Chapter 2043

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Cang Yunzi's figure flashed, and directly collided into the void.

The next moment.

The ten thousand kilometers of void shattered like a mirror, instantly exploding.

Cang Yunzi had already appeared behind Qin Yi and waved his sleeves at him. Qin Yi reacted quickly and turned his body a bit, throwing out a punch.


His entire body released a m.u.f.fled sound, but Qin Yi was not a match for it, and his entire person was pushed back tens of kilometers.

This was the first time Qin Yi was forced to retreat since he had attacked!

Just now, even when he was fighting with Zhao Cheng and Monarch Yi Yuan, he was not pushed back at all. When he had fought with Cang Yunzi, Qin Yi had instantly fallen into a disadvantageous position.

"Not good, just 30% power alone is not enough to defeat us!"

Ancient G.o.d's Son was shocked.

Unfortunately, no matter how anxious he was, it was useless. He was still healing and suppressing the sword intent Zhao Cheng left in his body.

He couldn't do anything at all!

"An ant is an ant. If you want to defy the heavens, you'll just be seeking nothing in the end!"

Cang Yunzi looked down at Qin Yi with an indifferent expression.

At this moment, he didn't hold back anymore!

Qin Yi ignored his good intentions, how could he let Qin Yi go?

"World energy …"

Qin Yi muttered and felt the power that came from his hands.

He was very familiar with this power, it was similar to the power of the illusory world inside Qin Yi's clone. However, the power in Cang Yunzi's body was much stronger.

It was undoubtedly the power of this The Nine Worlds of the Road to Emperor!

Although Qin Yi looked down on the Taoism's Heaven Subduing Body Technique, he could not deny its power.

The power of divine abilities could transform into Heavenly Daos, allowing one to borrow the power of the world.

How could this not be powerful?

Cang Yunzi could only use thirty percent of his strength, but that did not mean that he could not borrow the power of this The Nine Worlds of the Road to Emperor to suppress Qin Yi.

If it was only 30% of Cang Yunzi's fighting strength, Qin Yi could easily defeat him.

As strong as Cang Yunzi was, thirty percent of his strength was still inferior to Qin Yi's. However, with the addition of the power of the world, he could naturally be evenly matched.


Qin Yi did not fear and shouted loudly.

His figure resembled a dragon soaring through the skies like a demonic ape. His entire body was as fast as lightning, and his blood surged, causing the entire world to tremble.

It was a direct punch, and it was aimed straight at Cang Yunzi!

Endless fighting spirit, coupled with the acc.u.mulation of his own strength, was added to his fist, emitting a dazzling light that shook the sun and the moon.

"You're courting death!"

Cang Yunzi coldly snorted, as his palm struck down.


This palm strike was like a palm strike from an immortal from the ninth heaven.

The two of them collided against each other, releasing trillions of rays of light that swept in all directions, shattering mountains one after another and causing the earth to constantly crack.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them exchanged blows who knew how many times, leaving afterimages behind them.

"Bang!" Boom! * "Bam!"

In the eyes of Ancient G.o.d's Son and the rest, they simply could not keep up with the speed of the two.

One could only see numerous afterimages colliding with each other in the air.

Every move of the two people contained a terrifying aura, and the s.p.a.ce cracks were constantly expanding, unable to withstand the pressure of the collision.

Ancient G.o.d's Son and the rest were all dumbstruck. If it was said that this was a battle between emperors, they might even believe it.

In truth, the battle between these two had already reached the level of an Emperor!

Only this way would he be able to make the world of the nine stages of the Road of Emperor collapse!

A terrifying aura surged, filling the entire The Nine Worlds of the Road to Emperor, and swept up the clouds and winds!

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