Chapter 886 - Borrowing Strength

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Chapter 886 Borrowing Strength

Two days later, Han Xiao called all his officers to his office and informed them that he was going to the Central Galaxy.

Sylvia nodded upon hearing that and asked, “How long will your trip be?”

“I have to see the dynasty’s arrangement. We will only be able to take action after they gather enough manpower.”

“Alright. The affairs of the army will be managed by me, so you don’t have to worry,” Sylvia said.

By the side, Hila said, “I have some things that I need to pack. When will we be leaving?”

Han Xiao shook his head.

“You don’t need to go. I won’t be bringing the Black Star Guards this time.”

Hila froze in place and asked, “Why?”

“Because I will be fighting with EsG.o.d, and you guys won’t be of help. It would be better for all of you to remain in the Shattered Star Ring,” Han Xiao said.

The members of the Black Star Guards were all Calamity Grade elites, and their main responsibility was to deal with the enemies that did not require him to make a personal appearance. There was no need to bring them along to deal with EsG.o.d; they would only be a burden to him. Thus, Han Xiao decided to go alone this time.

“… Alright.” Hila grunted with dissatisfaction and left the room.

She seemed to be agitated again.

Han Xiao laughed in his heart. This was a good thing. Hila was not the crazy individual that she was in her previous life, and it would be good to provide her with timely motivation.

“My sister will be going through a devilish training regime again.” Aurora then looked at Han Xiao and said with worry, “Will there be any danger if you go alone?”

“I’m not taking the Black Star Guards, but I didn’t say that I will be going alone.”

As he said that, Han Xiao turned around to look at Reynold.

“Hmm? Me?” Reynold pointed to himself with a puzzled look on his face.

“That’s right. It’s you.”

“But I still have to manage the logistics…” Reynold did not understand why Han Xiao wanted to bring him along.

“Won’t you get bored if you spend all your time dealing with logistics? Follow me on a walk. Right, who is the vice director of the logistics department?”

“A Calamity Grade Mechanic that joined a few years ago. This is his resume.” Sylvia immediately took out some information.

The army had developed rapidly over the past few years, and Han Xiao had plenty of experts under his charge. There were more and more Calamity Grades working for him, and the number of Calamity Grades he had was more than a Star System civilization. Apart from the Black Star Guards in the Shattered Star Ring, the other Calamity Grades were scattered in other departments and had a respected position.

There were more Calamity Grade Supers who came from the outside, such as Hadavy, Lagi, and so on. There were fewer Calamity Grade Supers that were trained by the army like Herlous, Sylvia, and Reynold.

Han Xiao then flipped through the records and asked, “Does he have any record of accepting bribes, reselling the army’s blueprints, or corruption?”

“No. I would have reported it to you if he did so…” Sylvia burst out in cold sweat.

You are a Beyond Grade A Virtual Mechanic and probably even know about the size of my undergarments. Is there anything in the base that is hidden from your eyes?

“Then the matters of the logistics department shall be handed over to him temporarily.” Han Xiao then turned around and looked at Reynold. “Nero is still a child, and he will be traumatized if he spends every day studying. I plan to bring him along to tour Planet Crimson Ring. Of course, having a holiday is one thing, but his studies cannot stop.”

Reynold then came to a realization. I see, His Excellency Black Star wants to bring Nero out on a holiday but doesn’t want to let his G.o.dson relax completely. Thus, he is also bringing the teacher along.

Sylvia immediately felt her heart turn sour.

I am also His Excellency Black Star’s student! Why is our teacher so biased toward Reynold? I can also be Nero’s teacher!

I also want a holiday!

“Don’t worry, all of you will stay on Planet Crimson Ring when I fight EsG.o.d, and there’s no need to follow me. There won’t be any danger.” Han Xiao then looked at Feidin. “Follow along as well. You can accompany Nero.”

“Alright.” Feidin smiled. “Nero should be very happy.”

I don’t know if he will be happy, but I definitely am…

Han Xiao chuckled to himself.

