Chapter 115 Part1

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Chapter 115: Military Power Taken Away (Part 1)

There was never short of new and fresh things in Ding capital.

Whenever there was any movement the yesterday, it would be spread all over the skies the next day. If it implicate whichever famous person, naturally one would talk about it for three days and nights.

When talking about such things, some were joking but some genuinely spoke undeservedly for the people involved.

In today’s excitement, there were people talking about the Formidable Great General Shen that no one could compare in terms of limelight.

Tame the pirates, fight the Xiong Nu and go on expedition all year in the Northwestern region. Didn't claim credit, not proud, impressive list of military exploits and protecting the country. These were all talking about the military lineage of the Shen family.

Ever since Old General Shen, the Shen family relied on meritorious services and won prestige among the people in Ming Qi. Unfortunately among Old General Shen’s three sons, only the eldest, Shen Xin, inherited his mantle and continue to take the military official route. It was fortunate that like father, Shen Xin lived up to the name of the Formidable Great General Shen and even Shen Xin’s Di son, Shen Qiu, was also a brave General in the battlefield.

When fighting a tiger, one relied on blood brothers, When fighting a war, one relied on father and sons. Shen Xin was not temperamental in the army and when in battle would be at the forefront and getting together with the military lineage tigress Luo Xue Yan became a legend for a generation. The commoner in Ming Qi respected Shen Xin in their heart and if anything was not good, it would be that Shen Xin’s Di daughter did not inherit any outstanding attributes but was an idiot.

However even if his Di daughter was an idiot, when one mentioned about Shen Xin, the commons would still favour and support.

But now with an offence of lying to the Monarch, the commoners were dumbfounded.

It was not a small fight nor was it a family issue. It was lying to a Monarch and that was an serious offence that could easily make one family be confiscated. Early in the morning, the officials in the court surrounded the Shen residence, saying to search for evidence. The commoners only knew that Shen Xin had an lying to the Monarch offence but did not know what kind of offence or how did he lie to the Emperor.

“How would such a good person like General Shen lie to the Monarch?”

“Correct, last time my child was being naughty and shocked Shen Furen’s horse but not only Shen Furen did not place any blame, she still apologized with a gift. They are such good people. Could it be that His Majesty has mistaken?”

“Hey. What mistaken? One heard that this is a thing that is cast in stone. There is even evidence.” Someone said softly, “Even though one did not know why, one heard that it was His Highness Prince Ding that personally brought down General Shen.”

“His Highness Prince Ding.”

“Yes. Think about it, His Highness Prince Ding will definitely not falsify it. One can’t say for sure but it might be because Fifth Young Shen Lady once admired His Highness Prince Ding and was humiliated so in order to vent for his daughter, General Shen did something apologetic to His Majesty.”

“Ah. Speaking as such then this is possible. It's a pity for the entire family of General Shen that was made miserable by that Di daughter.”

The commoners’ discussions were not soft, even though Shen Miao was standing at the residence door, she could hear clearly. The people of the residence were all standing at the doors of the residence so that the court’s soldiers could enter to search. Shen Yue feigned fear and hid behind Chen Rou Qiu before looking sympathetically at Shen Miao, “Fifth Younger Sister, how could these people talk about you? What Eldest Bo do had no relation to you.”

Shen Miao coldly looked at those fierce solders and smiled when she heard it. The first time she was truly blind and was labelled as the ‘idiot who fell in love with Prince Ding’ and that name was really extremely disgusting.

Seeing Shen Miao not speaking, Shen Yue thought that she had no words to report and in an instant her eyes were proud but she stood there without saying anything. After Old Shen Furen determined that Shen Xin would not implicate herself, she then settled her heart and put on an att.i.tude of a matriarch and angrily scolded, “How did the Oldest one do such a thing and turn back on the Monarch and our Shen family generations of loyalty. If the General was here, this would be a total loss of reputation and face, he would not even look at the Oldest one devastating the reputation of the Shen family.”

