Chapter 704 - Malicious Plan (1)

If you are looking for Chapter 704 - Malicious Plan (1) you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Geng Di wanted to look up in the sky and laugh right now. That Shen Yanxiao actually couldn't behave herself and crippled the disciples of two Master Pharmacists at the same time. Heaven knew that there were just some people in the Radiance Continent who couldn't be offended. Each of these prominent Master Pharmacist had their own very powerful network and relations.h.i.+ps; offending them was the same as offending those who sought them. Once these forces was brought together, they would form an incredible existence.

Ah, really a young frivolous kid. Geng Di wanted to applaud Shen Yanxiao's bravery and wished that the little guy would offend all the great people in the world, so that without even needing to move his hands, someone would come and get her.

"Shen Yanxiao's crime is truly unforgivable. I, Geng Di, have always respected Pharmacists who put forward painstaking efforts and study meticulously. Seeing her doing such outrageous things, I truly despise her.” Geng Di's eyes were filled with laughter while his face was filled with righteousness and shouting injustice.

"It's a pity that although I am willing to help you deal with that s.l.u.t, I am not as strong as one would wish. On that day that Shen Yanxiao led eight Mythological Beasts around the city, I was helpless; I could only watch her flaunt her strength and can't do anything to make her leave.” Geng Di sighed, his voice was very helpless.

“Eight Mythological Beasts?” The quiet Jun Mo sneered while raising his eyebrows slightly, his handsome face slightly gloomy yet filled with ridicule.

"I don't know where Shen Yanxiao had picked up these strong people, but there are eight Mythological Beasts in The Rising Sun City. With her current strength, whether it is my Magical Fantasy City or the other two forces, we still do not dare to act rashly and can only watch her build her city on this Barren Land.” Geng Di's voice was very sad; he sound sullen till the very end.

He already knew that not only had his previous plan failed to stop Shen Yanxiao from expanding her forces, it also had greatly offended her.

"They are merely eight Mythological Beasts, nothing more. What is there to fear? City Lord is too careful.” Jun Mo held the tea cup with his hand and took a sip.

Jun Mo's words moved Geng Di's heart slightly. The eight Mythological Beasts were a scary existence for the others but before Jun Mo's mouth, they were simply nothing.

Geng Di wasn't sure how terrible the power held by a Master Pharmacist was, in the end. But now, he just wanted to know if there were a way to deal with Shen Yanxiao.

“Asking Master Jun Mo to enlighten me!" Geng Di got up and solemnly asked.

Jun Mo took a glimpse at Geng Di before coldy laughing.

"A Mythological Beast is indeed powerful, but they have a big weakness. Instead of attacking them, you should attack their contractors; once the contractor is injured, the strength of the Mythological Beast will also be greatly reduced.”

"However, with the Mythological Beast's protection, it is impossible to attack their contractors.” Geng Di did not understand.

Jun Mo laughed, "Why do you need to face them head-on? Sometimes you don't need to see your enemy's face to break them. Just a little potion is enough to fight without physically fighting, and the enemy will lose their strength.”

“Potion? Master Jun, what do you mean? " Geng Di's eyes were filled with excitement.

"This matter can be done by me and Master Pu Lisi. The City Lord can just wait to hear our good news.” Jun Mo put down his tea cup and calmly said.

"However, isn't Shen Yanxiao also a Pharmacist?" Geng Di was a little worried. If this plan was discovered by Shen Yanxiao, then her next retaliation was not something the Magical Fantasy City could afford.

[Annoying Sky: What if you learned that attacking these “contractors” will result in the five great clans -no rather the Long Xuan Empire itself starting a war with you? And that's not even seeing if you can hit them XD and how about the two Phoenixes? XD And now you want to make millions of potions? Will that even be effective on the demons?

Raz-P: They are really annoying, they think they're too great! Pah! And they have the cheeks to act the victim?SRSLY LUO FAN?? Ha!]

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