when the second time the darkness arrived, he fell asleep; the third time, he saw a spectacular scene as if the whole planet was going through a huge transformation; then the fourth time because there was not enough black gas, he could not see anything; the fifth time was the same as the fourth time, he still did not have enough black energy; and then the sixth time, this time, it was the panic-stricken Tyrannosaurus rex fleeing underneath the flaming fist.

A total of six times, all on the same planet, and if his guess was correct, this planet was earth. Moreover, all the events seemed to be following a specific timeline and were recorded chronologically, from far to near.

From this, It could be judged that the fourth and fifth times must also be major historical events, but the most important thing was the second time, which must contain a huge secret. Because whether it was outside the Pseudo-Monolith or inside the Pseudo-Monolith, he had “fallen asleep” both times. So he was either not qualified to” see “or this event was deliberately covered up.

And all of this was related to black gas. If there was no black gas, he would not be able to see anything. If there were no black gas, he would not be able to find out the “position problem” of Master Yi Jing.

Because of the black gas, he seemed to have touched a secret that “mortals” were not allowed to touch. This secret was even more important than the mystery of the ancient book and the senior pract.i.tioner, which made Chu Yunsheng feel palpitated for the first time about what Ding Yan and No.1 that old man said to him. He may have really been involved in a war that happened in a secret world.

Thinking of this, Chu Yunsheng immediately remembered about the real Monolith. It could even impress the senior pract.i.tioner that kind of person. Maybe, the Monolith was the door or the interface of that secret world.

Chu Yunsheng was taken aback by his own thoughts. Because the Pseudo-Monolith was also a door, connecting the two worlds.

Suddenly, Chu Yunsheng had a faint understanding of what was real and what was fake. However, he wasn’t sure if his understanding was correct or not. In the world he came from, the Pseudo-Monolith was a fake Monolith, but in the world inside the Pseudo-Monolith, would the Pseudo-Monolith become a real Monolith?

A huge and unbelievable world magnificently revealed a faint shadow in Chu Yunsheng’s mind. He knew that what he currently thought was definitely different from the real truth, but he was still shocked.

He must decipher the entire contents of the ancient book as soon as possible!

Chu Yunsheng had such a strong urge for the first time. The senior pract.i.tioner definitely knew something about the war between the Crystal-dressed Beings and the Pre-Cambrian beings, and there must be some information recorded inside the book.

The senior pract.i.tioner’s knowledge, experience, and intelligence were not something that he could compare, so his judgment would certainly be far more accurate than his judgment.

But if he wanted to decipher the ancient book, he must establish a safe zone as soon as possible and use the collective wisdom and power to solve it. It would be too difficult and too slow to rely on his own strength alone.

After all, he was not a professional, and this thing should be done by professionals.

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