Chapter 916

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"She's probably thirty years old, right... She's older than me by five years, and yet she's looked after her skin better than I have! What's more, look at this photo, I obviously look older than her..."

Xu Jiamu just turned his head and gave her a smile, as she rambled on. "I'm going to the restroom. Wait for me here."

Yang Sisi nodded obediently.

Xu Jiamu didn't say anything, as he slowly stood up. He turned, and on his way out of the set, he shot a glance at Song Xiangsi up on stage making different poses and faces under the cameraman's instructions.


After Song Xiangsi finished one set of photos, she needed to remove her make up and wash her face.

There were restrooms on either side of the set. She was used to going to the one on the right, but on her way there, she saw Xu Jiamu smoking by the entrance.

She came to a halt, and hesitantly considered whether or not to turn around to the restrooms on the left. Xu Jiamu must have felt something in the air when he took a drag. He turned his head and stared at her face with a puzzled look in his eyes.

Song Xiangsi instinctively tightened the grasp on her cleansing lotion, lowered her eyes, and calmly walked forward. As she brushed past him, she clearly felt his gaze upon the side of her face. Just when she thought he was going to call for her, he suddenly lowered his head and put out his cigarette in the ashtray beside him.

When Song Xiangsi finished was.h.i.+ng her face, she heard Xu Jiamu's quiet voice from outside the restroom, "Okay, I'll be right there. ... Just wait for me at the entrance of the set. ... Mmm..."

With that, Xu Jiamu hung up. After a good minute, Song Xiangsi heard the increasingly faint sound of his footsteps.

She waited until they disappeared, before she came out of the restroom. Her line of sight was drawn to where he'd been standing. There was an ash tray filled with a small mountain of cigarette heads of the same brand... So... Xu Jiamu stood there and just smoked all that?

She had always known that he smoked, but his addiction wasn't too serious. Whenever he was in a bad mood, he would light up a few cigarettes.

From what she remembered, Xu Jiamu smoked the hardest

the hardest when Qiao Anhao leaked the scandal and when she sent his mother to the police station.

But, no matter how hard he smoked back then, it wasn't as hard as how he smoked today.

Did something upset him today?

"Sis Xiangsi, why are you just standing there? Everyone's waiting for you!"

Song Xiangsi's a.s.sistant waited for a long time, but she didn't come out, so she hurriedly ran over to go find her.

Song Xiangsi pulled her gaze from the ashtray, then handed her the cleansing lotion, and walked back into the set.

As the investor of the commercial, Xu Jiamu treated all the members of staff to a meal in the evening.

The private dining room was large. Inside, there was a round table that sat dozens of people.

Song Xiangsi and Xu Jiamu weren't too far from one another.

The director and the staff members probably had read about Xu Jiamu on the news. Now that they saw him take Yang Sisi on set, they were certain she was his girlfriend, and so they were really polite to her. At the dining table, people would not stop asking her questions about Xu Jiamu.

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