Han Xiao mainly brought Feidin and Nero along because he believed in luck. After all, it would be difficult for him to deal with EsG.o.d, and bringing two high grade protagonist level characters with him along might increase his chances of success.

The boost from two Advanced Luck Glows was better than an unlucky him working alone.

Han Xiao then set the departure time to two hours later.

Everyone left the room, and Hadavy dragged the napping Lagi out of the room as though he was dragging a bag of rubbish.

After the end of the meeting, Reynold immediately returned to the Logistics Department to give out his instructions before returning to his office and opening a side door.

Nero was currently doing his homework in this side room.

After drinking the dragonblood potion, he did not feel like sleeping at all. Thus, he got into the same napping posture that he had in Planet Aquamarine to try and fall asleep.

After checking Nero’s homework, a bright smile of satisfaction emerged on Reynold’s face. At the very start, he had only taught Nero because it was Han Xiao’s instruction, but throughout the teaching process, he had truly grown to like this student of his as he saw himself in Nero.

Although Nero did not like machines as crazily as him, he was also capable of enduring hards.h.i.+p. Nero had a strength in that he would never skive. Even if the amount of homework that he had drove him to despair, Nero would still complete it earnestly. Reynold truly liked such a student.

After all, the Mechanic Cla.s.s was different from the other; knowledge was power. The better the foundation, the smoother his future would be. Thus, Reynold felt that Nero would definitely be able to go a long way.

Despite having such thoughts in his heart, Reynold naturally would not say that with his personality. He then coughed dryly and said, “Stop doing your work and pack up your things. The Army Commander wants to take you to the Central Galaxy.”

Nero’s eyes immediately sparkled with excitement.

“G.o.dfather is going to bring me out to play! Hahaha… I finally don’t have to do homework!”

Nero then threw his pen down and was agitated to the point he almost teared up.

G.o.dfather still dotes on me!

The tiny bit of resentment in his heart disappeared, and he almost wanted to jump for joy to praise his G.o.dfather.

“Pack your things quickly. We will be setting off very soon.”

Nero’s actions froze in place, and he turned around slowly. “Wait… we?”

“The Army Commander wants me to follow along to guide your learning,” Reynold said expressionlessly.

Nero’s face froze in place.

Han Xiao and the others then gathered at his private dock. Feidin was the first to arrive, and they chatted for a while before Reynold and Nero arrived.

Nero carried a small bag with a dispirited look.

“Everyone’s here. Let’s set off.”

Han Xiao led everyone onto the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p and got Phillip to activate the autopilot mode.

The s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p then flew into s.p.a.ce and entered hyperdrive.

He had gone to the Central Galaxy the previous year and was already familiar with the journey.

After flying for a period of time, they arrived at the army stargate and skipped past many Star Fields to arrive at the Crimson Ring Star System. Under the guidance of the army, they then weaved through the Psionic Seal Ring and arrived at Planet Crimson Ring.

“This is the capital of the Crimson Dynasty…” Reynold looked at the various mechanical structures around him and murmured in awe.

“How magnificent.” Nero looked out of the window. This was far more spectacular than his home planet, Planet Aquamarine.

As their s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p landed, there was already a dynasty’s emissary waiting for them at the dock. Bowing to Han Xiao respectfully, the emissary led the group into Tarunamir Palace.

This was the legendary capital of a Universal Civilization. Nero was extremely curious about everything, and if not for his G.o.dfather, he would never have been able to visit this place in his lifetime.

The emissary then said with a smile, “Your Excellency Black Star, we will be in charge of all of your daily needs. Please find me if you need anything.”

“Hmm, then why not take them to explore this place? The mother planet of the dynasty is very big, and you can show them all the fun places,” Han Xiao said.

“G.o.dfather, aren’t you going to come along with us?”

“I still have something else to do and have to meet the Dynasty Ruler.”

Han Xiao waved his hands and headed toward the core political building where Urranrell was. He had already reported his arrival, and Urranrell was waiting to see him.

Han Xiao arrived outside the office of the Ruler quickly.