When Shen Miao heard that, her heart was moved and she looked at Old Shen Furen, “What is Grandmother saying? Father is also a member of the Shen family and the Shen family is connected to Father as one. How could one not bother about Father now when Grandmother said that for the Shen family to gain such a son, it is the good fortune of the Shen family when Father was bestowed rewards from His Majesty. Words spoken were like spilt water, Grandmother had forgotten about it again.”

When the crowd of commoners heard it, their eyes quickly looked towards Old Shen Furen.

Old Shen Furen did not say such stuff when the Formidable Great General military exploits were outstanding and when His Majesty gave bestowments. Originally a family so all glory and loss should be shared. How was that this Old Shen Furen was one that could share fortune but not hards.h.i.+p? Once seeing others going through a misfortune, she could not wait to draw the relations.h.i.+p cleanly.

When Old Shen Furen realised the gaze of the people were hostile, she became angry but did not know how to continue her words and could only look at Chen Rou Qiu.

Shen Gui and Shen Wan had went to court and the only one who could hold the fort was Chen Rou Qiu. Chen Rou Qiu smiled, “Fifth Daughter, how could Old Furen mean what you said. Old Furen is only angry. You also know that our Shen family has always been living honestly and how would one lie to the Monarch. If the late Old General was aware of it, he will also blame your father. After your Father did such a thing, how would the Shen family carry on in the future.”

When Old Shen Furen saw Chen Rou Qiu helping, her steps got firm and found Chen Rou Qiu more pleasing to the eyes. She nodded, “Correct. Your Father made a mistake and still don't allow others to speak about it?”

Shen Dong Ling and Wan YiNiang stood at the side. Naturally they had no power to speak anything and could only watch on quietly, not speaking.

Shen Miao said, “So speaking as such, can it be that Grandmother want to draw a clear line between my Father and expel my Father out of the family before letting the matter drop.”

As soon as she said that, Chen Rou Qiu’s heart dropped but she did not have time to stop when she saw Old Shen Furen’s eyes brightened and spoke with indignation, “Such a unscrupulous descendant, naturally should be expelled from the Shen family.”

“Grandmother is really that heartless. My Father is current still behind bars and Grandmother did not even help.” Shen Miao’s eyes hang down.

Seeing Shen Miao lowered head and weak appearance, Old Shen Furen suddenly felt happy. Previously one was pressured by the Eldest household and everything was not smooth thus the uncomfortable feeling in one’s heart was swept away at the moment. The happier she was the more her voice had a tone of righteous, “The Shen family are virtuous and loyal for generations and this old one will rather carry the reputation of heartless and make a decision of Old Master. This kind of person cannot enter our Shen family’s ancestor hall. From today onwards, Shen Xin family is expelled from the Shen family.”

Old Shen Furen said it very care freely but did not see the discolouration of Chen Rou Qiu’s face. Even though it was natural to draw the relations.h.i.+p clearly but for Old Shen Furen to be that clear was not a smart move. When such gestures fall into everyone’s eyes, they were not fools and would not stand on the side of the Shen residence.

Thinking of that, Chen Rou Qiu smiled to Shen Miao and said, “Fifth daughter, Old Furen did not mean that. She is only infuriated by Eldest Brother thus spoke like this. Fifth daughter, after a few days Old Furen will not be angry and it would

Shen Yue did not understand why her own mother said such things. Wasn't it good to let Old Shen Furen chase Shen Miao out? Now that Shen Xin and the rest were carrying the charges of lying to the Monarch, even if the death sentence was avoided due to their meritorious service over the years, punishment could not be escaped thus one would be in extreme dire straits. To chase this entire family in dire straits out and perhaps they might not even have a place of their own, was indeed a happy thought for her.

“Third Shen need not say more.” Shen Miao said loudly, “Since Old Furen value the Shen family’s social status that greatly that one do not attach any importance to relations.h.i.+ps then what more can I say. Since it is as such then why not just part like this, stay at vastly apart and do as one like so as to not damage the social status of the Shen family.” Her words were sarcastic, “It is difficult to move out in such short time. Wait till the officials have completed searching, I will naturally pack up and move out when Father and Mother returns. One will not defiled the Shen family any one bit.”

