Chapter 336 - Ancient Recipe

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Chapter 336 - Ancient Recipe

Rather than saying that it was a page of scriptures, it was more correct to call this an ancient medicinal recipe. It was a type of refinement method that could seize the profound mysteries of heaven and earth.

This wasn’t some ordinary medicinal recipe, as it needed the divinity of the creatures dwelling within this fiery domain as the main ingredient. After refining it and ama.s.sing the essence of this divinity, it could be transformed into symbol fragments to nourish one’s body.

In summary, this ancient medicinal recipe could turn this fiery domain into a land of treasure. It could allow one to undergo a transformation and advancement, allowing one to fully make use of this place.

This fiery domain was a unique place, as it produced creatures that were full of spiritual divinity. It could allow one to gain insights into the dao and break through, making it an extremely rare and precious place.

This was also the reason why the great powers from outside this region sought out the Fire Clan. They wanted to find out exactly what kind of secrets were hidden here, and why these strange circ.u.mstances occurred.

As for s.h.i.+ Hao, he wouldn’t bother with these matters. The only thing he wanted was self-improvement. Only after reaching a certain level would he have the confidence and strength to trace this mystery to its roots.

The ancient recipe placed a particular emphasis on a certain type of creature, because that one contained the most divine essence. If one could efficiently capture it, then it would greatly contribute to one’s breakthroughs in their dao comprehension.

Unfortunately, this type of creature was extremely difficult to catch. Normally, it was difficult to even find, but luckily, there were a few capturing methods recorded in this scripture sheet.

“There’s no other choice. If I want to break through and continuously improve, then I have to stay here for a period of time!” s.h.i.+ Hao’s tone was extremely decisive.

Currently, the situation inside this fiery domain was rather complicated. There were experts from outside this region, descendants of Fire Nation lords, and even some experts that had connections to the Fire Emperor who were lying low.

s.h.i.+ Hao did not want to get into conflicts with any of them, as it was better to just cultivate while being at ease. Improving his strength was more important than anything else, because this was a cruel world where only the strong could stand tall.

He began to search for the creature recorded within the bronze parchment. In the end, he couldn’t find any of them.

Unknowingly, he entered the Fire Clan ancestral grounds’ abyss. This region was no longer a great desert, but instead, enormous mountains could be seen. Magma continuously flowed about.

This was an extremely dangerous region with dangers around every corner. For example, a volcano could erupt, or tides of lava would suddenly surge; it was a flame covered world.


A roar suddenly tore through the air, shaking the heaven and earth. A mountain in the distance collapsed, and all types of creatures jumped as many figures fled in a hurry.

An enormous and incredibly ferocious ox that was entirely pitch black in color appeared. When it stomped down, magma would rush out. Fiery light curled about its feet, and a powerful aura was diffusing from its body.

This scene was extremely startling. It dwelled within the mountains, and someone had disturbed its peace. As a result, mountains were crushed, and magma roiled about as it rushed out murderously.

At first, there were still a few individuals who attacked this enormous creature to take it down. However, soon after, they found it too difficult. The demonic ox was too powerful, and its power approached that of a n.o.ble king.

More than ten individuals were buried under the ox’s feet. Following a burst of fiery light, another six or seven were turned into ashes. The difference in strength was just too great.

Desire filled s.h.i.+ Hao’s eyes. This Barbaric Ox was precisely one of the creatures he was looking for, and he was going to make great use of it.

He immediately met this Barbaric Ox head on. A group of people were fleeing frantically, so when they saw that an idiot was willingly giving up his life, they all exulted.

There were also a few that became anxious, saying, “Weren’t you shooting your mouth about how powerful you were? Now, there really is a great ox, so hurry and kill it!”

“Friend, hurry and help us save Lingfeng!”

These were a few youngsters with expressions of terror. They were full of helplessness, and when they saw s.h.i.+ Hao, they hurriedly shouted for help. They wanted his help in saving the young girl being pursued by the Barbaric Ox.

When s.h.i.+ Hao heard what was said, he smiled. What a coincidence it was for him to encounter the girl with the large eyes again. Currently, they were in dire straights. They had ties with Huo Ling’er, so he naturally wouldn’t watch from the sidelines with folded arms.

This Barbaric Ox was extremely tall, and his entire body was jet-black. Its fur was like silk fabric and extremely glossy. As the surrounding magma surged, it bathed in flames, making it seem extremely formidable.

s.h.i.+ Hao feared that something bad might happen and quickly took action. He brought out the Wind and Thunder Flood Dragon bow and directly pulled it. With chi sounds, a streak of golden light flew out towards the Barbaric Ox’s right eye.


