Chapter 652 - The Heavenly Spring Saint Son

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Chapter 652: The Heavenly Spring Saint Son

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

The din outside the restaurant incited many to turn their head around to see what had transpired. Such a great army formation attracted the eyes of many onlookers. It was a rarity to see a corp of such magnitude in the Valley of Gluttony.

A figure in a long golden robe stepped in. He was tall and muscular, wearing a golden crown and a pair of dragon skin boots. He had an air of elegance and greatness. All the onlookers felt a blazing gaze from that man, who emanated a frightening air. The crowd realized they had been in a daze for a moment, so they took a deep breath involuntarily.

“This is the Heavenly Spring Saint Son! He’s one of the top figures amongst the younger generation at the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land. He has come out of the Heavenly Spring? It is unusual for a man like him to appear at the Glutton G.o.d’s Banquet!”

“The Heavenly Spring Saint Son! I heard he has successfully gathered and mastered the five-tiered soul ladder, proceeding to the sixth level!”

“We finally got to see the Heavenly Spring Saint Son in person! He really does look formidable!”

The diners felt their fear surging upon seeing the Heavenly Spring Saint Son, as the aura around his body was too intense.

As the Heavenly Spring Saint Son entered the restaurant, he averted his gaze and fixated it at Xiao Yue. His eyes were as sharp as a sword that could slice through the arch of heaven. Xiao Yue frowned and there was a grave look on his face. He turned and looked at the Heavenly Spring Saint Son, and there was an undercurrent of opposition between their presence. But alas, Xiao Yue’s energy was many levels below that of the Heavenly Spring Saint Son, much like the comparison between the bright moon and the dim firefly. It was a fair comparison, though, since the Heavenly Spring Saint Son was the top seed in the Divine Soul Realm to have mastered and gathered the soul ladder. His ability naturally overwhelmed Xiao Yue’s, although it was no mere feat for Xiao Yue to be ranked one of the tops in the younger generation. However, no one would doubt Xiao Yue’s potential to attain the status similar to the likes of the Heavenly Spring Saint Son in the future.


The Heavenly Spring Saint Son stood serenely, with his energy escalating and surging slowly towards Xiao Yue like an enormous mountain, about to crush him. Xiao Yue’s expression was solemn as the crystal-glazed sword on his back quivered at an accelerated speed, and the torrent of sword energy exuded from Xiao Yue was resisting the pressure from the Heavenly Spring Saint Son. Everyone held their breaths as they witnessed the Heavenly Spring Saint Son lording over the young genius, Xiao Yue.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son raised his palm abruptly, clasped it and pointed a finger. Xiao Yue squinted his eyes and gave a shudder. The sword behind him swooshed out, quivering in a low chant, with the sword rays glittering and glaring. The entire restaurant was encompa.s.sed by the sword energy.

A finger versus a sword. The two collided in the air, but the sword energy collapsed miserably into fragments under the finger. Xiao Yue’s sword floated in front of him. It could not stop its tremor and still chanted incessantly.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son clasped his hands behind his back, with all the haughtiness on his face. The onlookers felt a coldness enveloping their hearts. Was the Heavenly Spring Saint Son going to kill the top talent of the Heaven’s Pivot Holy Grounds right at the Noodle King Restaurant? It might just stir up a war between the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land and the Heaven’s Pivot Holy Grounds.

it looked like the saying that the Heavenly Spring Saint Son was overbearing and highhanded was true. Xiao Yue’s heart thudded. He had to retaliate and not just await his death pessimistically. The Heavenly Spring Saint Son’s attack was totally unexpected, hence it could most likely have been due to the instigation of another party. Xiao Yue had a clear mind as to who that person was. Xiao Yue held on to his sword, with his tress wavering and his eyes razor-sharp.

“Oh, you have not given up the fight, have you?” The Heavenly Spring Saint Son closed his eyes slightly.

He smacked Xiao Yue with his finger, much like the way he would use his palm, distorting the sword into a forced bend.


In the kitchen, Ouyang Chenfeng stepped in smilingly. It was a huge kitchen, with silhouettes moving in the flowing crowd, and various fires were illuminating the air and the different aromas were a.s.sailing one’s nose.

The chefs were standing in front of the stoves arranged in rows, and there was even a second-grade chef among them. Near the stove stood a corner a.s.signed specially for the making of noodle dishes. The flour particles could be seen drifting in the air, and the slapping sound of dough being made resonated.

The chefs greeted Ouyang Chenfeng with great respect as he and Bu Fang entered the kitchen. Ouyang Chenfeng nodded and acknowledged them with a smile. He had words of encouragement for the chefs and had no air of haughtiness unique to first-grade chefs. Bu Fang was rather taken aback by the amiable disposition of Ouyang Chenfeng.

“Little friend, do come over.” Ouyang Chenfeng smiled. The chefs who were busy cooking were startled. They could not believe that Ouyang Chenfeng allowed the young lad to enter his kitchen. That was Master Chef Ouyang Chenfeng’s very own kitchen! A kitchen that he allowed access to no other person except on occasions that he wanted to teach a culinary skill or two to his disciples. However, he had now allowed an unfamiliar young stranger to use his kitchen! Had he decided to recruit this young lad as his new disciple? However, it did not seem so from the looks of it.

