Chapter 75.3

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Chapter 75 Heaven’s Expense Infinitum Set (3)

Kissing ‘Shangguan Bing’er’s red lips, Zhou Weiqing suddenly felt something was wrong. This was not his first time kissing her after all, and they were usually sneak attacks like this, he still remembered the taste and feel of her lips very clearly… soft, warm, and with a faint fragrance.

Yet, currently, the lips had a strange coldness, and the fragrance was rather different as well. More importantly, they were stiffened and frozen, and the wide eyes of shock caused Zhou Weiqing to realise something was wrong.

Subconsciously licking the cold with his tongue, only then did Zhou Weiqing feel the coldness seem to melt a little. However, that also caused the owner of the lips to awaken.

A huge irresistible force surged forth from the beauty in his arms, and Zhou Weiqing, who had never expected that “Shangguan Bing’er” would attack him, had his arms knocked back. In the next instant, a snow white palm blurred into a shadow as it had intimate contact with his face. Hard.

*Pak* A loud sound rang out, and Zhou Weiqing’s body flew into the air in an amazing 180 degree turn, before slamming savagely into the huge jade screen. Even the white little tiger Fat Cat was thrown out of his bosom as he flew out.

Although Zhou Weiqing’s face and skin was much thicker than any normal person, that strike still caused his face to feel numb on the side!

That was also because after “Shangguan Bing’er” had been ‘a.s.saulted’ by him, she was in an unsteady state, and did not manage to use her full strength in that hit. If not, perhaps our dear Little Fatty would have perished on the spot there and then.

“I’ll kill you!” A cold voice rang out, almost as if it could freeze the entire world itself. An awe-inspiring, cold light shot forth from “Shangguan Bing’er’s” hands, as if a bolt of frozen lightning, striking out towards Zhou Weiqing’s heart. Her speed was just too fast, and the entire air was seemingly sealed by the blow, constraining Zhou Weiqing’s body as well. Furthermore, he was still stunned by the slap, how could he possibly react in time?

In such a time of danger, Fat Cat once again saved his life again. The moment she had been flung out, she had woken up from her sleep, and seeing Shangguan Bing’er trying to kill Zhou Weiqing, she was surprised, but seeing the strong incoming blow, she knew that not only would the current dazed Zhou Weiqing not be able to react in time, even if he were at full capacity, he might not be able to dodge or block it.

Fat Cat’s body froze in midair, a gold light shooting from her mouth to strike the incoming cold light. *Ding* a loud crisp sound rang out as they clashed, reverberating around the room.

At that point, only then did they clearly see a snow white sword in “Shangguan Bing’er”’s hand. It was three chi long, one inch wide, its snow white body was unadorned, but giving forth a chilling aura of death, causing anyone who looked upon to s.h.i.+ver. Right after the clash, “Shangguan Bing’er”’s body flashed in a dark gold light… a light that Zhou Weiqing was extremely familiar with, the light that only appeared when a G.o.d Tier Consolidated Equipment was being summoned!

After Fat Cat had spat out the gold light, she had quickly grown into her large three metre long form, standing in front of Zhou Weiqing, her purple eyes glowing as she stared at “Shangguan Bing’er” in surprise.

By now, Zhou Weiqing had been startled out of his shock, his hand flying to his cheek as he clutched it. His entire left face was swollen, and even his mouth was a little crooked as he exclaimed in a mix of confusion and anger: “Bing’er, are you mad? Why did you hit me?” Seeing the snow white longsword in “Shangguan Bing’er”’s hand, another look of surprise flashed on his face.

“Shangguan Bing’er” was now full of killing intent, causing Zhou Weiqing to feel as if his very blood was being curdled. She raised up her sword, pointing it at Fat Cat, saying coldly: “Heavenly Snow Mountain, I do not care who you are, but please get out of my way now. If you insist in protecting him, then our Heaven’s Expanse Palace will declare war on the Heavenly Snow Mountain. To. The. Death.”

Since young, she had never been so vexed, so wronged and humiliated by anyone, and she had never been so angry before. That… that was her first kiss! And it had been stolen in such a ridiculous fas.h.i.+on by that pervert! “Shangguan Bing’er”’s heart was aggrieved and filled with rage.

Hearing her words, Fat Cat’s eyes grew serious. She could sense that the sword this “Shangguan Bing’er” was holding was from the Heaven’s Expanse Palace… their Legendary Set Heaven’s Expense Infinitum that only the Palace Master or the heir could Consolidate.

In the Heavenly Jewel Island, the entire Heaven’s Expense Palace, this was the top Legendary Set!