Sensing danger, the Barbaric Ox flung its head to avoid this arrow. Its pupils shot out fiery light as it stared at s.h.i.+ Hao.

s.h.i.+ Hao rushed forward, and as he did so, arrows were continuously being released from the bow as he prepared to kill this Barbaric Ox. Streak after streak of dazzling light flew out as if rainbows drew arcs through the air.

“Hurry and retreat, Lingfeng!” Those youngsters shouted, and at the same time, they were somewhat ashamed. At the crucial point, they were actually a.s.sisted by the youngster that they looked down upon.

The young lady with large eyes fled. Her body was almost submerged by magma, leaving her with lingering fears. As she watched s.h.i.+ Hao’s figure, she was in a speechless daze. Only after a short period of time did she say, “Could he really be the princess’ friend?”

This Barbaric Ox was extremely difficult to deal with, so s.h.i.+ Hao chose to merge with the Imperishable Golden Body and put on the black golden battle clothes. He feared that something strange might happen if he stayed here too long.

In the next moment when he once again drew the bow, the arrow he shot out was completely different. Waves of ferocious winds were stirred up, and the cries of ghosts and souls sounded. The arrow turned into a flood dragon with wind and lightning curling about it, creating deafening sounds.

With a pu sound, the Barbaric Ox was penetrated. It immediately released a furious roar as a large amount of blood blossomed. Its eyes were completely red as it stared at s.h.i.+ Hao. Flames were spewing out from its mouth.

“This bow really is quite unique. No matter how powerful I am, it would similarly match me. At the n.o.ble king level, I could still just as easily use it,” said s.h.i.+ Hao in a soft voice.

“Hou…” The Barbaric Ox released a roar. The two horns on its head came off and turned into two black kukris. They flew through the air and sliced down.

s.h.i.+ Hao was shocked. This Barbaric Ox was extremely powerful and seemed like it was on the verge of becoming a n.o.ble king. If not for the fact that he merged with the Imperishable Golden Body, he truly might have put himself in a difficult situation.

He quickly dodged and once again and drew the bow. He used all of his strength, and when he released this arrow, within the wuwu sounds, an enormous flood dragon rushed towards the Barbaric Ox.


This time, it suffered a serious injury. Even after both horns flew back in defense, it still wasn’t able to block this attack. They were both blasted to pieces, and it continuously coughed out blood.

It had always been the one killing others, yet today, he was actually injured by someone, making its savage nature erupt. Its entire body lit up, and symbols covered its body as it charged at s.h.i.+ Hao in a berserk manner.

“Hurry and retreat!” The large-eyed beauty and the other youngsters cried out.

The Barbaric Ox was going to risk it all. With how close the two were to each other, there was no time left to draw the bow again. He was on the verge of colliding into s.h.i.+ Hao.

In their eyes, with a vicious beast that was approaching the n.o.ble king level closing in, it was impossible for that youngster to face it head on. It was too hard to defend against, and only by attacking from the distance would he have a chance.

However, the results completely surpa.s.sed their expectations. s.h.i.+ Hao put away the bow and slammed out with a palm. A peng sound rang out, and it actually forced the Barbaric Ox to stop when it landed on its head.


Following that, s.h.i.+ Hao suddenly s.h.i.+fted sideways and hacked down with his palm. Following a pu sound, the enormous ox’s head was sliced off, killing the berserk vicious beast.

Those individuals were petrified. A ridiculously powerful demonic ox was killed just like that?!

In reality, s.h.i.+ Hao could fight evenly with a n.o.ble king even if he did not merge with the imperishable golden body, so there was even less of a need to talk about a Barbaric Ox.

“You… really are princess Ling’er’s friend? The large-eyed young girl said in a low voice.

“Correct.” s.h.i.+ Hao gave her an affirmative reply.

Afterwards, he began to clean up the Barbaric Ox. Sure enough, he found that this entire ox was precious.

“I’ll treat you all to a great meal.” s.h.i.+ Hao called out to them.

In the end, after a portion of the ox was roasted, the remaining precious flesh was still like a small mountain. Everyone ate heartily and enjoyed to their hearts’ content.

There were a few who wanted to ask about s.h.i.+ Hao’s background, but he only laughed and did not reply. He refined the ox’s bone marrow and carefully put it away.

