Chapter 1433 - Great Battle

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Chapter 1433: Great Battle

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After hearing about this, the Wind G.o.d Empire was incredibly infuriated; they had never thought that a small Kingdom on the outskirts of the Heaven Awaken World would dare to treat it like this. They had already given it face, but since it wanted to die, they could not be blamed.

The Wind G.o.d Empire immediately gathered four billion Stage 3 soldiers at the Human World and left the remainder to defend. They gave off an incredibly powerful aura that seemed to cause the weather to change, making everyone feel terror.

After hearing about this, everyone else sighed; it was likely that Great Qin was going to be destroyed. How could a Kingdom on the outskirts be a match for a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions?

This could only be blamed on Great Qin for being too unyielding and not knowing when to give in. Perhaps after taking over Great Qin, the Wind G.o.d Empire would have ten.

After hearing about this, Yao Ming arranged a celebratory banquet and waited for Great Qin to be destroyed.

Thinking about how Great Qin had five worlds, if the Wind G.o.d Empire destroyed it and obtained the five worlds, adding on the worlds it already had and the Wind Spirit World, that would be ten worlds in total. It could be said that if Great Qin was destroyed, everyone would be safe, so the surrounding worlds all wanted to see this happen.

After hearing about this, the Royal Kingdoms in the inner regions all felt quite surprised that Great Qin was so unyielding; if the Wind G.o.d Empire wanted the Fish Scale World, it would have to destroy Great Qin first.

Now, they could only sigh; even without thinking about it, they could guess at what would happen to Great Qin. It was a pity that their support of Great Qin had all been wasted. They did not plan to get involved either because the Wind G.o.d Empire was a Royal Kingdom of the inner regions.

When the Wind G.o.d army gathered, Great Qin’s army also quickly gathered. The auras that the two armies gave off caused the heavens and earth to be filled with an austere aura, and both sides looked at each other seriously.

Feng Wulin also looked quite serious as he looked at Great Qin’s 30 billion soldiers. Of these 30 billion soldiers, 20 billion were at Stage 2; it seemed that this battle would not be so easy.

As an Emperor Heaven Realm expert, even though he could kill everyone on the other side and no one could individually stop him, if billions of soldiers gathered their power together, they would be able to stop him or even kill him.

In such a large battle, an individual’s power was limited, which was why he did not stupidly rush to the Great Qin Palace to kill Great Qin’s Emperor.

Feng Wulin looked at the people on the other side standing in the air. There was a cloaked figure giving off a powerful and dignified aura; that was most likely Great Qin’s Emperor.

“It’s not too late to turn back. The Wind G.o.d Empire just wants the Fish Scale World and we can promise that we will not attack Great Qin. We hope that you will do what is best for you,” Feng Wulin raised his head and said with a cold voice. This was the last chance he was giving Great Qin; if it wasn’t because Great Qin had such strength, he would have attacked already.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he said, “We will say it one more time: Great Qin absolutely will not cede the Fish Scale World. Great Qin already made concessions last time and gave your Wind G.o.d Empire four Continents, and that was the bottom line. Don’t think that just because you’re a Royal Kingdom from the inner regions that Great Qin will fear you.”


Feng Wulin felt furious. An Earth Realm Cultivator like Zhao Fu was someone he could kill on a whim. He exploded out with a powerful aura, stretched out a hand, and pointed at Zhao Fu. A ma.s.sive formless energy blasted towards Zhao Fu.


Just as the energy was about to hit Zhao Fu, a figure appeared beside Zhao Fu and slashed out, destroying that incoming energy.

Feng Wulin’s eyes slightly widened and his expression became grave because the woman who had appeared next to Zhao Fu was also an Emperor Heaven Realm expert. However, how could an outskirts Kingdom have an Emperor Heaven Realm expert?

“Who are you and why are you helping Great Qin?” Feng Wulin said coldly. He suspected that there was some faction helping Great Qin and he was afraid of falling into a trap, so he did not give the order to attack.

Gui Ji looked towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu realized why Feng Wulin was so wary, so he spoke with confidence, “Who she is has nothing to do with you. I already said that Great Qin is not afraid of you all. If you want to fight, we will fight.”

This made Feng Wulin feel quite angry, but he started to feel hesitant. He only had four billion soldiers here, and if there was another inner region Royal Kingdom helping Great Qin, the Wind G.o.d Empire would definitely suffer heavy losses.

Only inner region factions could have Emperor Heaven Realm experts; the highest in the outer regions were only World Realm experts, so it was impossible that it was an outer region faction helping Great Qin.

Of course, perhaps Great Qin had hired an Emperor Heaven Realm expert to deal with him, but how could an Emperor Heaven Realm expert be hired so easily?

If Great Qin was weak, he could still directly attack Great Qin, but Great Qin was not weak at all and had the power to fight. If they fought, adding on the inner region Royal Kingdom’s help, his side would be at a disadvantage.

Feng Wulin decided that it would be better to be safe than to be sorry. He would first report this matter to the higher-ups in the Wind G.o.d Empire and gather more soldiers and experts here to deal with Great Qin.

“Hmph, you’ll pay for the words you spoke. When the time comes, I’ll fill Great Qin with corpses and rivers with blood.” After saying this, Feng Wulin turned and prepared to withdraw. Today was a stain on his dignity, having been forced to retreat by a small outskirts Kingdom.

Hearing those threatening words, Zhao Fu’s expression became cold. He slowly raised a hand and all of Great Qin’s expressions became serious as they all readied their weapons in unison.

Feng Wulin turned and looked at Zhao Fu in confusion. Could it be that this person was going to take the initiative to attack? Did he really dare to be so arrogant?

Zhao Fu’s raised hand descended and his cold voice sounded out across the entire battlefield, “Attack!”

Now, Zhao Fu was certain that the situation with the Wind G.o.d Empire was irreconcilable. Rather than allowing Feng Wulin to go back and gather more soldiers to attack Great Qin, it was better to seize the initiative and make the Wind G.o.d Empire suffer some losses.

Gui Ji exploded out with a powerful aura and held her rainbow sword as she rushed towards Feng Wulin.

Swish, swish, swish…

Arrows tore through the sky, containing immense power as they rained down on the Wind G.o.d army.

Feng Wulin was extremely furious and he started to attack to. He took out a spear and charged towards Gui Ji.

“Kill!” The Wind G.o.d army flooded towards Great Qin, giving off a terrifying aura that seemed to be able to destroy everything; nothing seemed to be able to stop them.

Facing Great Qin’s incoming arrows, the Wind G.o.d soldiers gave off faint green light and formed an enormous green energy barrier. As the arrows descended, chafing sounds could be heard.

The countless arrows were only able to cause a few cracks on the barrier and were unable to break through that powerful defense.

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