Chapter 37 - Domineering

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Chapter 37 - Domineering

Although Jiao Peng and the others weren’t that big, their eyes were extremely cold, strong and decisive. He used his strength to arch his bow into a full moon armed with a cold iron arrow aimed straight towards those three hatchlings.


A cold light whistled through the air with wuwu sounds, and a strong gale that made sounds like the cries of a ghost threw itself at Zi Yun. He designated this bird as his prey, because it was the one that appeared to be the most mystical. It’s entire body unexpectedly gave off a glistening and dazzling purple and golden l.u.s.ter; this made him want to capture it after injuring it with his arrows.

With a qiang sound, the little guy threw himself in front of the attack. His snow white hands slapped the iron arrow, causing it to stray from its trajectory. Everyone was shocked stiff; this little fellow’s speed was simply too fast! With just a leap, he was able to intercept such a ferocious and powerful arrow.

“Why are you being so fierce? Why do you want to hurt Zi Yun and the others?” s.h.i.+ Hao was angry as his eyes widened.

“Get out of the way!” Jiao Peng shouted in a loud voice. His eyebrows stood up and aimed his arrows towards the little guy as he held a cold smile on his face.

He was tyrannical and powerful, and it made Er Meng, Pi Hou, the nasally kid and the others mad with fury; they’ve never met anyone so unreasonable. These three birds were raised by the villagers, yet he wanted to injure them and take them for himself!

“Why won’t you be reasonable?” s.h.i.+ Dazhuang was angry. He lifted up a thousand jin cauldron and wanted to charge forward right away.

“Big bro Dazhuang, back off!” The little guy said because he knew that aside from him, no one was capable of being Jiao Peng’s opponent.

“If you don’t back off, then don’t blame me for ruthlessly shooting my arrows!” Jiao Peng said coldly and indifferently. His age and his expressions did not seem to match at all.

“Da Peng, Zi Yun, you guys go back.” s.h.i.+ Hao opened his mouth and told them to retreat in advance. He was afraid that they might be injured, and protectively stood in front of them.

“Not one of them will leave, these three vicious birds are my prey!” Jiao Peng said coldly and once again drew his bow. He aimed his bow forward, and the cold radiance from the arrowheads a.s.sailed flickered as it permeated the air with a murderous aura.

Hu…. the sound of wind whistled past. One the other side, Zishan Kun and Lei Mingyuan also began to take action as they were afraid of falling behind Jiao Peng. They charged towards the three hatchlings with their bows in hand, aiming to hunt them down.

Da Peng, Xiao Qing and Zi Yun all understood human nature. Apart from not being able to speak their language, their intelligence were not any bit inferior to humans. They already figured out what was happening in front of their eyes, causing them to be extremely angry.

The little guy jumped up and stood in the way of these two. He said in his soft and tender voice “These are my partners, you cannot injure them!”

At that moment, s.h.i.+ Linghu and the others were all alarmed and a group of people rushed out in spitting anger. They considered these people guests before and never thought that they would actually be such tyrannical bullies.

“This isn’t too good right?” The elderly man from Heavenly Cloud Palace spoke again to mediate the situation.

“It’s just a few angry children. Just let them have a fight to see who the number one genius is. It’s not a big deal.” Some of them were trying to smooth things over, as they wanted the precious bones of the Suan Ni from Stone Village, but didn’t have any excuse to do so. They wanted the situation to become a bit noisier.

As for Jiao Cang from the Great Floating Pond, he was always cold and indifferent. He did not show any didn’t move in to stop Jiao Peng. The Purple Mountain Clan and the Thunder Clan were also expressionless, and had the detached views of bystanders. They all allowed their own children take actions while awaiting the results.

“Good, since this is the children’s problem, then let us simply spectate well and not take part in this.” The elderly man from Heavenly Cloud Temple nodded and didn’t add anything else.

Although s.h.i.+ Linghu and the others were in rage, after seeing the little guy wave his hand, they suppressed it. They understood that the situation in front of their eyes was critical, and that these were all frightening people.

Chi, Chi…..

Jiao Peng suddenly armed his bow and shot out a string of dazzling cold arrows. all of them whistled viciously through the air towards those three birds.

The little guy quickly stopped them, but it wasn’t only Jiao Peng who took action. The other two, Zishan Kun and Lei Mingyuan also needed to be guarded against. In addition, Jiao Peng shot quite a few arrows and it was difficult to stop all of them.


Immediately, sparks flew everywhere. The iron arrows landed on those three young bird’s bodies and keng qiang noises sounded out, as if it were metal colliding against each other with extreme force.

Da Peng cried out and fluttered his wings with all his strength to smack the iron arrows. Although it had powerful scales for protection, it still sustained some injuries. Fresh blood spilt out and many green scales dropped to the ground.

Qiang, qiang….

The other two hatchlings were also struck by arrows. Xiao Qing wailed as blood splashed out.

Jiao Peng’s strength was incredible. Although he was only five years old, his arms contained several thousand jin of force. The penetrative power of his arrows were terrifying.

Although the three hatchlings were extraordinary and learning the Bone Text with s.h.i.+ Hao, they were only born only around three months ago. They were too immature and had great difficulties using the precious technique. The protection offered by their scales were far inferior to those of an adult Green Scaled Eagle’s scales. Apart from Zi Yun, Da Peng and Xiao Qing were both injured; their scales fell and blood splashed out.

