Chapter 2389

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Several experts inclined their heads and stared at the vast skies as they mumbled.

Amidst the reverence, there was also resistance!

Facing such a tyrannical power, it was impossible for the crowd to not have any objections, and it was also impossible for them to not have any complaints.

Previously, when the The Undescended Kingdom and the Muddy Sky Emperor Dynasty were at war, the majority of the experts did not pay much attention to it.

This was a battle that belonged to the level of the Emperor Dynasty, a battle that was too far away from them, a battle that they could not even look up to!

However, the Spirit Martial Realm was different, they were just a second-rate power in the Eastern Territories.

Many of the experts present, as well as the forces backing them, were mostly at the level of the The Spirit Martial Empire, or perhaps even inferior to them.

The Undescended Kingdom could send anyone they wanted to, and trample over The Spirit Martial Empire. This meant that as long as The Undescended Kingdom wanted, he could do the same to the forces backing them.

With their own generation, how could they not be afraid?

"Dead! All dead! "

"The Emperor is dead, the Venerable Yu Jiu is dead, all living things are dead!"

"Demon, you demon!"

In the chaos, many Ancient Saints of the Emperor Dynasty were pointing their white beards at the white bearded men and screaming.

Their eyes were filled with despair and rage!

Just this demon alone had killed millions of lives in the Spirit Martial Realm. It had also destroyed the entire The Spirit Martial Empire, leaving behind only one last hope.

Their biggest reliance, now that the two quasi beast emperors were dead, how could the The Spirit Martial Empire continue to exist?

When the heavens see you, our The Spirit Martial Empire will be destroyed after tens of millions of years!

"The ancient texts once said that those who degrade Immortals in this world will fall into the nine nether

"It is the same for those who insult me for not falling!"

The white-bearded man's eyes were indifferent, his expression was as cold as ice as he spoke calmly.

To him, he was like an immortal!

For those who couldn't be humiliated, their deaths were not worth mentioning!

Needless to say, the Emperor had already given the order for him to complete it with all his might, even if it meant killing millions of lives.

"Demon! You are a demon! Don't you know that there are over ten million living creatures in the capital?! They are all dead!"

All of them were killed with a single slap from you! "

"Aren't you afraid of being entangled by misfortune and falling into the Unbroken h.e.l.l?"

"Do as you will, you will definitely receive retribution!"

One after another, the ancient saints pointed their fingers at the white beards as they cursed in rage.

This was the only way they could vent the anger in their hearts. It was also the most powerless display of strength.

An ancient saint actually ended up scolding the world? If it wasn't powerlessness, then what was it?

"If a martial artist uses martial arts to establish himself, then what is there to fear from this so-called calamity? Break it with a single punch!

What retribution, my punch is retribution! "

The white-bearded man was as resolute as steel, without the slightest bit of wavering.

In all worlds, power was paramount!

If a powerhouse did as he pleased, how would he know how to punish himself or bring calamity upon himself?

Moreover, he respected the Emperor s, as he came to destroy the The Spirit Martial Empire!

When the messenger of the The Spirit Martial Empire was about to make a mistake and the order was pa.s.sed down, the fate of the The Spirit Martial Empire was already decided.

So what if they were millions of creatures?

Even if it were billions of creatures, he could still kill them with one palm!

Countless sins are my responsibility!

Just for the sake of not falling, enveloped in glory!


After speaking, the white-bearded old man didn't bother to reply. With a casual wave of his hand, the remaining ancient saints were all slain.

A few of the Ancient Saints had never stepped into the quasi Emperor Realm, so how could they resist a casual strike from the white bearded man?

After killing many of the Ancient Saints, the white bearded man did not attack again, and did not need to do so.

Without the protection of quasi Emperor and Ancient Sage, even if there were still almighty beings present, the The Spirit Martial Empire was completely destroyed.

At this point, the huge The Spirit Martial Empire had completely collapsed!

The Spirit Martial Empire, destroy!

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