Chapter 990

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Chapter 990 - sect system activation

The second family of ancient family!

Huang Clan!

Long Fei had seen the family rankings before, and the reason why the Huang Clan was ranked second was not because of his weak strength and pan family, but because the Huang Clan only had a few people.

His blade technique was powerful.

However …

What was even more terrifying was their judgement of the future. Other than Long Wushen at that time, no one knew the secret of the Huang Clan.

The blood vein that the Huang Clan had inherited was the prophet blood vein.

It could sense everything that was happening within a radius of thousands of kilometers. It could know what was happening in the future and could see everything.

This was the terror of the Huang Clan.

The prophet's blood vein s were pa.s.sed down in the Huang Clan's women, and the man's words were said to be born with a knife fanaticism.

The Eight Sabers of the Divine Emperor was a saber technique pa.s.sed down throughout the Huang Clan.

A blade technique that had been pa.s.sed down for countless years.

Legends said that it was a blade technique created by the Divine Emperor powerhouse, one that Black Knife yearned for day and night.

Long Fei pa.s.sed the sword technique to him, and the Black Knife revealed her ident.i.ty without reservation.

The Black Knife said slightly: "Our Huang Family has also suffered under the pressure of the Long Family, but Long Wushen didn't do anything to us back then. On the contrary, he helped us cover up the truth, saving our Huang Family from disaster."

"Long Fei, from now on, you are my boss!"

At this moment, the Black Knife was bringing Long Fei back to being the boss in front of him.

The Berserker Blade returned to its original position.

The system also chimed in.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for completing the 'Eight King Kong' mission, you have obtained a special reward 'Sect Master Command'!"

Looking at the Dragon Mark that floated in his mind, Long Fei's mind tensed up, "I've finally completed the Eight King Kong mission!".


"Do you want to establish a sect?"

Long Fei said without any hesitation: "Yes!"

"System Notification: Player please set the sect name."

"G.o.d's martial continent, that's called G.o.d's martial sect!"


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for establis.h.i.+ng 'G.o.d's martial sect'! Rewards: 10000000 experience points, 100000 power of celestial, 100000 points, special reward!"


"Eight King Kong is back."


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for triggering 'Sect System' to obtain 100 experience, 100 power of celestial, 100 Points, and 100 Special Reward."


"Do you want to check the sect system?"

Long Fei moved and said: "Check!"

System Name: Sect System

Sect Level: 0

Sect's number: 9 (can be accepted: 50)

Sect Experience: 0

Sect Contribution: 0

… ….

The sect's description: The higher the level, the more people to recruit. The more people to recruit.

Seeing all these, Long Fei became excited.

"My sect... As long as you are my disciple, I can share the experience of their cultivation. Whether it's Alchemy, artifact forging, killing, or killing demon beast, I can draw their Experience Points from the sect system, or even their proficiency s. "

"This, this..."

Long Fei was shocked by the System's description!

One person levelling was very slow.

What about a hundred people for you to level up? A thousand, a thousand, a hundred million? The entire plane will level up for you?

Not just experience.

Then there was the Alchemy proficiency, the artifact forging proficiency, and even the sacred art that Long Fei was cultivating, all of these could be upgraded through the sect system. How strong of an existence was this?

Just like that!

"Wa! Ka! Ka …"

"Eight King Kong mission, awesome indeed!"

This was the quest that he had triggered in the Nantian Region.

It was one of the three great missions.

Looking for the Dragon Domain, looking for the elven race, and the Eight King Kong mission …

One of them was done.

When Long Fei opened the sect system, besides him, there were only eight people.

Sect Master: Long Fei (Golden Immortal Stage Level 9)

Eight King Kong: Li Yuanba (holy king kong, strength?) Arhat (Demon Subduing Vajra, Strength?) [Holy Spirit] (Yuling guardian warrior, Strength?) Lin Yousheng (G.o.d;s water king kong, strength?) Chen Tianfei (holy-armor king kong at Golden Immortal Stage Level 7) Ao Ya (Sword Force King Kong at Golden Immortal Stage Level 7) Arhat King Kong (Strength?) Huang s.h.i.+ (Arrogant Knife King Kong, Golden Immortal Stage Level 9)

Clan: 0

"Other than the Arhat King Kong, the other King Kong generals have also shown their true strength and cultivation. The four great King Kong of Nantian Region are all unknown, Yuan Ba, what happened to you two?" Long Fei was very worried.

G.o.d's martial continent had changed too much in the past few years.

It was like a giant wheel rolling down, spinning so fast that it made Long Fei panic in his heart.


What he didn't know was that this was a sign that a catastrophe was about to befall him!

"We have to settle the matters of the immortal domain as soon as possible. We need to make a trip to the Nantian Region as soon as possible." Long Fei had an ominous premonition when he thought about Nantian Region, that something must have happened to him. Right now, the only thing he could be sure of was that Li Yuanba's four great King Kong were still alive.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have appeared on the list!


"Big Brother Long Fei?"

Black Knife and Yun'er looked at the dazed Long Fei.

Long Fei regained his composure and smiled: "I've been scared by your ident.i.ties."

And then …

Long Fei looked at Yun'er, and said. "Yun'er, don't let anyone else know about your ability. The most important thing is that you must not sense my future."

Long Fei was not afraid of his future.

It wasn't that he didn't dare to face it.

He was worried that he would make the people around him worry.

He did not believe in the future, he only believed in himself. He did not believe in the heavens, he did not believe in the earth, he even more so did not believe in fate.

Yun'er did not quite understand, but she still nodded and said, "En!"

Following that …

Long Fei walked out of the room.

In the courtyard, Fu Xishan and a few others were waiting for him.

Long Fei laughed: "I forgot to tell you guys something. In three years, I have established a sect, and its name is G.o.d's martial sect. Do you all want to join my sect now?"

Fifty slots.

They must all take it.


To raise the sect's level, Long Fei alone was useless. It would depend on everyone's hard work.

Half an hour later.

Everyone in the courtyard had been gathered, even the fifty people.

At this moment.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for taking in his disciple and triggering 'Monster Siege' system!"

"Within three days, the monsters attack the city."

"Player 'Long Fei' must guard the G.o.d emperor city. Once the city is broken, all fifty people of the G.o.d's martial sect will be killed by the system!"

"Countdown begins!"

The system beep finished.

Long Fei was stunned, "d.a.m.n, this daddy knew that something bad was going to happen!"

"System your a.s.s, your whole family your a.s.s, are you toying with me, killing me all of you?" Isn't it a little too much? "

Cursing is cursing.


The monsters attacking the city made Long Fei excited!

The chance to explode was here!

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