Chapter 89

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“Then what do you want!?” Qin Chao was utterly helpless. This girl’s pestering is making him a headache, “Could it be that you want to eat me?”

“Pei, who wants to eat you!” The little girl pinched her waist, and lovably, snottily said, “People like you are stinks! Even the dog doesn’t want to eat your meat!”

“Oh?” Qin Chao picked up his eyebrows, folded his arms, and smilingly asked, “Then you don’t want to eat my meat?”

“Of course not!” The little girl firmly said.

“I see.” Qin Chao nodded his head, “Then you’re basically a puppy, right?”

“You!” The little girl gawked, she has been tricked by Qin Chao by using these questions. She didn’t know how to retort back and can only fumingly pant in anger. Although she was staring at Qin Chao, Qin Chao didn’t pay her any attention. He picked up a piece of pizza from the table and started to eat with relish.

‘You can stare me as long as you wish. I’m just going to eat until my energy is back, and then I have the strength to work.’ Qin Chao thought.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Seeing that Qin Chao just ignored her and continued to eat, the little girl couldn’t stand it anymore. She rushed to the side of Qin Chao, seized the white tablecloth on the table, and pulled it to the side.

“Bang-Cras.h.!.+” The and the plates on the table weren’t spared; they were all dragged down and fell all over the floor.

Suddenly, the table full of food as well as the piece of pizza in Qin Chao’s hand, all fell to the ground; all were wasted.

“Aiya…such a waste….” Qin Chao continued to eat what’s left of the pizza in his mouth and said with some regret.

This huge sound has brought all the people’s attention. Long Yaoren also had a scare; he didn’t expect that his plan to give Qin Chao a hard time was backfired and unexpectedly made Liao Shasha lose her mind.

His opponent is really something!

Liao Dongkai and Su Fei apparently noticed this scene, the two of them immediately got up and walked over.

Liao Dongkai’s face has a look of concern, he came to Liao Shasha, not to the food mess on the ground but to hold his baby daughter’s shoulders and asked.

“Shasha, what happened? Why are you so angry? Who’s bothering you?”

“It’s him! He provoked me!” Liao Shasha hysterically shouted twice and held out her hand to pointed at Qin Chao, who was still eating heartily by the side.

Su Fei was somewhat surprised to see Qin Chao. The latter was holding a pizza, shrugged his shoulder and made a gesture that indicated he has nothing to do with this.

“Friend.” Liao Dongkai let go off his daughter and looked at Qin Chao with face as cold as ice, “If you have a problem with me, Liao Dongkai, you can come to me. Bullying a girl, what kind of skill is that? Moreover, I’m telling you, no one can bully my, Liao Dongkai’s, daughter!”

“Humph!” Having the support of her dad, Liao Shasha, who previously lost her temper, stuck out her chest at Qin Chao.

“It’s your own daughter who came to trouble me; I don’t have anything to do with it!” Qin Chao decried this unjust accusation, “I was just eating here, minding my own business, where would I have the time to bully your daughter? By the way, who are you again?”

“I am Liao Dongkai, The Chairman of the Dafa real estate developer in Dongchuan City.” Liao Dongkai proudly said. The name Dafa real estate developer not only famous in Dongchuan City (Southern City) but also loudly heard in the real estate industry in the whole northern part of the country.

“And you are?”

Liao Dongkai said, coldly asked the guy who dared to mess with his daughter.

“Director Liao, he is the Ace bodyguard that I just now recommended to you.” At this time, Su Fei dryly coughed twice, pushed the, and said to Liao Dongkai.

“His name is Qin Chao.”

“What!” Qin Chao and Liao Shasha two people simultaneously loudly exclaimed.

“So he is your recommended bodyguard?” Liao Dongkai picked up his eyebrows for a moment, carefully examined Qin Chao by looking at him up and down, “I’d like to know how skillful he is to be able to protect my daughter.”

“He is my bodyguard?”

“I’m her bodyguard?” The two people said in unison. Liao Shasha scowled at Qin Chao.

“I don’t want him! If you let him be my bodyguard, I’d rather die!” Liao Shasha said in rage.

“Director Su, by arranging me to be this young lady’s bodyguard, do you want me to not have a long life?” Qin Chao wryly smiled and shook his head, he no longer has interest in eating the pizza.

“Director Liao, if not for that piece of land, honestly, I don’t want to part with Qin Chao and spare him to you.” Su Fei didn’t pay attention to Qin Chao but said to Liao Dongkai.

“Oh? Listening to your words, you mean, he is really powerful?” Liao Dongkai interest was piqued.

“Director Liao, I can only say one thing to you.” Su Fei smiled, a kind of self-satisfied smile, “He has rescued me and my sister from the Skeleton’s more than once.”

“…..” Liao Dongkai was suddenly silent. As a real estate mogul, he naturally knew about the Skeleton. This infamous International Killers Organization is really notorious. n.o.body wants to be targeted by this organization.

Fortunately, their price tag is really expensive. Perhaps even the typical rich person could not afford this powerful organization. However, once you pay their commission, and the Skeleton receives the task, they would send their If the target somehow survives, they will send their, even more, stronger killers. They will do this continuously until they thoroughly kill the target.

Growing up his business until this big, Liao Dongkai naturally provoked many enemies. Although they can’t afford such high-handed organization like the Skeleton, they can still buy some small group of killers or underworld gang.

