Chapter 647 - The Secret Of The Universal Peak Token

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Chapter 647 - The Secret Of The Universal Peak Token

Just as Mo Wuji was pondering as to which direction to walk, the Universal Peak Token in his hand suddenly displayed an extremely dazzling light. This was a fleeting light like a flame burning on the surface on the Universal Peak Token for a while. Moments later, the faint green on the surface of the Universal Peak Token disappeared as it turned into a bright scene of the universe.

Mo Wuji felt the energy of the boundless universe in his hands instead of the warmness of jade which he used to feel.

At this instance, Mo Wuji felt as though the entire universe was in his hands.

Mo Wuji’s spiritual will landed on the Universal Peak Token and he could instantly feel himself in the vastness. Two rows of tiny words which were inscribed on the Universal Peak Token were seemingly floating in the vast universe in front of him.

"War of the G.o.ds, The Shattered Universe."

Following which, Mo Wuji was surprisingly able to sense the position of the G.o.ds Tower from the Universal Peak Token. He noticed that the G.o.ds Tower consisted of a total of 36 levels and he was currently on the 35th level.

His guess was indeed correct as he first arrived at the peak level of the G.o.ds Tower.

Mo Wuji was able to locate the flight of stairs on the 35th level which would lead him downwards and similarly, there was an energy gathering array right beside the entrance of the stairs.

"Da Huang, watch the staircase from the outside of the energy gathering array and the moment this flight of stairs turn faint, inform me immediately," Mo Wuji finished his orders and dashed right inside the energy gathering array to start cultivating.

He wasn’t simply going to let such a good opportunity slip by just like that. Concurrently, he was starting to suspect that the flight of stairs was related to the elemental energy within the energy gathering array. His guess was that the instance he started to absorb too much of the elemental energy, the staircase would turn faint.

Mo Wuji had been cultivating within the energy gathering array for over five months and just as he was about to enter the intermediate Grand Zhi Immortal Stage, Da Huang shouted for him.

Mo Wuji stopped cultivating and he really did notice that the staircase leading from the 35th level to the 34th was starting to turn faint as if it was about to disappear.

"Not bad, we can go down now," Mo Wuji patted on Da Huang’s brain pleasingly as he decided to head towards the 34th level to continue his cultivation.

At this moment, Mo Wuji naturally knew why Nai He wanted the Universal Peak Token. While Mo Wuji had no idea how Nai He was aware of this, he realised that the Universal Peak Token contained the overall layout of the G.o.ds Tower including the entrance and exit of every level. Every level in the G.o.ds Tower was vast and boundless so without this Universal Peak Token, one would not be able to find each level in a short amount of time.

Nai He probably wanted the Universal Peak Token because she wanted to obtain all sorts of treasures in the G.o.ds Tower. Mo Wuji sneered in his heart at how wrong Nai He was because even if Mo Wuji had given Nai He the Universal Peak Token, she would not be able to obtain any of the treasure here in the G.o.ds Tower too.

This was an ancient battlefield and the lack of killing intents in the lower level was probably because of the frequent opening of the G.o.ds Tower which resulted in the good items being acquired by others. The higher levels would probably have not been opened before which was why it was filled with so much terrifying killing intent that even Da Huang was unable to take a mere storage ring away. It would be odd if Nai He was able to take anything away from the G.o.ds Tower.

And because of this simple reason, other than cultivating in every single level, Mo Wuji didn’t harbour any thoughts of obtaining any of the items here.

It had already been three years since Mo Wuji entered the G.o.ds Tower and at this moment, he was standing at the entrance of the flight of stairs leading from the 19th level to the 18th level. He knew that he could forget about cultivating any more because the elemental energy in each level from the 18th level onwards would get significantly lesser. Moreover, the amount of time he cultivated in each level was getting lesser and lesser which proved that he was getting closer to levels which people had searched through.