The secretary knocked on the door, and Urranrell’s voice could be heard from the inside.

“Please enter.”

The door opened, and Han Xiao walked in.

This was the second time that he had seen the Ruler, and just like the first time, only the two of them were in the room.

“Black Star, you’re here. Please take a seat,” Urranrell said.

Han Xiao nodded, and just as he sat down, Urranrell continued speaking.

“You rendered huge merits during the battle at Planet Lighthouse. Good job.”

Urranrell had only praised him through long-distance communication previously and would naturally have to give a personal praise to Han Xiao now that they had met each other.

“I only did something small,” Han Xiao replied.

“You’re too humble. The dynasty will always reward those with merit, and you should already know that we will increase our support to you in terms of resources and give you some benefits when a.s.signing the territories for the Flickering World.”

Urranrell then paused for a while before slowly saying, “I can give you a heads up. After the end of the first developmental phase, we will set up various basic facilities in the different Star Cl.u.s.ters and a.s.sign some territories to our allied organizations. You can give some suggestions on the topic of territory a.s.signment, and we will consider your suggestions seriously.”

Han Xiao raised his brows. This was akin to letting him pick the first territory. It probably was not only for his merits but also to rope him in.

The development of a new Star Field was a long-term plan, and the dynasty was not anxious. After the exploration would be development. They would have to first develop the various regions that they had explored before expanding out into the other Star Cl.u.s.ters. At that time, the various allies would surely receive more than one piece of territory.

This was good for Han Xiao. He would be able to gain a territory after the first phase was over and could officially develop his Mechanical Life civilization and s.h.i.+ft the Black Spirit Race over.

He would have a lot more freedom in his own territory compared to in the Shattered Star Ring and would not have to share a region with the other Star System Civilizations.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Han Xiao smiled.

“Hmm, let’s talk about some proper matters. The dynasty has summoned you this time for two matters. First, the dynasty promised the Arcane Church to help them unseal one of the Beyond Grade As, and we need your help.”

Han Xiao nodded to indicate his agreement.

“The second matter is to surround EsG.o.d. It is also related to the first matter. The Arcane Church will only agree to join in the battle if you unseal one seal.”

Han Xiao was slightly shocked upon hearing that.

The Arcane Church was also dragged into it?

He did not receive news of this beforehand and was a little surprised.

“Isn’t it only the Federation of Light? The Arcane Church is…”

“This is my intention. Since you pulled the Federation of Light into this, I called the Arcane Church along, and they are willing to help us.”

This was an unexpected surprise. With the Arcane Church joining, the three Universal Civilizations were working together, so they would have a greater chance of getting rid of EsG.o.d!

Han Xiao pretended to ponder for a moment before saying with a smile, “We were the only ones involved originally, but with the three Universal Civilizations working together, we can save a lot of effort.”

“This isn’t the only reason. It is also because of you.”


“Yes, the dynasty can feel your murderous intent toward EsG.o.d, and we chose to do so to fulfill your wish.”

Han Xiao was truly overwhelmed with grace.

This meant that his suggestion had influenced the decision of the dynasty!

“You are an important ally of the dynasty, and we will naturally respect your thoughts.” Urranrell paused for a moment before continuing. “We shall end the conversation here today. I still have some things to take care of, and the Arcane Church fleet has not arrived yet. Remain on Planet Crimson Ring for a while, and we will inform you of the exact time of the operation.”


Han Xiao could tell that the other party was inviting him to leave.

It seems like the Dynasty Ruler is truly busy.

Han Xiao then stood up and took his leave.

Hearing the door behind him close, Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief and was truly excited.

The Crimson Dynasty originally only planned to put up a show to deal with EsG.o.d, but he caused the three Universal Civilizations to work together!

This situation was because of his suggestion, and the outcome was better than he had imagined!

His resolution to get rid of EsG.o.d was recognized by the dynasty, and there was also the effect of the Political a.s.set.

The influence that he had acc.u.mulated over the years was finally effective!

“It’s payback time.” Han Xiao narrowed his eyes, and a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

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