Chapter 990 - Astounding Advances

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It had been over two years, but Bai Xiashuang's realm did not change much. She progressed from the middle stage of the n.o.ble Lord Realm from the initial stage. Clearly, she did not concentrate on cultivation during this time.

Lu Li asked about Bai Qiuxue and Jiang Qiling who had made noticeable progress. Jiang Qiling reached the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm. Bai Qiuxue was moving forward with amazing speed and had reached the peak of the Human Sovereign Realm. The two of them were currently cultivating. Bai Qiuxue should be ready to reach the Earth Immortal Realm.

Lu Renhuang was still away, but his jade talisman of life was still intact. Lu Li wondered which realm Lu Renhuang was at now and if he had reached the Semi-G.o.d Realm.

The Feather Land of the West and the Ocean Land of the East had been stabilized. Apart from some secret mean moves, the Great Land had been trouble-free.

Almost all the disciples of the Lu, Jiang, Ye, and Kong Families had gone to the Inferno. Their cultivation was carried out at an impressive speed. What surprised Lu Li was the three people Bai Xiashuang said had made much progress. The first one was Ye Luo who had reached the Earth Immortal Realm, which was a noteworthy achievement.

Another person Bai Xiashuang mentioned was Prajna. According to Bai Xiashuang, this beautiful nun was moving faster than Jiang Qiling. In two years, Prajna had reached the Human Sovereign Realm.

"The middle stage of the Human Sovereign Realm? Prajna is, what, 12 or 13, right?"

Lu Li exclaimed. Prajna was of a miracle birth, and she was the protege of the old abbot. Naturally, her cultivation would not be slow.

However, it was still shocking to know that at the age of 12 or 13, Prajna had reached the middle stage of the Human Sovereign Realm. When Lu Renhuang reached the Human Sovereign Realm at the age of 20, he was acclaimed as a talent rarely seen in one hundred thousand years. Was Prajna a talent that came once in a million years?

"Well, Prajna has just gone back to the Great Buddhist Temple a couple of days ago. She has been missing you. She is so adorable and pretty. I think she likes you. How about you marry her?" Blinking, Bai Xiashuang tilted her head and said to Lu Li.

Lu Li rolled his eyes. He pinched Bai Xiashuang's nose gently and replied, "What are you talking about? There are so many people who likes me. Should I marry them all? Besides… Prajna is so young. What are you even thinking?"

"Hee, hee!"

Bai Xiashuang stuck her tongue out mischievously and said with a grin, "I am testing you. Did you behave yourself during the two years that you are away?"


Lu Li said while pouting, "I brought back a beautiful girl with me. She is going to arrive soon. I will introduce you."

"I dare you!"

Bai Xiashuang put on a fierce look. Her hands were on her hips while pouting angrily. But looking at the faint grin on Lu Li's face, she could no longer keep up with her stern expression. She moved closer to Lu Li and said, "Darling, you are lying to me, aren't you?"

"Ha, ha!"

Lu Li stroke Bai Xiashuang's hair. "There is a beautiful lady, but she is my spiritual beast. She is the Master of Fairy Fox, a paleo-beast." He explained.

"Okay, I see!"

Pretending to have a weight lifted off from her chest, Bai Xiashuang patted her chest and continued, "Darling, guess who has been making the fastest progress? I don't think you can get the answer."


Lu Li was curious. Bai Xiashuang mentioned that three people had been making fast progress. He could see how Ye Luo and Prajna were progressing. Now that Bai Xiashuang mentioned that he would not know about the third person, he was more intrigued.

If he could not guess it, then this one must be someone he knew. Also, this warrior should not be that quick in progressing and had been advancing by leaps and bounds during the past two years.

Lu Li tried to think. "Can you give me a hint? Like a man or a lady. How old?"

Bai Xiashuang tilted her head and made a thinking gesture. "Fine, I will give you some hints. It's a beautiful lady in her twenties."

"A beautiful lady, over 20 years old?"

Lu Li had some answers. He thought for a moment and asked, "Is it Ye Yu?"

Ye Yu—Ye Luo's sister—was not entirely talented before, her cultivation was not fast. If she had been making a great achievement, Lu Li would be surprised.

"No, keep going!"

Bai Xiashuang said with a grin, "I will give you two more chances. If you cannot guess it, you will have to give me a present."


Lu Li pinched her nose fondly. What he loved about Bai Xiashuang was how she was full of life. He was away for more than two years. He should give her one hundred presents, let alone one.

They were on their way to the base camp. Since they were not far away, they had decided to fly over. Ming Yu and Lu Feixue were leading the way ahead of them so that Lu Li and Bai Xiashuang could have more time with each other.

It would take them some time before they could arrive at the base camp. Lu Li said another name after a moment, "Is it… Ye Xiaoxi?"

"Who is Ye Xiaoxi?" Bai Xiashuang blinked in confusion. Lu Li explained, "Ye Xiaoxi is Ye Cha's granddaughter. It looks like I am wrong."

"You are wrong. Last chance. Quickly, quickly!" Bai Xiashuang was excited as if she was about to win against Lu Li for sure.

As a matter of fact…

Lu Li had an answer. But given the expectation he found on Bai Xiashuang's face, he threw a random name out there, "Is it Lu Hongyu?"

"Ha, ha, ha!"

Bai Xiashuang burst into laughter, "None of your answers is right. You must give me a present. The correct answer is… Zi Lian. She has been cultivating all this time. She stopped half a month ago, and her realm shocked many people. She had reached the Earth Immortal Realm!"


Lu Li was taken aback. He somehow knew this person was Zi Lian. Even so, he did not expect that Zi Lian had reached the Earth Immortal Realm.

Earth Immortal Realm!

It was not the n.o.ble Lord Realm or the Human Sovereign Realm. Zi Lian was from the Zi Family of the Northern Desert. There, a n.o.ble Lord Realm would be regarded as a powerful warrior. Lu Li remembered meeting Zi Lian once a few years back. She must have just reached the n.o.ble Lord Realm at that time.

"Are you sure that it is the Earth Immortal Realm?"

Lu Li was still in disbelief. Over the years, he had to be given so many rare chances, obtain so many resources and suffer so many times to reach the Earth Immortal Realm.

This was a piece of sudden news. A lady that was not quite talented, with few resources at hand, without a family to rely on, had reached the same realm as his. Of course, he would be stunned.

"Ha, you can find out later yourself."

Bai Xiashuang said with a grin. After a moment, she suddenly squinted and whispered to Lu Li's ears, "Darling, I heard Zi Lian used to adore you? You declined her. Is she cultivating with great effort to make stunning achievement in her realm because of that? I heard that she has learned a domineering Profound Meaning—the Profound Meaning of destruction!


Lu Li was in a trance for a moment, but then he shook his head with a forced smile. He and Zi Lian were just friends. It never crossed his mind that they could be more than that. Another way to put it was… he did not have feelings for Zi Lian, and it was not likely that they could become lovers. He already had three incredible wives and did not want to get attached to too many girls.

While he was deep in his thoughts, they arrived at the base camp. Lu Li went into the valley. Subconsciously, he used psychic power to check. Soon, he found Zi Lian in a yard.

In that small yard was Zi Lian who was wearing a yellow dress. She was sipping tea, quite comfortably. She had a chess piece in her hand. She seemed to have sensed Lu Li's psychic power and looked over. Her pretty eyes seemed to have lit up, like stars in the night sky. She was as beautiful as a lotus.

"Earth Immortal Realm!"

Lu Li noticed. He was touched. Was it true that Zi Lian channeled her grief and sadness and made it her motivation because of his rejection? Was it that reason why she was advancing so rapidly?

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