Chapter 1848

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After bidding a farewell to Bian Heng, Zhang Tie planned to notice Tang Mei that he was going to leave too. However, as Bian Heng had started the medical treatment for her, Tang Mei was having a medicated bath in Pinkcloud Cave of Tigerback Mountain who couldn't come out until 2 days later. After knowing that, Zhang Tie didn't wait for her anymore. Swinging his sleeves, he left Tigerback Mountain.

“See you!” After taking a look back at Tigerback Mountain, Zhang Tie jumped down and flew towards the east as fast as a lightning bolt. After hundreds of miles, he entered a cloud and activated his invisible shen bead. In a split second, he became invisible. Then, he made a detour and returned to the air territory above Whitedragon Gulf, where he dove into the ocean quietly.

As his protective battle qi could isolate his body and clothes from seawater, Zhang immediately arrived at the bottom of the ocean. After confirming that n.o.body was following him, he swam towards Yaohai Ocean.

Only after such a short while, Zhang Tie had already changed his look by activating his body-changing immortal bloodline. Additionally, he even changed a set of clothes whose colors were different than that when he left Tigerback Mountain.

Zhang Tie didn't swim at the fastest speed; instead, at an average speed in case of catching the eyes of the others.

In less than one hour, Zhang Tie had come to the junction between Whitedragon Gulf and Yaohai Ocean.

The thousands of meters high city wall was standing above the sea level while the huge city gate entrance beneath sea level was like a vault of a huge bridge. Enormous seawater were pouring in the city gate entrance. s.h.i.+ps were accessing to the city gate on the sea level. Under the sea level, it was like the Crystal Palace of Dragon King as fish and shrimps were crossing.

Compared to the bustling scenery when he entered a city gate of Emperor NvWa City, it was much more tranquil in the water today. He could only see a few people accessing to the city gate beneath the water.

Zhang Tie saw some immortal generals rus.h.i.+ng inside the moment he arrived here. Those guys saw Zhang Tie too. However, they just swam by.

Additionally, Zhang Tie met earth immortal general at his 40's just now. It seemed that he also wanted to leave Emperor NvWa City.

Compared to other means of accessing to Emperor NvWa City, it was more secret for them to travel in water. As there were all kinds of people accessing to Emperor NvWa City, including many immortal generals, of course, someone needed to take action secretly like Zhang Tie.

Even though being underwater, when he pa.s.sed by the city wall, he could still sense the powerful scanning system inside the city gate entrance. It seemed that the defensive system of Emperor NvWa City didn't have any dead angle.

Meanwhile, some armored immortal generals of Emperor NvWa City were monitoring people who were accessing to the city gate entrance in water.

After pa.s.sing by the city gate smoothly in water, Zhang Tie entered the vast Yaohai Ocean again. He became extremely vigilant the moment he left Emperor NvWa City by releasing his spiritual energy in all directions and paying attention to the situation in the surroundings at any time.

When he exited the city gate of Emperor NvWa City, it meant that Zhang Tie had given up the protection of the city gate of Emperor NvWa City. The powers of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace and demons might attack him at any time.

Although demons and the backbones of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace who had been affected by Golden-Soul Rune Virus couldn't enter Emperor NvWa City, Zhang Tie was deeply convinced that there were agents of demons and Dark Emperor Immortal Palace inside Emperor NvWa City.

The head of Cyan Dragon Palace of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace was Si Dan the ancestor of Si Clan. As long as the heads of the other 3 branches of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace were on the same level with Si Dan whose ident.i.ties were still not exposed to the public yet, they could easily set some agents in Emperor NvWa City aboveboard. Even those who followed their arrangements might not know that they were working for Dark Emperor Immortal Palace and demons.

This was the most terrifying and troublesome aspect of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace. Theoretically, if one of the three branch heads of Dark Emperor Immortal Palace was the boss of an immortal palace or a major clan, many immortal generals and people who followed the orders of that boss might not even know that they had already been the lackeys of demons.

‘Could Versatile Demon Emperor predict that I would come to Tigerback Mountain for medical treatment?'

Zhang Tie didn't know. But Versatile Demon Emperor had 50% possibility to hit it. Therefore, he probably had already set agents in Tigerback Town and in the surroundings.

‘Would Versatile Demon Emperor wait outside the city wall for me after confirming that I was receiving medical treatment in Tigerback Mountain?'

Zhang Tie didn't know it either. Even though there was 50% possibility, according to probability theory, Versatile Demon Emperor still had 25% possibility to set traps outside the city wall of Emperor NvWa City.

Because Zhang Tie didn't know whether Versatile Demon Emperor was waiting for him outside the city wall and going to give him a fatal strike, even if there was only 25% possibility, Zhang Tie had to be careful for the sake of his life.

Therefore, he chose to leave Emperor NvWa City today, the 15th day of this month. He could use s.p.a.ce-teleportation equipment today and access to Castle of Black Iron whenever he wanted. As long as something was not right, he would hide in Castle of Black Iron immediately. Castle of Black Iron had completely become his asylum.

The only piece of good news was that Zhang Tie could leave in any of the four directions through the four city walls of Emperor NvWa City. Even though Versatile Demon Emperor was waiting for Zhang Tie outside the city, he only had less than 1/16 possibility to meet Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie was flying towards east on purpose at the beginning. He was puzzling his enemy. If there were really some agents of demons or Dark Emperor Immortal Palace around Tigerback Mountain, they would definitely send a wrong signal to Versatile Demon Emperor.

By changing his look, Zhang Tie could reduce the possibility of being discovered by his enemy.

Since Zhang Tie prepared to leave Tigerback Mountain, he had started to fight Versatile Demon Emperor and Dark Emperor Immortal Palace by wits and bravery.

The only loophole of Zhang Tie was that there was no primordial qi in the surging points on his spine. After getting the soul-was.h.i.+ng pills from Bian Heng, he could have fixed it; however, through consideration, Zhang Tie determined to keep this loophole on purpose.

Zhang Tie wanted to say whether Versatile Demon Emperor and Dark Emperor Immortal Palace were powerful enough to discover him through this loophole. If they were really able to discover him through this clue, they would fall in Zhang Tie's trap and Zhang Tie would continue his trick…

After leaving Emperor NvWa City, it became more boisterous as more and more immortal generals were traveling in water. Zhang Tie directly swam far away.

Nothing unusual happened in the first 35 miles. When Zhang Tie left Emperor NvWa City for about 50 miles…

With a bang, huge sprayes rushed into the sky as 5 immortal generals dove into water from the sky and had a fierce battle right in front of Zhang Tie.

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