Chapter 1329 - The Top Student

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Chapter 1329: The Top Student

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Ajiu’s eyes were wide open as she lifted her school bag up. While walking, she told Little Ala, “I don’t know what exactly is here that can I am so unlucky. I have to hurry over. Otherwise, Wuli’s teammates will be in danger…”

The chattering voice gradually faded away with the unfathomable depth of the jungle.

At the same time, on the west side of the forest, each of the problematic Legion members held a gun in their hands. They wore military green combat uniforms that were the same color as the forest, and their faces were still covered by masks. Only this time, their expressions were somewhat solemn.

Even the large winds.h.i.+eld could not hide the worry and frustration that emanated from their eyes.

“Captain, this is already the fifth lap we have walked. Every lap we take, we will return to our original spot. Should we wait a bit?” When Li Hailou was carrying out a mission, he never called Bai Zhun by his name. Instead, he called him captain.

The problem corps members were the same. They turned around and looked at Bai Zhun.

In the past two years, they had received many missions, but none of them were like this one.

Not only did all the directional positioning equipment fail, even the police dogs that came over were trembling. The strangest thing was the fog.

Logically speaking, where there was fog, there should be wind.

However, this place was so quiet that it made people feel unfamiliar.

What exactly did those people take from here?

Why was this mission so abnormal?

Everyone had a question mark in their hearts.

There were not many people from the problematic army. Including Bai Zhun, there were only seven people in this group.

Bai Zhun looked over. The deep eyes revealed by the mask were very eye-catching.

He scanned his surroundings, then squatted down and rubbed the soil on the ground. It was not a pure sofa, but a mixture of many crushed stones.

“Is there a mountain to the west of the jungle?” Bai Zhun asked the specialist in charge of intelligence who had followed him out.

That person then nodded. “Yes, Captain. This mountain is very old. I don’t know which mountain system it belongs to. It is not recorded in the information, but it spans across China’s map and neighboring countries.”

“Is there an ancient tomb on the mountain?” Bai Zhun asked again.

That person thought for a moment. “There seems to be one. I’ve forgotten what it’s called.”

“I know.” Bai Zhun stood up, but his gaze was a little heavy. “It should be the tomb of the Ghost Mother.”

Ghost Mother?

What was that thing?

All of the soldiers turned their heads and looked at Bai Zhun. Why did their captain even know about these things?

Bai Zhun’s voice was indifferent. “It is recorded in the Buddhist scriptures as the ghost mother, also known as the Hariti, which is translated into Sanskrit as the ‘River Pear Empress Mother’. In ancient times, there was the birth of a Buddha in the imperial residence city. A celebration party was held, and 500 people attended the party. Along the way, they met a pregnant woman. The woman followed them, but unexpectedly, she miscarried, and all 500 people left without her. The woman swore that she would reincarnate in the imperial residence city in her next life and devour all the children in the city. This should be the place where the nine-child ghost mother miscarried. It could be said that she died here. It was said that her primordial spirit had become a Buddha. Her followers built an ancient tomb for her in order to pay tribute to her, so that they could see the ghost mother again one day.”

“Captain, you even read Buddhist scriptures?” They really couldn’t understand the world of the top students!

“Since this ghost mother has become a Buddha, then why is this place still like this? Shouldn’t Buddhas be good?”

Bai Zhun looked at the fog that filled the sky. “Not necessarily. When you leave later, don’t look in front, look at the bottom of your feet. Feel the thickness of your feet. Follow behind me and walk in a row.”


Although the problem corps members had a lot of questions in their hearts, they knew that their captain had his reasons for letting them do this.

Therefore, no one said anything. They lined up in a row, closed their eyes, and walked forward with their legs close to each other.

That kind of speed was very slow, and there was an indescribable torture.

Especially when you couldn’t look in front and lowered your head as you groped forward, there was always a sense of insecurity.

Fortunately, these people are all special forces.

Even if they encountered something that could not be explained by science, they would not be so afraid that they would lose their rationality.

In fact, be it novels or movies, they all told us the same thing.

When danger came, one should not think about how to escape.

Because you could never escape. Instead, you would need to find a breakthrough point. The more stable one was, the more likely you are to survive until the end.

Just like Bai Zhun and the others were doing now. If a person’s willpower was not strong enough and wanted to retreat, he or she would have to face an endless tour or something even more terrifying.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Bai Zhun’s military boots finally stopped. Then, he bent down and touched the soil on the ground. It was much more delicate than before. It was obvious that he had changed places.

“That’s enough.” Bai Zhun stood up and ordered, “All of you, open your eyes. First, look at the ground under your feet. Then walk forward.”


Everyone was very cautious. The moment they opened their eyes, they looked at their feet.

There was a person in the middle who was very dangerous. If he was a little off, he might have missed his step and fallen to the cliff.

Fortunately, the other person did not walk directly. There was a snake coiled under his feet. It was unknown whether the snake was alive or dead, but it just lay there weakly.

“We’re finally out!” The problem corps members were very excited. “Captain, how did you do it?”

Bai Zhun looked at the ground beneath his feet. “The ground is different. Under any circ.u.mstances that affect vision and hearing, only the sense of touch is the most accurate. The magnetic field here is not right as it would cause us to hallucinate when we walk. We feel like we are walking in a straight line, but in fact, we have already circled around. That’s why we have returned to the same place again and again. We can use the geology of the ground to determine the direction, so there won’t be a big problem.”

It wasn’t just the problem corps. Even the team member in charge of intelligence was dumbfounded. He had a look on his face as he wondered why Li Hailou was so knowledgeable about the quality of the soil.

Weren’t they soldiers? When did they become top students in archaeology.

Li Hailou walked over, he patted their shoulders in a comforting manner. “It doesn’t matter. You still have me, a sc.u.mbag, to accompany you. There’s no other way. When the captain was in high school, he was sent overseas. He received a lot of awards in the country. Since he was young, he had been a pervert. Apart from books, he wasn’t interested in anything else. He started studying at the age of seven. Don’t learn from him. Really, there will be no joy in life…”

“Vice-captain!” Someone suddenly interrupted Li Hailou’s words and pointed behind him. “W-What is that ?!”

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