Chapter 32

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"Failure, proficiency + 1"


"Failure, proficiency + 1"

… ….

Continuously failing, Long Fei thought in his heart: "true pill is precisely true pill, it's really too difficult to grasp."

After returning from the Fengyuan Merchant Union, Long Fei was in his room studying true pill.

Dozens of times had pa.s.sed, but not a single one had succeeded.

Long Fei also slowed down his pace and started to study the ingredients bit by bit, understanding the ratio of the properties of the spirit gra.s.s to the spirit gra.s.s, and then to the temperature.

In the blink of an eye, five days pa.s.sed.


"Refining is a success!"

"I finally succeeded."

Long Fei was excited, he immediately checked the true pill's stats.

Item: true pill

true breath: 500 points

Description: Recovers 500 true breath s within 3 seconds. Cannot be used again within 5 minutes.

"Recovering 500 true breath s in 3 seconds is more than enough for me." Long Fei became excited, he had already grasped the refining method of true pill and started to refine crazily.

The true breath was used up, so he ate the Healing Pill.

The true breath was full, and he began to refine it again.

… ….

Late at night.

Long Zhanwu's room.

Long Zhanye said in a low voice: "Big Brother, killer at failure alliance has already arrived at Fire Gla.s.s City, and is waiting for Long Zhanhai to come out."

"Alright!" Long Zhanwu let out an excited cry, and said: "Tomorrow is the family a.s.sessment, how are you going to resolve the matter with Long Fei?"

Long Zhanye laughed sinisterly, "Everything has been prepared. No matter how powerful Long Fei is, he can't possibly be a match for someone in the war spirit Realm.

Long Zhanye smiled mysteriously and said: "Big Brother, this time, failure alliance will buy one free, other than Long Zhanhai, I will also report Long Fei to the sect. If our people can't settle Long Fei's problem during the clan a.s.sessment, failure alliance will also make a move, and this time, Long Fei won't be able to escape either."

Long Zhanwu's eyes flashed with a bright light, "Long Fei, as long as you die in the family a.s.sessment grounds, no one will suspect me, so what if they suspect you? You are just a broken waste of the How many people would care about a piece of trash dying? "Hahaha..."

… ….

Fengyuan Merchant Union.

Liu Feng reported to Fu Xishan: "I received news from the Black Elder that Long Zhanwu had invited the killer at failure alliance to partic.i.p.ate in the Family Exam so we can take care of Long Fei."

"As expected!"

Fu Xishan frowned.

Liu Feng hesitated for a moment, then said: "Black Old Man wanted me to tell you, the Fengyuan Merchant Union cannot interfere in local affairs, I'm afraid the higher ups will blame them if they get involved."

This was the reason why the Fengyuan Merchant Union was able to survive for a thousand years.

He would absolutely not interfere in earthly affairs.

They were not involved in any dispute.

Fu Xishan was very clear of this point, and said: "Elder Liu, I'm going out for a while."

Half an hour later.

Fu Xishan appeared in the branch of in the Chao Tian Sect.

The Fengyuan Merchant Union could not interfere in local affairs, but there were people who could.

For example.

The Chao Heaven Sect!

… ….

The Long Family's examination was an extremely important matter in the Fire Gla.s.s City.

Furthermore, the three pillars and the Nan Gong Royal Family were closely watching the Long family's examination.

Of course.

Every year, there would be people infiltrating the exam grounds to investigate the Long family's disciples.

This year was even more different.

The dragon's roar continued to ferment, causing the three pillars and the Nangong Imperial Family to pay more attention.

Divine Zhuge Prefecture

"This is a very good opportunity. We have to find out who the Dragon G.o.d Warriors are."

"If you can, kill him!"


"Yes sir!"

Zhuge Tianlong had trained a group of Death Soldiers specifically to the geniuses of other families. He couldn't let the Dragon G.o.d Warriors rise to greatness, as it would affect the future of the Zhuge family.

Li Martial Arts Sect was the same.

