Chapter 82 Coming Clean

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Chapter 82: Coming Clean

After making idle chat with Xiao Zhan and the others, Ya Fei decided to take her leave. Beside her, Xiao Yan, who had remained silent, displayed his duty as a host and escorted Ya Fei out under the approving gaze of Xiao Zhan.

After leaving the main entrance, Xiao Yan did not show any intention of returning home. With his hands behind his head and his eyes narrowing, he followed Ya Fei closely. No one could tell what he was pondering.

Walking beside Xiao Yan, Ya Fei became slightly anxious. Her clenched fists were already covered in perspiration. Since she was young, she had an extremely good memory and by chance, she had saw the hands of the mysterious black cloaked alchemist the last time they met at the auction house. The fair complexion and vitality appeared to be that of a young man and moreover, on the fair hand was a black ring that was exactly the same as the one worn by Xiao Yan. Having this coincidence as the starting point and thinking back on why the Xiao Clan was in the good grace of the alchemist, the key to the riddle seemed to be about to burst forth.

Biting her red lips, Ya Fei secretly measured the young man beside her from the corner of her eyes. The young man, dressed in inexpensive black clothes, had a tall and vigorous body. His hands were cupping his head, emitting a lazy feeling. While his dedicated face had the tenderness of a young man, the angle that appeared and disappeared from the corner of his mouth did not appear to belong to an inexperienced and naive young man.

Despite having carefully sized-up Xiao Yan, Ya Fei still had trouble believing that the person that forced both herself and Gu Ni into obedience at the auction house was actually a young man of about seventeen years of age.

“Seen enough?” Just as Ya Fei could not help but smile bitterly, the young man beside her finally spoke in an indifferent voice.

Slowing down her footsteps, Ya Fei sighed: “You… Should I address you as the esteemed elder or Xiao Yan Di-di?” TL: Di-di = younger brother

Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows before abruptly raising his chin towards one corner. “Go in.”

Ya Fei followed his gaze and walked over. Her cheeks involuntarily reddened. The place where Xiao Yan had indicated was Wu Tang City’s famous meeting place for lovers.

Following a brief hesitation, Ya Fei had initially wanted to weakly suggest changing the venue. However, Xiao Yan had already swaggered over and had sat down on a stone chair under a dark green willow tree.

Faced with Xiao Yan’s overbearing manner that was the total opposite of his respectful manner back in the Xiao Clan, Ya Fei could only helplessly shake her head. Isn’t this change in personality a little too quick?

Slowly stepping forward, Ya Fei sat face to face with Xiao Yan. A pair of long narrow beautiful eyes sparkled, gauging the young man in front of her.

“Have you recognised me?” Xiao Yan vaguely asked as he reached out to pluck a willow leaf to chew.

Ya Fei pushed her fallen hair back and her expression caused a man just a short distance away to widen his eyes. Licking her lips, she laughed bitterly: “I was actually hoping that my guess was wrong.”

Hearing those words, Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed and his teeth ruthlessly bit at the bitter leaf.

“You are not intending to kill me, are you?” Seeing Xiao Yan’s att.i.tude, Ya Fei momentarily asked in a timid voice. Nonetheless, a brief smile flashed in her eyes.

“I intend to do much more and then dispose of your corpse,” Said Xiao Yan evilly.

Hearing such crude and inappropriate words, Ya Fei’s face reddened, her coquettish eyes stared at him and scolded: “Where has this child learned to pick up such bad things?”

Xiao Yan curled his lips and stretched lazily. Since his ident.i.ty was already revealed, there was no longer a need to beat around the bush. “The black cloaked man who had done business with you was indeed me.”

“But the one who makes the medicine is a different person, right?” Ya Fei laughed as her gaze wandered around. She was not stupid. The extent of Xiao Yan’s ability was something that she was very certain of. Even if he was an alchemist, with his current strength, it was impossible for him to refine high quality medicine like the Qi Gathering Pill.

“If a lady is too smart, no man will like her.” Xiao Yan curled his lips and said as he glanced at Ya Fei, who had already correctly guessed most of the truth.

“That is just the thinking of some vulgar men,” Ya Fei raised her eyebrow and said disdainfully.

Xiao Yan rolled his eyes. He did not have the time to discuss such unimportant matters. Chewing the bitter leaf that had spread in his mouth, Xiao Yan indifferently said: “You should know the reason I have come to find you. Please do your utmost to keep my ident.i.ty a secret. This will be to the benefit of everyone.”

Licking his lips, Xiao Yan threw a glance at the lovely beauty in front of him: “Naturally, do not treat this as something you can threaten me with. Otherwise, you will lose more than you will gain.”

“Do I look like a brainless, large woman?” Ya Fei innocently opened her hands.

Xiao Yan watched the surging billow on her chest seriously for a while before nodding his head. “They are indeed very large. As for whether you have brains, it will depend on your behavior from now on.”


Being taken advantage of by a young man a few years younger than her, Ya Fei shook her head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Even if his double ident.i.ty was put aside, with just his handsome appearance alone, it was difficult to arouse anyone’s ill will.

“What about our collaboration?” Ya Fei anxiously stared at Xiao Yan. This was the question that she really wanted to ask.

“There will be no change. You will continue to refuse supplying the Jia Lie clan any medicinal ingredients and I will pay you with five Qi Gathering Pills.” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders. His indifferent voice allowed Ya Fei to heave a sigh of relief.

“Haha, I look forward to working with you.” Ya Fei said with a beautiful smile as she extended her hand in a natural and generous manner.

Lazily nodding his head, Xiao Yan shook the dedicate hand. Contrary to Ya Fei’s expectations, only a brief contact was made.

Looking at the young man whose actions were unpredictable, Ya Fei sighed uncontrollably: “It really causes one to suspect whether you are really only seventeen. I’ve only realized now that you have been leading me by the nose.”

Disregarding such a topic, Xiao Yan waved his hand. He stood up and began leaving. As he walked he said: “When we meet again, you should use the same att.i.tude as before lest anyone should find something amiss.”

Nodding with a smile, Ya Fei softly said: “If you have time, could you invite the alchemist behind you to the Primer Auction house? He will always be welcomed.”

Slowing his footsteps, Xiao Yan rubbed his nose and vaguely replied: “We will consider it when we have time.” After turning around and waving once more, Xiao Yan left decisively.

Watching as the young man’s figure disappeared into the distance while standing on the same spot, Ya Fei smiled bitterly and shook her head. In a low voice, she said: “What a little devil. I cannot understand why the girl from the Na Lan clan would cancel her engagement with him. In the future, I’m afraid that Na Lan Su will vomit blood in regret.”

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