Chapter 806

If you are looking for Chapter 806 you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . Bai Ze sneered at Ye Futian. The White Cloud City's inscribing was the most elite in the Barren State, they even had a complete inscribing manual. Moreover, the overwhelming Spiritual control provided by the Eye of Devastation and another unique Life Spirit made air inscribing possible. Only the most elite Spirit Elementalists could inscribe spell scrolls in the air during battle, and he was one of them. Divine Spiritual Sorcerers were also likely to be able to do it. If Hua Jieyu was to become his Path Companion, they could improve their cultivation together.

The acclaimed Ultimate Sorcerer's will could form a spell in an instant. If it was cultivated together with the White Cloud City's inscribing, he would definitely reach a high level of attainment. It was a pity that Hua Jieyu was not understanding and chose to submerge herself in her relations.h.i.+p.

Spell scrolls started to form and as Bai Ze's hand waved, rows of spell scrolls flew forward, surrounding Ye Futian.

"Chains of the Thunder G.o.d." As Bai Ze's voice sounded, the spell scrolls around Ye Futian exploded with power. In an instant, thunder flooded the entire area and hundreds of thousands of lightning chains shot out from the spell scrolls, drowning Ye Futian within. The spell Chains of the Thunder G.o.d was the spell inscribed in the spell scrolls. Countless spell scrolls activating at the same time, imagine the horrifying power released.

In an instant, Ye Futian was locked down by countless lightning chains in the air, his limbs electrocuted by terrifying lightning. The lightning traveled along his brilliant golden body and the other end of the chains were controlled by Bai Ze.

"How horrifying," someone in the crowd said as they were all stunned, their attention fixed on the battlefield. At his strongest, Bai Ze was too strong. Just one of his spells was already this strong, not to mention multiple spell scrolls being activated at the same time. There was no counter for the spell, countless lightning bolts flowed along Ye Futian's body, causing him to shudder uncontrollably, probably because he was already unable to move. 

Bai Ze's gaze swept across Ye Futian. Now, it was time for him to feel what it was like to fall from grace under the gazes of tens of thousands of people. Among the countless Thunder G.o.d chains, an abrupt lightning bolt flew towards Ye Futian body. However, at that moment, in Ye Futian's Life Palace, rustling sounds could be heard as his Life Spirit, the World Tree swayed and let out a brilliant glow. Ye Futian's body seemingly transformed into an ancient tree at that moment, his meridians and bones becoming a part of the tree, and a tree's shadow could be seen within his body.

Countless Spiritual Qi could be seen flowing towards the World Tree in his Life Palace, which was attempting to devour all the Spiritual Qi. Not only that, but the thunder chains that had locked onto Ye Futian and circulating around his body were actually converting to Spiritual Qi and being absorbed by his body, flowing rapidly towards the tree in his Life Palace.

At that moment, the lightning on Ye Futian's body became even more brilliant. Even though he was chained down by the thunder spell, more lightning flew towards him and was still unable to destroy his body. All the while, he stood there quietly, allowing the chains to lock his body down.

"His body is absorbing the thunder. The Spiritual Qi within the spell is actually being absorbed by his body." Many influential figures noticed what was happening and let out surprised yells, their expressions stunned. Ye Futian's body was unbelievably hungry, greedily devouring all the Spiritual Qi it could.

The World Tree could support the lives of all living beings. As the spirit of all things, it was also the origin of all spells. Back then, Ye Futian used the ability of the World Tree to form his Life Spirit with the tree as a foundation and gradually developed the potential to use all elements. In the process, the World Tree gained the ability to metamorphose to other elements.

Ye Futian had deciphered the wood elemental spiritual will, it was all-encompa.s.sing and had strong life power. As long as the World Tree was not destroyed, his Spiritual Qi would not fade away.

At that moment, Ye Futian raised his head and looked at Bai Ze, lightning sparking in his eyes. There was no trace of him being struck by a spell at all, his expression extremely cold, killing intent buried deep inside his eyes.

"Is this all you have?" Ye Futian asked. At that moment, the air around him was filled with Spiritual Qi and wisps of an overbearing Spiritual Will was being released, as though divine light had descended upon the battlefield. In the air, a starry dimension formed with Ye Futian at its core. The Sun and Moon hung high in the sky and the divine light illuminated the entire battlefield, causing the area to allow both the starry dimension and the eye sorcery dimension to co-exist. 

It couldn't suppress him? Bai Ze raised his head and looked at the starry dimension, his eye sorcery was actually unable to suppress Ye Futian's Spiritual Will and his spell did not crush Ye Futian as well. What a shock.

"Interesting." Bai Ze smiled. He had initially thought that it would be a one-sided battle, but it turned out that Ye Futian was capable of retaliating. That made it all the more interesting. Bai Ze stretched out his arms and brilliant spell scrolls appeared in the air, a golden glow trickling into them, sending the spell scrolls flying towards Ye Futian.

Ye Futian used his Freedom Meditation, allowing him to see everything that Bai Ze was doing clearly. Soon, the completed spell scrolls became circles, surrounding the area below Ye Futian. A piercing golden glow radiated and sparkling lights were emitted from the golden spell scrolls. The sparkling lights appeared to cut through the golden threads, creating a formless web, cutting through the air and tearing through everything.

When the crowd saw the piercing light, even Hua Jieyu was worried for Ye Futian. The spell was definitely a lethal attacking spell that was able to cut through even air. Multiple spell scrolls activating at the same time created a destructive golden web that could tear through everything.