The little guy was extremely angry. He flew over and used his body to block in front of the three hatchlings as he stared toward Jiao Peng.

“F*ck off!” Jiao Peng was domineering. His eyes were ice cold as he aimed his iron arrows straight at s.h.i.+ Hao. He pulled his bow back all the way, aiming straight at his throat.

The villagers were angry. The three hatchlings grew up in Stone Village and would eventually become members here. Unexpectedly, there were people brazen enough to run inside the village to hunt and steal them; it was truly intolerable.

“Don’t force me!” To force the little guy to speak these words, anyone was able to see how angry he was.

“So what if I force you?” Jiao Peng provoked. He lost a confrontation with his corporeal body before and that made him feel quite unwell. He had decided to reveal his precious technique a long time ago.


A cold streak of radiance flew through the air as Jiao Peng released his bow, aiming straight at the little guy’s throat. It was fast and terrifying as it whistled and ripped through the air.


The little guy’s movements were simple, yet they were steady and accurate. With a Pa sound, he grabbed the cold and terrifying iron arrow. After exerting his own strength, the cold bristles flourished and the iron arrow flew back towards Jiao Peng. At the same time, he instantly leapt twenty meters as if he was a dragon and dove past. Although he was small, his strength was terrifyingly strong.

The little guy took the initiative and attacked Jiao Peng!

“I’ve waited for a long time already for this!” Jiao Peng stood with his head held high. He had already lost once before, and it was now time to win it back.

He threw away his bow and arrows and spread out his body like a strong and flexible Demonic Ape. He s.h.i.+fted his feet and moved ten meters horizontally across the ground. Symbols flickered on both his arms before quickly s.h.i.+ning and wrapping him in a layer of precious splendor, enshrouding him underneath.

“Uncivilized baby, living in the mountains, you have no idea how vast the heaven and earth in the outer world is. Right now I’ll show you the power of the Bone Text!” Jiao Peng’s words were ice cold.

After both his arms were completely s.h.i.+ning, he began to feel confident in his own power, and actively rushed towards the little guy. He wanted to oppress him with his absolute strength. As symbols flickers, his speed was shockingly fast.

The little guy did not utter a word as he descended from midair in order to confront the enemy’s killing technique. Multicolored light blossomed from within his body, and divine light gushed outwards. Heavenly and earthly powers were refined, and his fingers suddenly s.h.i.+ned in a precious white.


The two people’s palms collided and a huge sound rang out, and it was as if a landslide suddenly crashed down from a mountain peak! Jiao Peng groaned as he flew horizontally outwards. The webbing between his fingers split open, and fresh blood sprinkled out as his palm continuously spasmed.

If not for the string of mysterious symbols on his arms s.h.i.+ning at that crucial moment, causing two vicious Flood Dragons to wrap around his arms, his fingers would have most certainly been horrifyingly fractured.

Pu Tong!

Jiao Peng flew outwards several tens of meters before dropping to the ground. He tumbled another few meters until he finally stopped and stabilized.

Instantly, the entire scene was completely quiet; even a pin drop could be hear. Everyone stared blankly. No one had thought this type of result would occur. With just one exchange, Jiao Peng was blown back flying!

“Amazing divine strength!” The elder from Heavenly Cloud Palace gasped in surprise.

At the very least, in his age range, the little guy’s corporeal body had long surpa.s.sed Jiao Peng and those other geniuses by an entire level. He could be praised as a heavenly gifted genius.

Jiao Peng leapt to his feet and stood upright. His face was almost bleeding. This time he suffered a terrible tragedy and it felt as if he had just been slapped on the face. His power level began to rise.


A m.u.f.fled noise echoed through and the little guy kicked up that thousand jin cauldron with one foot and sent it flying towards Zishan Kun and Lei Mingyuan, as those two took advantage of their exchange to aim their bows towards those three hatchlings.

The huge cauldron covered the sky!

They were all stupefied; was this truly a four year old baby? He sent the huge thousand jin cauldron flying with one foot. Such a tyrannical strength, it really did not resemble his ordinary appearance as a white and tender baby.

With a rumble, the copper cauldron flew over. Such deep ferocious power was truly terrifying.

The geniuses in this age range could easily lift a cauldron, but to use it as a weapon to hack horizontally and smash vertically, no one dared to do such a thing.

The two geniuses quickly dodged, as they were afraid of being hit. If they were merely rubbed by it, then their bones would definitely break and their tendons would snap!


Finally, Zishan Kun’s precious bow was snapped as the copper cauldron ferociously collided with it. It was very sudden, and he was afraid that he couldn’t dodge, so he used his bow to block as he moved. Nothing happened to him, but his bow was snapped on the spot.

“You two come.” The little guy stared at two people as he berated. He then looked towards Jiao Peng, pointing at three people and said “You three can come at me together!”

The group of people were dumbstruck. Experts from the Purple Mountain clan, Lightning clan and the Great Floating Pond were all flabbergasted. Those were their clan’s geniuses. They came to a wild mountain village and needed to work together against a milk-feeding baby?

If Jiao Peng, Zishan Kun and Lei Mingyuan were geniuses, then what would you consider this child who wasn’t even four years old yet?!

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