Chapter 955 - I Am Not That Selfless!

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Yun Shishi casually continued. "Do you also think that I'm so selfless I can forgive someone who has been unscrupulous in discrediting and hurting me?"

In her anxiety, Jiang Li cried out, "Oh, dear. Shishi, don't get me wrong! I don't mean that; I only find her plight to be pitiful! Even though she's in the wrong, isn't this punishment a tad too harsh?"

"Punishment?! Pitiful?!"

She sneered. "Are you confused? If her father hadn't committed such a crime, how would he have been reported?!"

The other was rendered speechless.

She laughed again. "If her father were upright from the start, would he need to fear being exposed by others? If it weren't for her father's incrimination, her mother would never receive such a blow, and there wouldn't be any of her present plights! They deserve it for their sins, or are you suspecting me of getting people to fabricate those crimes against them?"

Although she was feeling a little aggrieved, Jiang Li did not dare to voice it out, merely saying, "I'm only feeling sorry for her. You don't have to be so harsh on your words and hurt our relation over this small matter! Besides, I don't mean it at all. Don't overthink it!"

"People must learn to consider things from another viewpoint. If you have any empathy, then think from my point of view; if you were to be smeared and hurt in such manner, would you forgive her?"

The other a.s.serted, "Of course not! What she did was too much."

"You've said it yourself. Not to mention, I didn't harm her at all! They committed those crimes and should be imprisoned for those! The law is strict and just. Since he sinned, he should be punished for it, shouldn't he?"

She made her stance clear.

Sighing, the other said, "I'm sorry, Shishi! I may be unable to sympathize the hurt you've suffered, but I have no intention of making you forgive her! I'm only pleading mercy from you on her behalf! Since you've made your stance clear, this'll be the end of this matter and I won't bring it up again!"

After apologizing profusely, Jiang Li ended the call.

She furrowed her brows.

Actually, every industry had their sets of rules.

If one hoped to stay in a particular industry, then he or she must follow the rules.

Otherwise, elimination was inevitable.

Lin Fengtian specially arranged back-to-back filming for her and Gu Xingze's scenes.

In general, for teen movies like this, filming would take only a little over three months.

However, with the back-to-back filming and the best conditions of the main leads, it took only ten days for the filming to be completed.

The production team even held a celebratory banquet for them.

With the main leads uploading their promotional selfies to announce that their filming had ended, the netizens cheered and waited expectantly for the movie release.

Having been in the production team for over two months, now that filming had ended, she was inevitably a little dazed.

This was her first movie and the entire process seemed as incredulous as a dream.

She understood the reason behind the back-to-back filming was that she was being taken care of.

On the celebratory banquet, the director had gifted her an alb.u.m; it was a compilation of some behind-the-scenes photos, which he had specially made for her.

She was deeply grateful for this. Filming her first movie with such an excellent director like him was something she did not even dare to dream of!

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