Bang. Around Ye Futian, a meteorite barrier appeared in an instant. However, when the golden rays came into contact with it, they cut through the meteorites like tiny wires. The countless rays intersected and the meteorites were sliced to particles in an instant. They were cut into countless bits while the horrifying spell continued towards Ye Futian's body. If it came into contact with his flesh, it could probably tear him to shreds.

In his Life Palace, the rustling sounds continued and an innumerable amount of Spiritual Qi circulated towards the World Tree. Following that, they flowed towards Ye Futian's body. At that moment, the Spiritual Qi in the sky resonated with Ye Futian and all the Spiritual Qi in the area turned into a celestial force. A Starry Storm that had been compressed to its limit started to revolve around Ye Futian, a clear Starry Brilliance s.h.i.+ning in it. His body turned into Immortal Celestial Bodies, when the spell scrolls' attacks landed, countless tiny wires slice towards him, cutting through the Immortal Celestial Bodies bit by bit. Soon, the defensive Celestial Bodies were riddled with cuts and the golden web pounced forward, tearing through the Immortal Celestial Bodies, causing them to revert back to celestial force and dissipate. However, the horrifying golden glow also dimmed and it already had no destructive force when it landed on Ye Futian's body.

He stopped it, the crowd thought as they looked at Ye Futian in astonishment. Ye Futian had actually stopped such a strong destructive attack.

Bai Ze frowned. The spell he had cast was an extremely strong killer move of his, but even that was not enough to kill Ye Futian. It seemed that Ye Futian's strength was much higher than he had expected.

"Is this all you have?" Ye Futian's gaze landed on Bai Ze and he asked coldly. As his voice landed, his palm grasped the air and celestial force flew towards Bai Ze, turning into countless meteorites and cras.h.i.+ng down upon him, attempting to bury Bai Ze within.

That was the Starry Spell, Star Burial.

"n.o.body can use spells in your Eye Sorcery Zone? Then, what is this?" Ye Futian said emotionlessly.

Bai Ze raised his head and looked at the approaching spell. In an instant, his pupils became exceedingly scary and a Life Spirit appeared behind him. It was a pair of eyes that was exceptionally demonic. The Life Spirit a.s.similated into Bai Ze's eyes and his pupils swept across the area, causing many meteorites to shatter and others to deviate from their course, missing him and cras.h.i.+ng into the ground. None of the meteorites were able to threaten him. Even if Ye Futian was able to cast spells, it was wishful thinking that any spell could even hit him.

"Do you know why I didn't challenge you before this?" Ye Futian looked towards Bai Ze and asked. Swis.h.i.+ng sounds could be heard as golden vines engulfed the area, the vines appeared to be connected with his body and blocked out the sun's rays in an instant.

Bai Ze's Eye of Devastation swept forward, attempting to interrupt the spell. However, the fatal vines appeared to have no end, continuing to sweep forward. Even if their course were changed by the Eye of Devastation, they continued to change directions and a.s.sault him. This time, the Fatal Entanglement was cast by Ye Futian making use of his Life Spirit, the World Tree. It included Spiritual Qi of other elements within and converted them to metal and wood elemental Spiritual Qi.

"However haughty you were before this is how lowly you will be after you have been defeated." As Ye Futian finished speaking, the fatal vines rushed forward rapidly. Bai Ze's expression was extremely grim and a giant spell scroll appeared behind him, a brilliant glow emitting from it. Bai Ze waved his arm and multiple spell scrolls were created in an instant, floating in front of his body. Immediately, they turned into a golden veil with countless runes circulating within it. The metal-elemental Spiritual Qi in the air rushed into the veil, turning into an indestructible barrier.

Bai Ze raised his head and looked at Ye Futian. What a crazy fellow, wanting to humiliate him in the battlefield?

The Fatal Entanglement turned into sharp blades and slashed towards the golden veil in the air. Surprisingly, it did not destroy it and only managed to cause tiny cracks in the veil. Behind the veil, Bai Ze waved both arms and created more spell scrolls, which were floating in the air. Through the veil, he fired them at Ye Futian with acute killing intent.

Ye Futian similarly looked at Bai Ze. The both of them stared daggers at each other with ruthless expressions. At that moment, a brilliant glow appeared behind Ye Futian and scrolls appeared, inscribed by Spiritual Energy.

Materialization of Spiritual Energy. Bai Ze looked at Ye Futian and immediately understood what he was doing. He was also a Spirit Elemental Mandate Sorcerer who excelled in Spiritual Energy, what was he trying to do by crafting scrolls with his Spiritual Energy? Could it be?

When he thought of the possibility, Bai Ze's face turned pale. It was impossible.

"Is air inscribing that great?" Ye Futian asked slowly. As his voice landed, an enormous amount of Spiritual Energy rushed into his scrolls. At that moment, Ye Futian utilized his Spiritual Energy to the limit and controlled the flow of Spiritual Qi. The scrolls floating in the air emitted a blinding purple glow, like they were being imbued into spell scrolls.

This… The crowd saw this and was dumbfounded. Ye Futian also knew the art of air inscribing. To a n.o.ble Plane cultivator, it would not be hard to learn inscribing if they wanted to. However, to inscribe spell scrolls in the air while battling was insanely difficult. They had to have strong control over their Spiritual Energy and know inscribing, to begin with.

For the White Cloud City's second young master Bai Ze, one of his Life Spirits was a spell scroll, coupled with his high attainment in Spirit Elemental control, only then could he inscribe spell scrolls in the air.

When did Ye Futian learn how to do this, and why did he not use it in any of his previous battles?

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