2403 The Evolution History Of Human Race

If you are looking for 2403 The Evolution History Of Human Race you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . The surrounding devils screamed with fear after seeing Qingfeng Li hit the Devil King into the h.e.l.l with one punch.

They kept retreating and dared not to get close.

They treated Qingfeng Li as delicious food a moment ago.

But after seeing their leader defeated by Qingfeng Li, they realized how powerful this human was. He was much stronger than the humans they had met before and was too powerful for them to withstand.

The walking dead and thousands of self-cultivators following Qingfeng Li were also shocked by this scene.

They didn't recognize Qingfeng Li before from a distance, but they felt his power when he operated Ninth Fist Suppresses h.e.l.l.

It was the stance that hit Silver Horn Devilish Ox into the h.e.l.l in the Universe Saint Realm not long ago, which shocked countless self-cultivators in the entire universe.

All the self-cultivators were talking about the power of Qingfeng Li. They thought he was as powerful as Reincarnation Immortal, or at least in the very close level.

They never thought they were following the famous Qingfeng Li.

The walking dead frowned a bit. Though he was in the Peak Corpse Immortal Level and had twelve Corpse Immortals with him, he was still shocked by Qingfeng Li's power.

The walking dead knew Qingfeng Li was definitely a mighty enemy.

But the walking dead had already entered the wasteland of the universe, and there was no way out. Moreover, he needed to search for the supreme treasures.

He had no more than a year to live and had to find the Chaos Spirit Elixirs before death.

He only thought for a second, then said, "Let's go. Keep following Qingfeng Li."

Seeing the walking dead tailing Qingfeng Li with twelve Corpse Immortals, the rest self-cultivators made up their mind and also followed up.

They understood they must risk their lives since they had already come to the wasteland of the universe, the boundary zone of Human Land, Devil Land and Demon Land.

They would get the Chaos Spirit Elixirs and improved their power or die.

It was a gamble, with the benefits proportional to the risks.

Qingfeng Li had certainly noticed the following self-cultivators. But he didn't care.

He was a bit surprised. These self-cultivators were really reckless, daring to follow him after recognizing who he was.

Qingfeng Li didn't attack those self-cultivators. There were too many dangers in the wasteland of the universe. Qingfeng Li didn't want to waste his immortal energy.

If they dared to seize the Chaos Spirit Elixirs, Qingfeng Li wouldn't mind destroying them. But it wasn't the right time now.

Qingfeng Li had suppressed a Devil King. The wasteland of the universe turned silent in a while.

All those from the Devil Race, Demon Race or other mutated races all stepped aside from Qingfeng Li's way.

Qingfeng Li frowned a bit. He was thinking of capturing an enemy and asking the secrets of the wasteland of the universe. But it was impossible.

Those mutated races ran away at the second they found Qingfeng Li.

The aura of the h.e.l.l from Qingfeng Li terrified all of them.

No matter the G.o.dly Beasts, the humans, the devils or the demons, they all feared the h.e.l.l, which was the common end for all of them.

The wasteland of the universe was too large. It was a completely isolated s.p.a.ce.

Many planets laid inside the wasteland of the universe. But they rarely had living creatures on them. The left ones were all from the Devil Race or Demon Race.

They all looked very weird. Some had three legs. Some had four eyes. Some had wings like angels but were in black instead of white.

Some had the bottom half of crocodiles but with human faces. They were called human-faced crocodiles.

Black Puppy, Sky-Devouring Snake and Treasure-Seeking Mouse were all a bit gloomy. It seemed that they had remembered some terrifying legends.

These beast ancestors didn't speak, but all saw the shock in each other's eyes. What was happening in the wasteland of the universe was beyond their expectation. It was similar to the legendary Great Terror.

Qingfeng Li noticed their looks on the immortal s.h.i.+p. He knew they must know some untold stories.

Qingfeng Li asked, "Puppy, tell me all the secrets you know. We may meet dangers at any second."

Black Puppy thought for a while, and they said, "Qingfeng Li, it was an ancient anecdote. I only know this after becoming the beast ancestor and awakening my memory from the past life. It was the Great Terror in human history."

"The legend says that in the Chaos Era, there was an argument over how should human race evolve. Some conquerors thought human race should look like the current appearance we see now, but some other thought humans should have tails."

"Some thought humans should have fins and live in the water. Some thought humans should have wings and fly in the sky. Some thought humans should have the tails of crocodiles or snakes with human faces."

"They all insisted on their ideas and wouldn't yield to others, which led to a fight. They were all conquerors in the Chaos Era, with great super power."

"They were powerful enough to destroy the planets. The universe collapsed in their fight. They themselves were also destroyed."

"In the end, all the conquerors disappeared in the Chaos Era. It was called the Chaotic Extinction. After that, humans mutated into their current appearance."

Qingfeng Li frowned a bit. He knew a lot about the legends of Chaos Era from Black Puppy's description.

Qingfeng Li understood humans argued over how they should evolve in that era.

If the other conquerors won, Qingfeng Li might have wings to fly in the sky, or have lizard tails and live in the swamp.

But the other mutated human races showed up in the mysterious s.p.a.ce of the wasteland of the universe. Qingfeng Li, Black Puppy and the rest would certainly be surprised. They had never seen this before.

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