Chapter 633

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With regards to the internal strife of Blue Moon Continent beyond Hengduan Mountains, Long Yi could only feel sorry . This moment was the perfect chance to annihilate the Heavenly Demon King . Which matter was severe – he believed that Mu Hanyan sisters could also understand .

Indeed, Mu Hanyan was very understanding . Seeing Long Yi had returned, she just accompanied him to her heart’s content while chatting and laughing, despite the bitterness and pain hiding behind this smile .

The light rain didn’t stop, but the sky was already dimmer now . Long Yi chatted with Wushuang and Mu Hanyan sisters for a good while and decided to go to the continental conference hall to watch today’s finals .

On an arena shrouded with a powerful barrier, two figures locked in an intense fight looked dazzling . They neither used douqi nor magic . They were using just pure skill and ability .

“Eh, Murong Bo, that old fart also likes to vie for fame and wealth?” Long Yi looked at the arena and saw that one of those two fighters was Sword G.o.d Murong Bo . As for his opponent, he was an emaciated old fogey he had never seen before . Long Yi guessed that he might be an ancient expert living in seclusion .


“Brother-in-law, why aren’t they using douqi?” Mu Jingjing pulled the sleeve of Long Yi and enquired .

“I think that old man is also an expert who has already reached Sword G.o.d realm . If two Sword G.o.d used douqi to fight, then let alone this continental conference hall, the entire Soring Dragon City will turn into a pile of debris . Now, they are only using pure skill and ability to fight . ” Long Yi replied as he frowned a little . He was able to tell that these two were evenly matched in strength; merely, these two people seemed to be fighting with vigor . Their every move was fiercer than the other . Although they weren’t using douqi, after reaching this realm, they could kill people without using douqi .

Sure enough, just after Long Yi had spoken, that emaciated old man roared and jumped . The ma.s.sive sword in his hand dazzled as he directly thrust it towards the chest of Murong Bo .

Murong Bo brandished his sword and his sword past the opponent’s sword tip at lightning speed and slashed towards the opponent’s neck .

“Clang!” The cross-shaped hilt of that emaciated old man’s sword blocked the sword of Murong Bo .

These two Sword G.o.ds, flushed with agitation, were locked onto each other . Suddenly, they heard a shattering sound, and their swords simultaneously broke . Since Murong Bo was the main attacker, he was in an advantageous position . Even after their swords broke, he continued to slash his broken sword towards the neck of this emaciated old man . As for that emaciated old man, he caught the broken tip of his sword with another hand and stabbed it toward the heart of Murong Bo . Seeing both sides were about to suffer, all the spectators cried out in alarm .

The heart of Ximen Kuang and Ximen Nu in the referee seats jumped . Even if they wanted to intervene, they were already too late . They, however, were Sword G.o.ds, if either one or both of them died on this arena, then that would be a tremendous loss .

At that moment, a blurred figure flashed over, and the powerful barrier around the arena instantly shattered . Then, along with the sound of crashing, everyone saw Murong Bo and that old man retreat a few steps back with a deathly pale complexion . They were also gasping for breath . At the center of the arena, a handsome youth wearing silvery white silk gown with his unruly black hair tied up on his head had appeared .

“His Majesty the Crown Prince, it’s His Majesty the Crown Prince,” the spectators cheered .

“He is deserved to be called His Majesty the Crown Prince . Even two Sword G.o.ds aren’t his opponent; I think it is basically unneeded to compete for this seat of first under heaven . His Majesty the Crown Prince fully deserves it . ” Someone from the gallery shouted, and others chimed in .

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Long Yi waved his hand and spread his spirit power all around . The scene immediately quieted down . He then looked at these thousands of spectators and spoke in a clear, loud voice, “Today, in this hall, there are chiefs of their respective powers including the experts from all over this Blue Waves Continent, so I want to announce something . As for who is the first under heaven, it is not important at the moment . A great calamity is right around the corner, so our most urgent priority is for all of us to unite and jointly decide our fate . I know many people don’t believe it, but I can confidently say you all that my words aren’t just an exaggeration to scare . As for the specific circ.u.mstances of this great calamity, the specialists will resolve your doubts . ”

In the imperial palace of Soaring Dragon City, all famous experts of the continent had gathered . Ximen Nu had already dispatched specialists to explain the entire story of the great calamity .

And at this moment, Long Yi, however, was in the inner palace . He looked solemn . Only the people he trusted were around him . The clansmen of Dragon Clan, his wives, family members, Barbarian Bull, and Li Qing were also among them .

“I have already found the location where the Heavenly Demon King is sealed, and the entire Shark Clan is also almost in my grasp . I observed that the Heavenly Demon King is about to break his seal and come out . Our mission is to annihilate him the instant he breaks out of the seal . Otherwise, the entire world would become a b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l . ” Long Yi frowned and narrowed his eyes .

“Boy, we’ll follow your orders, now we have gathered the entire power of the continent and also the Sea Race, I cannot believe that we cannot annihilate that Heavenly Demon King,” Murong Bo said .

Long Yi retold everything he and the Sea Emperor had arranged and emphasized that they must kill the Heavenly Demon King with this attack .

The rain got bigger and bigger, and now the sky was completely dark .

Late at night, all experts completely understood what was going on . They then gathered in twos and threes and discussed intensely . They had never thought that the war of G.o.d and Demon 100,000 years ago was actually so tragic . Seven Main G.o.ds were cursed, the Heavenly Demon King was sealed, more than half of the continent sunk, and the entire brilliant civilization was destroyed to near extinction .

“Eh, what is this smell?” A middle-aged man wearing the attire of Earth Master Magician asked one person beside him in surprise .

Having heard the question, the people beside them also noticed a faint smell of blood blowing inside the hall from outside .

Like this, everyone noticed this situation . Moreover, the smell of blood was getting stronger and stronger .

Everyone moved to the entrance of this hall and looked outside, borrowing the light of a magic lamp swaying in the wind . Then, they saw that the heavy rain was blood-red in color now .

A water magician waved the magic staff in his hand, and the raindrops condensed into a red water ball and floated in front of him . Then, a Great Swords Master reached out his hand and poked this water ball, then he smelled his finger and lowered his voice, “What a thick smell of blood . ”

Everyone was surprised and bewildered . Magicians launched light b.a.l.l.s outside in succession, and under the illumination of several light b.a.l.l.s, the scene they saw stunned everyone . They saw that blood-red clouds were floating in the sky, and blood red heavy rain was falling everywhere .

“Blue waves in chaos, Lightning G.o.d descends, jade blood illuminating the human world, cleaving the firmaments relying on the sword . Jade blood illuminating the human world, jade blood illuminating the human world, is this it?” Long Yi suddenly recalled the prophecy of Xiao Yi looking at the blood red sky and muttered .

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