Chapter 834 - Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake

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Chapter 834: Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake


The Fire Cloud State disciples immediately had their interests perked up. Since the Black Wind Valley trial would last an entire month, being able to find some fun in the devouring and killing boredom while watching a show was something that they certainly would not refuse.

However, at this moment, a commotion happened high above them.

Rolling clouds were separated as a spirit cruiser suddenly appeared. As it descended, it stopped in a hovering position above Black Wind Valley.

Everyone saw that on the bow of the spirit cruiser stood Cang Mang.

Two Cang Mangs? With their eyesight, they could not tell the differences between the previous Cang Mang and the newly arrived Cang Mang. In terms of looks and aura, they were identical.

However, when the other Cang Mang stood up, the ‘Cang Mang’ on the spirit cruiser's bow transformed into a tiny snake before whizzing into Cang Mang's sleeves.

"It's Lord Cang Mang's avatar." When the disciples saw this, they were secretly amazed. It was not a cultivation technique, it was Cang Mang's talent. It was unknown how many snakes were hidden on his body, with every snake capable of being his avatar.

"It's the people from the Phoenix Firmiana State. They are done with the Ancient Fey Edifice's test and they have been brought here to Black Wind Valley as well." The Fire Cloud State disciples quickly saw that the spirit cruiser's human cargo was the group of disciples from the Phoenix Firmiana State.

With more than a hundred states in the Luo clan, the disciples from every state that were going to partic.i.p.ate in the Luo Divine Hall trials would partic.i.p.ate in various forms of training. And since the Fire Cloud State and Phoenix Firmiana State were considered neighbors and were a.s.signed to be under Cang Mang's watch, it was normal for their tests and training to be the same.

Back at the Ancient Fey Edifice, their tests were staggered. However, as the Black Wind Valley trials lasted for an entire month, with only a day's difference between the disciples of the two states, most of their time would be spent training together.

Every state's disciples were already engaged in an intense compet.i.tion amongst themselves. As for different states, the compet.i.tion was even more intense.

Seeing the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples arrive, the Fire Cloud State disciples ignored Yi Yun and all of their faces turned sullen.

"From this moment on, the Fire Cloud State and Phoenix Firmiana State's cultivators will undergo training in Black Wind Valley together. The a.s.sessment criteria is the same. In one month’s time, those who reach the fifth level are those who have pa.s.sed. Those who can't reach the fifth level, you might as well not go to the Luo Divine Hall for the trials, so as to not waste my Luo clan's resources. At the Ancient Fey Edifice, the overall results of the disciples from both states are about the same. It will now depend on the results of the Black Wind Valley training." Cang Mang's cold voice resounded.

Upon hearing this, the Fire Cloud State disciples immediately had ugly expressions.

Although it was said that their results were about the same, everyone knew that just Yi Yun alone had given them, the Fire Cloud State, a huge lead.

If their overall results were better than the Phoenix Firmiana State, that would only be natural. By saying that it was about the same, that meant that other than Yi Yun and Gu Luo's results being extremely outstanding, the other disciples had results worse than the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples. Or else, how could it just be about the same?

"What Lord Cang Mang said makes me the most ashamed."

Ran Yu secretly clenched his fists. His results at the Ancient Fey Edifice were far from ideal. He was inferior to Yi Yun and Gu Luo as well. Of course, there was no way that he had beaten Luo Tian.

At Black Wind Valley, this was his area of expertise. He could not lose again.

The training of the two state's disciples was administered by Cang Mang. By putting the disciples from the two states together, and saying such instigating words, it was simply to agitate these disciples, making them compete till they had their heads broken in.

However, the path of martial arts was always about stepping on others to go higher. Either you stepped on thousands of people to stride up towards the heavens, or you would be trampled beneath the feet of others and be destroyed.

Hence, when they heard Cang Mang's words, be it the Fire Cloud State disciples or the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples, who had Luo Tian as their leader, they were all full of fighting spirit.

For Luo Tian, his results at the Ancient Fey Edifice test was indeed extremely outstanding. However, with Yi Yun's accomplishments before him, his amazing results did not appear as shocking as it should have been.

On the journey to Black Wind Valley, Luo Tian was pumping himself up. Even without Cang Mang saying anything, he was bent on ruthlessly trampling Ran Yu, Gu Luo and Yi Yun beneath him!

At this moment, a sharp roar was heard from Black Wind Valley.

Everyone was alarmed as they lowered their heads quickly.

"What's the commotion?"

Seeing the black gas rolling in Black Wind Valley as though it was a tidal wave, the surging black gas seemed to produce the sounds of a tsunami.

These disciples were startled having heard this rumbling sound.

The degenerated Blood Dragon was already dead, and Black Wind Valley was a land formed after its corpse rotted. However, from the commotion, it was as though a True Dragon had been revived?

"Your luck isn't too bad." Cang Mang suddenly said.

"Oh? What does Lord Cang Mang mean?'

"If your luck isn't good, you might not even have the chance of encountering it despite reaching the deep depths of Black Wind Valley. However, now, you can see its true face. Aren't you curious about what the true opportunity hidden in Black Wind Valley is? This is it." Cang Mang said.

Upon hearing Cang Mang's words, everyone immediately became extremely curious.

This commotion&h.e.l.lip; was the opportunity of Black Wind Valley?

At this moment, the black gases turned more turbulent as the sharp roar approached them.

With a boom, the concentrated black gas was separated, and a red snake that looked as crystalline as blood jade was seen swimming in it! The snake's head had a single horn and the moment it appeared, it made everyone feel like their scalps had exploded.

What an intense foul blood aura!

"That is the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. It is naturally condensed out of the blood dragon black gas in Black Wind Valley. It is considered to be a unique treasure of Black Wind Valley. It isn't a living creature itself, but it is exceptionally quick-witted. It usually stays below the seventh level and it seldom shows its face." Cang Mang said.

Black Wind Valley's treasure!

"Hehe, eating it is equivalent to absorbing the blood dragon black gas for three years. Furthermore, it contains a strand of the degenerated Blood Dragon's aura. However, this sort of thing typically isn't used for eating." Cang Mang said in a direct manner.


Upon hearing that the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake contained the degenerated Blood Dragon's aura, many disciple drew cold gasps!

That was the bloodline of a True Dragon. Even if it was just a strand that could not be any less, it would still be amazing!

People like Luo Tian and Ran Yu already had their eyes lit up.

Even a living zombie like Gu Luo also had a strange glint in his eyes.

As for Lie Ya and company, they only revealed envious looks before their faces turned bitter as they shook their heads.

What good luck was this? Even without Luo Tian and company present, it was impossible for them to reach the seventh level. There was no way that they could capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake.

If everyone could not do it, it would have been fine, but it was highly possible that Luo Tian and company were able to reach the seventh level and below.

The inequality and imbalance left an astringent taste in these disciples' hearts. 

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