Following that, he collected the entire ox into the Heaven Transforming Bowl. He adjusted the temperature based on the ancient record and began to refine it.

According to the medicinal recipe, he needed to pair it with all types of medicinal ingredients, but where would he find such things? As a result, he could only slowly refine the primary ingredient.

The mountainous Barbaric Ox entered the Heaven Transforming Bowl and shrunk to roughly an inch in length. As it was refined, it quickly began to dry up, and in the end, it actually turned into ashes. Only a small drop of golden liquid was left over.

s.h.i.+ Hao was sweating profusely throughout this entire process. The flames he used was his own dao flame, and he was carefully controlling it based on what was recorded within the medicinal recipe. It truly was an exhausting task.

The small bowl was gently raised, and bits of ashes floated about. Only a single drop of s.h.i.+ning golden liquid remained, releasing its fragrance.

“Is this the essence of divinity?” s.h.i.+ Hao was astonished. He knew that there were still impurities inside, but if he wanted to purify it completely, it was likely that only a tenth of it would remain afterwards.

s.h.i.+ Hao did not continue and poured it into his mouth. He directly swallowed it.

His entire body began to radiate with golden light immediately afterwards. His aura became a bit more powerful.

“Instantaneous…” He was considerably shocked.

The individuals on the side were able to see everything clearly. It was clearly a n.o.ble king level Barbarian Ox, yet why was it refined until it was just a small drop of liquid? It was without a doubt incredibly precious.

“Do you all know where there are other creatures like this?” s.h.i.+ Hao asked.

The youngsters became stupefied. This fellow was absolutely ridiculous! Was he going to exterminate creatures as powerful as this?

“Within the depths of the ancestral ground, there should be quite a few. There are even some extremely dangerous existences that are truly at the n.o.ble king level.” The young lady with large eyes replied.

“Let’s go. Lead me to take a look,” s.h.i.+ Hao said.

The youngsters looked at each other in dismay, but then they all revealed looks of excitement.

Two days later, s.h.i.+ Hao killed another Silver Lion. Its body was entirely snow white and its strength was great. It was similarly refined into a small drop of divine liquid.

“Why are you saving the bone marrow?” The large-eyed beauty was confused.

“There’s naturally a great use for it.” s.h.i.+ Hao smiled.

It was recorded on the medicinal recipe that creatures possessing divine spirituality are incredibly difficult to catch, and that fragrant bait has to be scattered to draw them over.

The Barbaric Ox and Silver Lion were both powerful, but they were not the ones that s.h.i.+ Hao truly desired. The divine essence contained within these creatures could not be compared to the creatures recorded within the medicinal recipe.

Based on the bronze parchment, the more powerful the creature that was used for the fragrant bait, the more effective it would be.

He dried both creature’s bone marrow and grinded it into powder. He then asked the young individuals, “Is there a lake around here?”

Of course, the lake he was talking about was naturally the lake of magma and not water. It was because there simply wasn’t any water here and it only had scorching heat.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Cultivate.” s.h.i.+ Hao replied. This was related to whether or not he could break through. If he was lucky and was able to catch enough of those creatures, he should be able to directly break through.

An hour later, they arrived beside a large lake. The temperature was terrifyingly high. Lava surged around this place, covering this place with never ending scarlet light.

“Not bad, this lake will do.” s.h.i.+ Hao carefully scattered the bone marrow into the lake.

This was the bone marrow of vicious beasts that were close to n.o.ble king level. They had also undergone s.h.i.+ Hao’s refinement, so they were incredibly brilliant. Upon falling into the magma, they flickered with multicolored light and didn’t turn into ashes. Moreover, there was a fragrance filling the air.

“What could there be in the magma…’ Those individuals muttered. None of them believed that there would be some kind of spiritual creature.

An hour pa.s.sed just like that. s.h.i.+ Hao was extremely patient, and eventually, he tossed the remaining bone marrow into the large lake as well.

Another hour pa.s.sed. s.h.i.+ Hao furrowed his brows and became a bit anxious. Could it be that those creatures had been completely wiped out? Were they already extinct?

Suddenly, he felt some sort of fluctuation. Moreover, spiritual essence began to ripple about, and specks of golden light could be seen. A group of creatures made their way through the magma and continuously devoured the bone marrow. They moved extremely quickly.

“Ah, this is… a school of fish?”

The youngsters were all stupefied. They were so shocked their their jaws almost fell off. There were actually fishes living inside the lava? They had never heard about such a thing before!

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