She said it with anger like a proud young girl that was forced to a point of resentment but if one were to listen carefully, there was no way to turn around her words.

Shen Xin and wife were people who loved their daughter so if they knew that during the time when they entered the Palace their daughter was almost forced by the Shen family out of the doors, one fear that ultimately there would be a list of debts to be settled.

Suddenly there was an uproar among the commoners as they did not think that they would see such a good show here. It was just that Old Shen Furen’s att.i.tude were very unpleasant and on the contrary, the Fifth Young Lady Shen who was known as an idiot was pleasant and attractive, but was forced to such a position. Thus they could not help but sympathise with her and leaned towards her side.

Chen Rou Qiu was secretly shocked and looked at Shen Miao quietly as it was too late to say anything else. To quarrel like this in front of so many commoners, less than half a day the entire Ding capital would be aware of this news. Even though by drawing clearly the line between the Shen family and Shen Xin was to the benefit of the Shen family, but there was a feeling of faint anxiety in Chen Rou Xiu’s heart.

Shen Miao had been leading everyone by their noses whether it was Old Shen Furen saying about kicking Shen Xin out of the residence or was it now everyone sympathising and siding her. But why did Shen Miao do that and now it looked like Shen Miao was using Old Shen Furen words for Shen Xin to get rid of the Shen family.

Chen Rou Qiu could not help but think of the matter of the Eldest household separating from the family. Naturally Old Shen Furen was not willing to let the Eldest household take away the fortune but once Shen Xin and wife make the decision, it would not be easy to change it. At that time they were about to look at other residence. Who knew that such a matter would happen? One thought that it would not be possible separate from the family but did not expect at this moment, it would be raised up.

And under the watchful eyes of everyone, one would not be able to go back on it in the future.

Old Shen Furen was not happy that Chen Rou Qiu was helping Shen Miao and afterwards when she saw Shen Miao was discriminating and spoke of the Shen family till worthless, she was then happy. She gave a cold scoff and brought her personal maids into the courtyard, not caring of the setiment of the commoners. Chen Rou QIu hesitated for a monment before bringing Shen Yue in.

Wan YiNiang wanted to also follow in but saw Shen Dong Ling letting go of her hand and walk up.

“Fifth Younger Sister.” Shen Dong Ling called her.

This seemed to be the first time Shen Dong Ling called her. Shen Miao eyes were hang down as she faintly replied, “Third Older Sister.”

“Fifth Younger Sister need not worry.” Shen Dong Ling looked soft and weak but her smile was soft, “Eldest Bo will definitely be alright. Eldest Bo is not a person who lies to the Monarch thus the truth of the matter will eventually come out.”

Shen Miao’s expression was unchanged, “Thanking Third Older Sister.”

Shen Dong Ling then smiled and turned around to walk to Wan YiNiang and pulled Wan YiNiang towards the door.

“Young Lady.” Jing Zhe came over to ask, “What is Third Young Lady’s intention?”

The ruckus that Shen Miao created had showed the broken relations.h.i.+p in the Shen residence. But Shen Dong Ling really came at the right, not fearing that Old Shen Furen will place the blame on her.

Shen Miao did not speak and watched the retreating figure and shook her head thoughtfully.

After walking through the door and seeing that there was no one around, Wan YiNiang said softly, “Ling-er, what is with you just now? Why did you even dare to b.u.t.ter up Fifth Young Lady? If Old Furen saw it, she will definitely tell your Father.” Shen Gui did not see eye to eye with the First household and it would be weird if Shen Gui was happy after knowing that Shen Dong Ling quickly went up to please the First household.

“Rest a.s.sure YiNiang.” Shen Dong Ling smiled, “They are not able to beat Fifth Young Sister.”

“What?” Wan YiNIang was stunned.

Shen Dong Ling pursed her lips and pulled Wan YiNiang forward, “Don't ask and return back.”

Such a big event befall on the Shen family that even the commoners were alerted so naturally the court was filled with angry atmosphere at the moment.

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