On the Heavenly Jewel Island, there was a Chart, known as the Consolidated Equipment Chart, which listed all the strongest and most powerful known Consolidated Equipment in the world. This Heaven’s Expense Infinitum was ranked top of the Consolidated Equipment Sets, and had been so since the Chart was ranked. It was said that the complete Heaven’s Expense Infinitum Set was eleven pieces, and was the only completed eleven piece Legendary Set in the world today.

If an Eleven-Jeweled Heavenly Emperor Powerhouse wore such a Set, they would even be able to challenge a Twelve-Jeweled Heavenly Shen top-end Powerhouse!

It was exactly because of this Heaven’s Expense Infinitum Set that gave the Heaven’s Expanse Palace their fame, and it was this set that also allowed them to suppress the Wanshou Empire and the Heavenly Snow Mountain to become the strongest amongst the six Great Saint Lands.

As such, when this “Shangguan Bing’er” wearing the set stated that line, it wasn’t just a simple threat, but a truth. She was probably not the Palace Master, but highly likely to be the heir!

“Bing’er, you… you want to kill me?!” Zhou Weiqing stared at her in shock. By now, he had finally woken up from his dazed reverie, and abruptly he cried out. “No! You’re not Bing’er. Seven Jewels?!”

Indeed, around “Shangguan Bing’er”’s right wrist, seven Icy Jade Physical Jewels were glowing brightly, accentuating the snow white blade she was holding, completing the chilling picture of death.

Naturally, this white robed young lady in front of them was not Shangguan Bing’er. After all, Shangguan Bing’er was only at the three-Jeweled cultivation level, and in comparison with this young lady in front of them, it was heaven and earth. Yet… her looks, it was exactly the same as Bing’er! As familiar as Zhou Weiqing was with Shangguan Bing’er, how could he make a mistake so easily?

The white robed young lady saw that Fat Cat did not move, and the icy aura around her grew. She ignored Zhou Weiqing totally; in her eyes he was already a dead man. “Move aside. I do not want to have to order a war between our two Great Saint Lands. From your aura, I can tell you definitely are not stronger than me. Furthermore, this is the ZhongTian City, in the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion. You know you cannot stop me.” The chilling aura around her grew continuously, so much so that even Fat Cat’s fur was covered in a thin layer of ice.

Right at that moment, a figure walked over from the side. Seeing the scene in front of her, she was stunned. “Little Fatty!”

That cry caused Zhou Weiqing, the white robed young lady, and Fat Cat, to all turn towards the newcomer. Instantly, all three of their gazes turned weird; another Shangguan Bing’er had appeared, this time in the Fei Li Battle Team Uniform. As she stared in shock at the scene in front of them, she naturally saw Zhou Weiqing first. Seeing his face swollen like that, she quickly leapt forward, a look of heartache on her face. “Little Fatty, your.. Your face. What happened? Who beat you up?” She stroked her face lightly, a rare light of anger sparking in her beautiful eyes as a light killing intent arose. She spun around, glaring at the white robed young lady.

Earlier, when Shangguan Bing’er had arrived, besides Fat Cat, she had noticed that there was someone else. However, as she had been focusing on Zhou Weiqing, and the wound on his face, she had not really paid attention to the third person. However, since there was only one outsider in the area besides Zhou Weiqing and Fat Cat, she naturally guessed it was that person who had taken action. As such, she spun around towards the person.

As soon as she took a closer look, she stopped in her tracks, stunned. No matter who it was, seeing someone looking exactly like herself, as if she were staring into a mirror, would have that exact same expression.

The white robed young lady recovered quickly, saying angrily to Shangguan Bing’er: “Second sis, stop playing? Move aside, I want to kill him!”

Shangguan Bing’er was startled out of her reverie by the scolding. No matter how similar this girl looked like her, it wouldn’t change the fact that she had hurt her Little Fatty. As such, she got angry as well as she exclaimed: “Who’s your sister? If you want to kill my Little Fatty, you’ll have to get through me first.”

As she said that, Shangguan Bing’er released her Heavenly Energy. As green light surrounded her body, three Dragonstone Jade Physical Jewels and three Tourmaline Elemental Jewels appeared around her wrists, and with a flick of her wrist, five Wind Blades sped towards the young lady.

When the white robed young lady saw the Physical and Elemental Jewels on Shangguan Bing’er’s, it was her turn to be dazed as her expression turned even stranger. As the five Wind Blades sped right in front of her, a flash of white light appeared as her Heavenly Energy released in front of her and the five Wind Blades disappeared like a raindrop into the sea.

“You.. you’re not Fei’Er?” The white robed lady stared as she exclaimed.

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