The last time Liao Shasha went to school, she was almost killed by a murderous gang of killers. At that time, among Liao Shasha’s five bodyguards, one was dead, and the other four were severely wounded.

Therefore, Su Fei’s words have touched Liao Dongkai’s Achilles heel, which is Liao Shasha’s safety.

Since Liao Shasha’s mother died, this daughter is his most beloved baby daughter. He never hit, nor scolded her. Even if Liao Shasha just had the common flu, he would be terribly distressed. If there is such a strong bodyguard next to Liao Shasha, those killers should not be a problem anymore.

Actually, by transferring Qin Chao to Dongchuan City, Su Fei will be hitting two birds with one stone. Before this, Su Ji has told her that Qin Chao has provoked some trouble in Suzhou (remember Ai Jia from the upright sect? Hu Lili as well, but Su Ji didn’t know her being a fox yet) and may have many strong enemies eyeing on him. So, Su Ji had asked her to make an arrangement for Qin Chao to leave Suzhou temporarily to avoid the enemies until the problem quieted down.

In any case, if the attack from the Skeleton failed, the Skeleton will lay low for a while.

The second bird is, by letting Qin Chao protect Liao Shasha, Liao Dongkai will owe her a favor. In time, the tender for the piece of land in Dongchuan will surely be awarded to her.

Seeing her father was moved by Su Fei’s words, Liao Shasha anxiously shouted, “No, I don’t want him to be my bodyguard! Never!

“Shasha, be good.” Liao Dongkai laid a hand on her shoulder, and said, “Listen to your dad. What I do, is for your own safety.”

“I am safe! I don’t need him to save me!” Liao Shasha was quite willful; she shoved away her father’s hand.

“Shasha, did you forget about the last time?” Feeling the willfulness of his daughter for the first time, Liao Dongkai said in a somewhat stern tone, “Did you not afraid of the death of A Dong anymore?”

“A Dong…” Liao Shasha was silent; panic came into her eyes. She clearly remembered, the last time she went to school, her bodyguard, who was called A Dong, stepped in front of her and was shot by a bullet that went into his head.

That memory seemed like a nightmare that kept on haunting Liao Shasha. She was thoroughly silent and no longer spoke.

“Ai…” Liao Dongkai sighed, turned to Su Fei and said, “Director Su, you already knew about the matter when the few killers tried to kill my daughter last time. If this Qin Chao is as good as you said, then that piece of land will naturally not be a problem.”

“Good!” Su Fei azure eyes immediately lit up, “We have a deal then! Director Liao, a gentleman’s words, fast horses can’t whip!”

“Of course, as long as what you’ve said is true.” Liao Dongkai emphasized.

“Certainly!” Su Fei called over a waiter, removed two of champagne from the plate and gave one to Liao Dongkai, “Regarding my Su Family’s reputation, I never joke about it. Come, Director Liao, this is for the future cooperation between your Dafa group and our Su group, cheers.”

“Cheers.” Liao Dongkai is also quite satisfied, as long as his daughter is safe, don’t just say a piece of land, even ten pieces of land, he is willing to throw out.

He went all out to do business, wasn’t it so that his daughter is well fed and clothed and living like a princess?

Qin Chao was standing by the side, staring at the two people happily toast each other.

‘What the heck is this Su Fei, she seems to sell me out in just a few words like that?’ Qin Chao thought.

“Director Su! I wouldn’t have to leave Suzhou to Dongchuan would I?” Having remembered a serious problem, Qin Chao immediately asked.

“Correct, at that time, when I sign the contract with Director Liao, your lease is about….”

“Two months!” Liao Dongkai added.

“Yes, exactly two months.”

“Then what about me and Su Ji…” Qin Chao wanted to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come out, “Our relations.h.i.+p have just started.”

“This is just for two months, not two years!” Su Fei rolled her eyes at him, “Moreover, this was also the suggestion from Su Ji, she wants you to have your own career. Qin Chao, as a small security guard, do you think you can become the son-in-law of the Su Family?”

Qin Chao was made silent by these words from Su Fei. Indeed, if he doesn’t step up his career, even if Su Fei doesn’t stop him, Su Xianqin will definitely not agree to it.

Although a cultivator, that Su Xianqin is also a full-fledged businessman. Otherwise, how could he grow his Su Family’s enterprise?

“Don’t worry.” Noticing that Qin Chao was somewhat silent, Su Fei softened her heart and comforted him, “Although your work will be in Dongchuan City, Su Ji would often go to see you. The travel is very convenient, it only took one hour for a plane to arrives.”

Although she was a bit sour saying this, after seeing Qin Chao relieved expression, she didn’t feel so bad anymore.

“Okay, Director Su, I promise you.”

“You must ensure the safety of Liao Shasha, just like you ensure Su Ji’s safety.”

Seeing the spoiled rotten face of Liao Shasha, Qin Chao suddenly had a complicated thought. ‘Do I have to really protect this brat? No, I must do it! I mustn’t fail to live up to Su Ji’s kind intention.’

By the side, Liao Dongkai was also thinking, ‘Turned out this Qin Chao’s status is not so simple, he has some involvement with the Su Family. No matter, I don’t care about his ident.i.ty, as long as he can protect Shasha!’

“Director Su and Director Liao must be very happy.” At this time, a masculine-feminine strange sound came out, “I just want to know, is this man is as good as you said?”


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