At that instant, someone related the comments Bu Fang made outside the restaurant. Most of the chefs were aghast, and the next moment, they opened their eyes wide in disbelief. “What!? That little chef wants to teach Master Chef Ouyang the way to cook noodles?”

“That lad is too arrogant! Chef Ouyang is one of the first-grade chefs, where did the guy get his confidence and courage to spout such arrogance!”

“Let’s go over secretly. This is the prelude of trouble brewing!”

The chefs were whispering into each other’s ears, with their faces full of righteous indignation. The second-grade chef was fiddling with his crystal-glazed kitchen knife, and his brows furrowed above his cold sharp gaze. He had br.i.m.m.i.n.g respect for Master Chef Ouyang hence he would allow no others to belittle him. There was no doubt that Bu Fang had insulted Master Chef Ouyang.

The crowd surged forward and stuck their head in to look at the kitchen.

Bu Fang walked into the kitchen which was a compartment within the kitchen. Ouyang’s kitchen was far better equipped than the other kitchen, and the most eminent of all was the exquisite kitchen knife nestling on the rack at the center of the kitchen. The kitchen knife was impeccable. It was unlike those other weird kitchen knives, full of arrogance. Instead, it was almost transparent and had an air of daintiness.

“This is my personal kitchen knife. I asked the Elder of the Valley to cast this knife specially for me when I became a first-grade chef. This is the Cicada Winged Knife.” Ouyang was proud to declare.

With a swipe, Ouyang Chenfeng grasped the kitchen knife, with a fidget of his fingers, the knife rotated in lightning speed in his hands, almost indiscernible to others.

Cicada Winged Knife, as thin as the wings of a cicada.

Bu Fang was full of admiration for the Cicada Winged Knife. It was of a higher grade than the Icy Soul Kitchen Knife stacked in his knife cabinet.

“We have reached the kitchen. It is time for me to witness my little friend’s cooking of the noodle cuisine.” Ouyang Chenfeng said, with his smile fading slightly. He had the pride all first-grade chefs would have. He knew that there were some flaws in his noodle making and he had been relentless in his effort to uncover and rectify the flaws. However, to be brought up so blatantly by Bu Fang made him a tad uneasy.

The crowd was held breathless, and some were sn.i.g.g.e.ring in their hearts. They a.s.sumed the young man was putting up a false front.

Bu Fang looked at Ouyang Chenfeng but did not open his mouth to speak. He exhaled lightly, and almost immediately green smoke was seen rising from his hands, a soft dragon chant reverberated and a pitch-black kitchen knife appeared in his hand.


Ouyang Chenfeng’s eyes squinched. The Cicada Winged Knife in his hand dithered the moment the black knife emerged. He looked at Bu Fang and his knife with great suspicion and also curiosity. Bu Fang held his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife abreast but did not attempt to introduce it. How was he going to give details of the knife when he did not even know it himself?

The kitchen knife was twirled in his hand, and with a light thug in the air, the bag of flour flew upwards. It was p.r.i.c.ked lightly by the knife and from the opening, the white powdery flour showered, permeating the room with a fragrance unique to wheat flour, accompanied by a freshness of spirit energy.

“Excellent flour!” Bu Fang raised his hand. As the true energy in his hands gathered, the flour was attracted to his hand, creating a white hue swirling around his palm, enshrouding it under the light.

“This is a special flour from the Valley of the Gluttony. It was milled using the unique spirit wheat, rendering it unusual.” Ouyang Chenfeng explained. He stared at Bu Fang with his piercing eyes, trying to see through Bu Fang. However, there seemed to be a shrouding mist around him, not allowing Ouyang to perceive through. His eyes squinted as Bu Fang began to move.


Crystal clear water droplets were splattered, blending instantaneously with the flour floating above Bu Fang’s hand.

“You are using plain water?” Ouyang Chenfeng was startled. He had only used spirit juice or the blood of great spirit beast to mix with the flour. Only then could the kneaded noodles be filled with a unique undulation, making them more tasteful.

Bu Fang seemed to be able to discern the Ouyang’s thoughts. He twitched his lips and said, “Clear plain water would not mask the special fragrance of the wheat flour. It is that fragrance that is of utmost importance.”


Bu Fang retracted his hand, igniting a thunderous buzz. The powdery ball of flour could be seen expanding at an alarming speed, and explosions seemed to be occurring in the ball.


As Bu Fang’s thought sank in, the boundless and majestic mental force surged, increasing the frequency of the explosions within the ball, the thunderous buzz was unstoppable.


Bu Fang smacked the dough ferociously on the kitchen stove. The tumultuous rumble made everyone sit up. Ouyang Chenfeng wore a bewildered expression as he walked toward Bu Fang.

“Are you kneading the dough or are you smas.h.i.+ng the dough? Smas.h.i.+ng the dough so loudly would not make a good noodle!”

Bu Fang was oblivious to the doubtful eyes cast at him as he flung the ball of dough yet again.


The dough was thrown forcefully on the kitchen stove. Ouyang Chenfeng watched intently Bu Fang’s actions, and his expression changed suddenly. There was disbelief in his eyes, disbelief that something improbable had happened.

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