Chapter 986 - Disciple

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Chapter 986: Disciple

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The golden dragon within Zhao Fu’s body was also quite shaken and said, “That higher-being seemed to only have interest in you and did not have any ill-intent, or else the both of us would have died there.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded; this was the truth. If the higher-being had not wanted him to escape, no matter how hard he tried, he would not have been able to run away. In front of absolute power, Zhao Fu was incredibly weak and powerless.

Zhao Fu would not be able to leave the human world for quite a while – that higher-being remained close to the world, making it incredibly dangerous. If he was really here for Zhao Fu, it was possible that Zhao Fu could die without even a speck remaining.

Even a Prince with a World Seal could force Zhao Fu into using his full strength; it seemed that he had to keep a lower profile in the future.

Even though Great Qin feared nothing in the human world, there were people much more powerful than him in the wider world. There were countless faction more powerful than Great Qin in the Heaven Awaken World; within the Heaven Awaken World, Great Qin was only a grain of sand.

After calming himself down, Zhao Fu put his attention back on important matters, such as clearing out regions and constructing the Great Wall.

What Zhao Fu did not know was that not too long after he ran, an extremely terrifying aura had descended, causing the heavens and earth to darken. All wind ceased as everything fell deathly silent.

A figure suddenly appeared in the sky. It was a drunken-looking middle-aged man with messy hair and a dirty face, and he was dressed quite sloppily. He held a wine bottle in his hands, a hazy look in his eyes as he looked at the direction in which Zhao Fu had run off.

After seeing this middle-aged man, the people around him felt excited and afraid. They bowed as they said, “We greet the Sovereign!”

‘Higher-being’ was a colloquial term used to refer to peerless experts, but of course, people could not address them as such. Typically, they were formally addressed as ‘Sovereigns.’

The Third Prince felt quite surprised and excited tidied up his clothes before coming before the middle-aged man. He bowed, saying, “This lowly one, the Ancient Stem Domain’s Bear Mountain Kingdom’s Third Prince, greets Senior!”

The drunken-looking middle-aged man nodded before pointing in the direction that Zhao Fu had run off in and saying, “Do any of you know who that person is? And which world he comes from? This Sovereign is quite interested in him and wants to go to his world to take a look.”

The Third Prince’s expression fell. That person’s ident.i.ty was already quite mysterious; he had a pure Sovereign Bloodline, and now a higher-being was interested in him. This was simply incredible. If the higher-being took him as a disciple, destroying the Bear Mountain Kingdom would be all too easy.

When he thought of this, the Third Prince immediately replied, “This lowly one does not know about that person. However, Senior, would you be willing to take me as a disciple? It would be my glory to become your disciple, and my Imperial Father would…”

“Alright, let This Sovereign know when you’ve found his information. Tell that boy that if he performs well, This Sovereign can introduce a good master for him.”

The drunken-looking middle-aged man cut off the Third Prince’s words and said something that made him incredibly shocked. This higher-being actually wanted to help that person find a master. That person was most likely also a higher-being; if that happened, he would be doomed.

The Third Prince hurriedly said, “This lowly one’s talent is not bad either, and I’m also the Prince of a Royal Kingdom. In the future, it’s likely I’ll become the Crown Prince. Senior, please take me as a disciple.”

“Hahaha…” The drunken-looking middle-aged man loudly laughed before his figure slowly disappeared, and everything returned to normal, leaving behind the Third Prince with a pale face. It was evident that this higher-being had no interest in him at all.

At the same time, the Third Prince became determined to kill Zhao Fu. On one hand, he had already offended him, and Zhao Fu’s threat was simply too great. He had to kill him before a higher-being could find him, or else the Bear Mountain Kingdom would be finished.

He also felt a sense of bitter resentment; he had begged the higher-being to take him in as a disciple, but the higher-being had completely ignored him. And yet, the higher-being was willing to go out of his way to find that person a master. This was simply too frustrating and unfair.

Hearing the higher-being’s words, everyone else now knew that Zhao Fu was someone to curry favor with. They absolutely had to find him because there was now a connection between him and a higher-being. Helping a higher-being would bring unimaginable benefits.

However, even though they were quite excited, they did not dare to show it because the Third Prince was not someone who they could afford to offend.

One week later, Zhao Fu went to the Dark Demon world. There was not much for him to do in the human world, as Great Qin’s focus was just clearing out regions and building the Great Wall. The faction in the Fish Scale world was also developing nicely, but the Night Dynasty’s development in the Dark Demon world was relatively slow.

The real world of the Dark Demon world was going to be destroyed soon, and the countdown had already begun. Luckily, they were not able to open up the Heavenly Domain Barrier, or else an invasion from them would have been even more dangerous than an invasion from the Fish Scale world. After all, they were more powerful and savage. Adding on the fact that they would not die true deaths yet, they would be incredibly difficult to deal with.

Now that their real bodies were going to be brought into the Heaven Awaken World, there was no need to worry about them recklessly attacking the human world; this was quite good.

The Night Dynasty City was now a Level 6 Capital City and just needed three Capital Cities to establish a Kingdom. It had 850 City Lords, 600 million people, and 60 million soldiers. In total, it controlled 280 regions.

It was now the largest faction in the Southern Continent of the Dark Demon world, but it was still much weaker than Great Qin and the faction in the Fish Scale world.

Zhao Fu was now considering whether or not the Night Dynasty should establish a Kingdom. It now lacked three Capital Cities, and Great Qin would be able to provide the EXP required to allow it to establish a Kingdom.

Zhao Fu’s original plan was to not bestow the t.i.tle of King on anyone or have any va.s.sal states. After all, this would only negatively affect Great Qin in the future, and with Zhao Fu ruling over Great Qin, everyone wholeheartedly submitted. However, in the future, things might be different.

Moreover, the current generation was incredibly loyal to Zhao Fu, but the loyalty of future generations could not be guaranteed.

If Zhao Fu made people Kings and created va.s.sal states, it would weaken the internal affairs of Great Qin. If those va.s.sal states became too powerful, they could turn around and destroy Great Qin, or Great Qin might fall into internal conflict. Zhao Fu did not want to see this at all.

As such, Zhao Fu was not very keen on establis.h.i.+ng va.s.sal states, even though there were many benefits. After all, the Night Dynasty was about to establish a Kingdom, so Great Qin would have two Kingdoms, providing it more Corps, more population, and more soldiers.

In actuality, Zhao Fu had already decided that the Night Dynasty could establish a Kingdom, but Great Qin would conquer the Night Dynasty in the future in order to make it an inseparable part of Great Qin.

Zhao Fu chose to use the three Cities of the three Dynasties it had destroyed before to use as Capital Cities and then distributed Great Qin’s EXP to those three Cities. Soon, the Night Dynasty would be able to establish a Kingdom.

The alliance in the Southern Continent that the Night Dynasty was the leader of had already cleared out most of the weaker factions in the area. There was no more ‘meat,’ and Zhao Fu did not want to continue developing slowly like this.

Since there was no more ‘meat,’ they could only turn on each other. Zhao Fu’s first target was naturally the Demon Path Sect. Even though the two factions were quite close, they were still two separate factions and had not been united.

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