In three years, Mo Wuji didn’t obtain a single treasure but he didn’t feel disappointed at all because of what he had gained. In three years, he managed to advance from a Grand Yi Immortal to an expert in the Great Circle of the Grand Zhi Immortal Stage and was only one step away from becoming a Grand Luo Immortal.

He might not even attain such progress in the Immortal World even if he were to be behind closed doors for 30 years. Furthermore, he still had all his immortal crystals with him after three years of cultivation.

The only thing he didn’t understand was why would he be transferred to the 36th level and not the first?

Mo Wuji brought Da Huang down the stairs from level 19 to level 18 and the Universal Peak Token started displaying an additional red line and the red line pointed to another direction.

Could the immortal sealing array be located on this level? Regardless, Mo Wuji had returned to his original appearance as he didn’t continue using the Dry Wimple Pill.

At such low levels was where he might meet other cultivators and Da Huang would be too eye catching. However, he did not dare to not bring Da Huang along to the immortal sealing array so as long as he brought Da Huang along, there was no need for him to conceal his appearance.

Mo Wuji didn’t dare waste any more time because he had no idea when the G.o.ds Tower would be closing up. If he finally made it into the G.o.ds Tower and didn’t manage to locate the immortal sealing array before the G.o.ds Tower closed, he would simply be a joke.

A few silhouettes appeared within Mo Wuji’s spiritual will but Mo Wuji really didn’t wish to interact with them at this point in time. Just as he was about to change course, the few people had already landed right beside him.

"Pill Master Mo?" A clear and surprised voice could be heard.

Mo Wuji chuckled, "So it is Junior Sister Ruoyue of the Green Immortal House? A pleasure to meet you indeed. I didn’t expect that you would arrive at the 18th level so quickly because I thought everyone was still wandering around the first few levels and I was the only one here."

Two males and one female were the few people who came over to Mo Wuji. One of the man was wearing a yellow robe while the other one was wearing a brown one. The female was Qing Ruoyue of the Green Immortal House and her mother was Qing Yang, who Mo Wuji had a favourable impression of because of the way she conducted herself.

Mo Wuji was also aware that Qing Ruoyue was chosen by the Very High Heavens and that after this trip to the G.o.ds Tower, Qing Ruoyue would be heading towards the Very High Heavens to cultivate.

"Hahaha!" Qing Ruoyue heard Mo Wuji’s words and couldn’t control but to burst out in laughter, "Pill Master Mo, it has already been three years and those with the G.o.ds Tower map would basically be on the 18th level already."

She thought to herself that this Pill Master Mo must have looked highly upon himself to think that he would believe he was the only one on this 18th level. Furthermore, she was already in the elemental Grand Luo Immortal Stage and while Mo Wuji shouldn’t have reached the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, why did he addressed her as ‘junior sister’?

It was just as Mo Wuji’s prediction, most of the people did have the map.

"You are Mo Wuji? That rogue pill master? The one who saw the opportunity to steal the Mediation Nunnery’s Great Kun Buddhist lamp before using Zhuo Pingan to kill the Great Sword Path’s Sa Jian?" The person speaking was the man in yellow on the left of Qing Ruoyue and to Mo Wuji, this yellow robe looked like the colour of dog pee, extremely unpleasant.

On the contrary, this man was actually extremely good looking with his sharp eyebrows and long, elegant hair. His entire body was exuding with energy and with a saber on his back, he looked even more arrogant. His cultivation level was pretty decent as well because he was already in the advanced Grand Luo Immortal Stage and was about to enter the realms of an Immortal King. With such good looks, he really didn’t know how to match his outerwear as he chose to wear a dog pee colour robe.

Qing Ruoyue heard from her mother about Mo Wuji and how he was not one who would bow down to anyone just because they were stronger. According to people, this fella even dared to ask Lun Cai and the Pill Dao Immortal Alliance’s head to screw off in front of everyone.