Nangong Lei, Nangong Huo also sent people to the examination grounds.

… ….

The Long family had been going downhill all these years.

However …

No one dared to underestimate the Long family, especially the Long family's army.

In Fire Gla.s.s Dynasty, the Long Family Army's reputation was shocking, and its fighting strength was peerless.

The Long family's Grand Elder was in closed-door training. Whoever was a Dragon G.o.d soldier, could control the Long family's army.

In the three pillars, the Nangong Imperial Family didn't want to see the Dragon G.o.d Warriors appear again in the Long Family. If they didn't expect the Long Family's army to suddenly appear in the Fire Gla.s.s City, that would be fatal for them.

In the dead of night, the killing intent was boundless.

Long Fei sat in the courtyard and ate the supper that jojo had prepared for him, quietly staring at the night sky. jojo ma.s.saged his shoulders and back, this feeling was too comfortable.

"jojo, when I'm not around, you should avoid going out as much as possible. If anyone dares to bully you, don't worry so much and just smash their face with talismans." Long Fei warned again, "If that doesn't work, you should escape to the Fengyuan Merchant Union to find Liu Feng. He will protect you."

Right now, the only person he was worried about was jojo.

These days, Long Fei had always been thinking of ways to help jojo cultivate, but he did not know why jojo was unable to grasp the main point.

Born to be stupid?


Rather, it was her body that was a little special, as if she was unable to accept the martial arts training.

In the end, Long Fei had no other choice.

jojo laughed faintly: "Young Master, don't worry, I will remember all the things you taught me. But you have to be careful, the Long family's exam is the harshest. "

Long Fei reached out and grabbed jojo's slender hand, and said: "Don't worry, this young master is invincible."

jojo struggled a bit, but was unable to free herself from it, causing her face to turn red, her heart to thump wildly in her chest, not daring to say another word.

"d.a.m.n it!"

"If you want to take the family test, then do it properly. Whoever dares to provoke laozi, laozi will definitely kill him." Long Fei muttered in his heart.

All night.

Even Long Fei was not idle.

He was still cultivating his cultivation technique.

The one month of cultivation of the Wind Shadow Step had increased to level 1.

dragon salyer technique cultivation was too slow.

Long Fei kept trying, and also succeeded in making a breakthrough. Right now, the dragon chop's blade energy was stacked up to one hundred and twenty levels, making it even more harmful.

If the Toading Skill was completely unleashed, it would deal 400% of the best damage.

With the bonus from the Spirit Ring, the damage would be even more severe if it was a critical hit.

The pills were well-prepared.

The talismans were well-prepared.

If there was still time, Long Fei would have definitely refined a few super puppets.

Everything was ready, and all he had to do was wait for the exam.

Early morning. The sky was bright.

The Long Family's martial-arts arena was packed full of people.

Long Zhanwu stood on the stage and said loudly: "For the clan examination, every disciple of the Long family must use all their strength and bring out all the results of your years of cultivation."

"You are the future of the Long family, the hope of the Long family."

And then …

Another elder walked up and said: "The family examination is divided into two parts. The first round is the Fire Gla.s.s Mountain Range Trial.

"The results of the first round are based on the demon beast points you have hunted."

"level 1 monster 10 points, 2nd level 50 points, 3rd level 100 points, 4th level 500 points, 5th level 1000 points … Of course, let me remind everyone, if you meet any three-rate monster and beast, you should leave as soon as possible. If you meet level 4, you can run as fast as you want when you're level 5. "

"The second round, the Long family arena battle."

"Only the top 16 disciples of the first round can partic.i.p.ate."

"The first place reward is great."

At this time, Long Zhanwu smiled, and said: "The first person will be qualified to select the Sky Sect next year, be able to enter the banquet of forbidden peak Palace at the end of the year, and also receive the right to cultivate the Long family's Heaven Ranked technique 'Dragon Break'."

As soon as Long Zhanwu finished his sentence.

A system announcement suddenly sounded out in Long Fei's mind.


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