Now that her partner said such things to Mo Wuji, she was worried that Mo Wuji might get angry so she hurried to step in and said, "Pill Master Mo, let me introduce to my friends. This is the G.o.ds Immortal Domain’s Immortal Blade Path’s Dao Feng. Senior Brother Dao Feng’s talent for blade dao was incredibly exceptional and because this was his focus from the very beginning, he even changed his surname to be Dao. [1] Senior Brother Dao Feng, Pill Master Mo came out to help the Mediation Nunnery should be out of kind heart and not for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp."

Qing Ruoyue was apparently not very good with her words because even though she meant that Mo Wuji would not kill Su Xi for the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp, it sounded odd when she actually said it out.

Dao Feng could only chuckle faintly, "Who could be sure of anything in this world? I see Pill Master Mo now but I don’t see Junior Sister Su Xi."

Mo Wuji didn’t bother wasting time with these people so he casually said, "You are right and I have the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp with me but I am not intending to give it to you. Junior Sister Ruoyue, I’ll see you again."

Mo Wuji turned and left immediately after his sentence as he didn’t really bother about his claim to Dao Feng that he harmed Su Xi and took her Great Kun Buddhist Lamp away. To him, he actually wanted people to believe that the Great Kun Buddhist Lamp was with him.

If people believed that, less attention would be brought onto Su Xi.

"Pill Master Mo, I’ve heard that you used saber in the past too so why don’t you let me see how are your blade dao? Of course, I know that your immortal puppet is pretty incredible so I will admit defeat the moment you used your immortal puppet to attack," Dao Feng heard that Mo Wuji was leaving so he took a step sideways to block off Mo Wuji’s path.

Previously, Mo Wuji only treated Dao Feng like a pa.s.serby but now, he started to observe this fella carefully. Having known that Mo Wuji had an incredibly strong immortal puppet and tricks up his sleeves, this fella must have a unique character to actually dare to challenge him.

"Do you really think that just because your blade dao is exceptional that I won’t dare to kill you?" Mo Wuji looked calmly at Dao Feng.

Dao Feng laughed, "Pill Master Mo even dare to kill the Immortal Emperor of the Lightning Sect and pinned the Immortal Reverent using a saber at the periphery of the G.o.ds Heavenly Chasm so why would you not dare to kill a mere being like me? However, even if I were to be killed by you, I want to witness your blade dao. I’ve heard of your three blades sacred art and I was hoping to be able to block it."

Mo Wuji was finally able to understand why this arrogant fella would use cheap words to try and agitate him. This fella was truly hoping to spar with him using their blades and it seemed like this fella was truly in love with blades.

"I shall fulfill your wish then," Mo Wuji indicated for Da Huang to move aside before raising his hand and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared in his hand. When he was in the Grand Yi Immortal Stage, he was already able to match up with a Grand Luo Immortal. Now that he was only a step away from the Grand Luo Immortal Stage, why would he need Da Huang to deal with a Dao Feng.

"You changed magic treasure?" Dao Feng noticed that Mo Wuji’s weapon was the Half Moon Weighted Halberd before asking with a frown on his face.

Mo Wuji chuckled, "Dao Feng, I can’t believe you specialise in blades. In my eyes, blade dao is the halberd dao which is also the spear dao, sword dao and the dao of everything. In your eyes, you only have one blade and neglected the true blade dao. The true blade dao is not just one blade but a killing dao."

Dao Feng clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji unexpectedly before saying, "I’ve learnt a lot from you. Pill Master Mo, please have a look at my blade."

As he spoke, Dao Feng’s blade in his hand started to tremble as it turned into an endless leaf blades. An autumn bleak pa.s.sed by and Mo Wuji could feel himself being brought by the autumn wind into a forest with countless of residual leaves. These leaves looked harmless but it turned into blade intents as it locked up this entire s.p.a.ce.

Mo Wuji turned serious because he never expected Dao Feng’s blade dao to be this advanced. This type of casual Falling Leaves Blade Dao would definitely not be something that was learnt but a blade dao sacred art which he enlightened on his own.

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