1046 Becoming Realized

If you are looking for 1046 Becoming Realized you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . At night, Papa Lin naturally came back all drunk. But he was in a terrific mood. It seemed that tonight's gathering had made him very happy.

To Lin Fan, as long as his family was happy, it was fine. As for other stuff, there was no need to think too much.

This time, fortunately, his message on Weibo hadn't attracted everyone. Otherwise, that would really be hard to manage.

After staying at home for a few days, he was prepared to head back to Shanghai.

Papa Lin and Mama Lin sent Lin Fan to the airport.

Mama Lin couldn't bear to part with him. "Son, just staying away for a while is enough. Come back to Zhongzhou in the future, okay?"

Papa Lin said from the side, "What do you know? Our son is doing so well outside, why should he come back? If we miss our son in the future, we can go to Shanghai to see him."

Lin Fan smiled. "Dad, Mom, don't worry. I've spoken to Mayor Zhang a few days ago. I'll have to go back to my roots eventually, won't I? I'll spend a few more years in Shanghai and I'll come back. Don't worry. In the future, I'll have to take care of you guys in your old age. How could I leave forever?"

Mama Lin smiled. "That's good. Be safe out there. Especially now, safety is very important. When your dad and I found I that you went to Huang Yun Town that time, we were scared to death. If anything happened to you, what would we do?"

Lin Fan said, "Mom, don't worry. I am aware of the situation. If there's anything I'm not confident of, I definitely won't do it." Then, he looked at the time. "Alright, it's almost time to check-in. I have to go. You and dad should go back earlier. There's no need to worry about me. If there's anything, call me. I'll come back immediately."

Papa Lin waved. "Go on, go on. One man is enough in the family. If you ever bring a wife back in the future, your mom and I will be very happy.

Lin Fan chuckled, then didn't say more. He walked towards the airport. After spending just a bit of time at home, it was time to go back to Shanghai. He couldn't quite bear to leave.

However, he had to spend some time away from home to broaden his horizons. It was also a way of making his life fulfilling. If he didn't go anywhere his whole life, it would be a shame.

The next day!

Cloud Street!

When the shop owners saw Lin Fan, they all gathered around.

"Master Lin, why didn't you tell us that it was your dad's birthday? We would've gone as well," said Elder Liang.

"Yeah! We only found out after seeing Weibo."

When Lin Fan heard that, he was scared stiff. If they had gone, this birthday banquet would have been crazy.

"Thank you. It was not much."

To the shop owners, anything that concerned Little Boss concerned them as well. Since it was Little Boss's father's birthday, they had to go as a courtesy.

Now that Cloud Street had become so busy and lively, it had a lot to do with Little Boss. Simply said, the current Cloud Street wouldn't exist without Little Boss.

The townsfolk who were queuing to buy scallion pancakes were clamoring.

"Master Lin, hurry up and sell the scallion pancakes. When you were away, we were all dying of eagerness."

"Yeah! Without queuing for a day, my heart feels all empty."

"Little Boss, you haven't sold scallion pancakes for a few days. Could you compensate for it? For example, you could sell thirty servings today."

Lin Fan smiled. "Don't even think about it. Making scallion pancakes is very tiring. I can only muster ten servings a day. And it's already very draining."

The people queuing felt a deep resentment. It was a tragic story. They waited for Little Boss's scallion pancakes every day and their hearts itched very much.

After selling the scallion pancakes, Lin Fan went to the children's welfare inst.i.tute.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang had arrived earlier. He had already talked to his buddies through the phone about developing the uncultivated land in the welfare inst.i.tute. Also, there were technical staff with him.

When Director Huang saw Master Lin bring a group of people over, she asked anxiously, "Master Lin, what is going on?"

Lin Fan said with a smile, "Didn't I tell you the last time? We're going to open a dormitory building. We're here to look at the site and gauge it first."

"Ah!" Director Huang was startled. It was as if she didn't dare to believe it. She hadn't expected that it would be realized so soon.

The children who pa.s.sed by all dashed over when they saw Lin Fan. These children were now living very fulfilling lives.

Apart from studying every day, they were able to cultivate their interests and hobbies.

After taking the perfect-grade little intelligence pills, these children were all extremely smart. They learned everything exceptionally quickly.

To their teachers, these children were geniuses. They were geniuses among geniuses.

Lin Fan played around with the children for a bit, then waved his hand. "Go on. Go and play yourselves. Uncle has things to do. Be obedient."

"Okay," the children replied before das.h.i.+ng away into the distance.

In the past, when these children had just come to this welfare inst.i.tute, they had still had scars in their hearts and they couldn't open up at all. But now, after being cared for, they had become lively and playful.

To them, this was their home, their only home. If they had to leave this place, they would probably start wailing miserably.

At the site.

The technical staff started to survey the place. w.a.n.g Ming Yang was looking also as he calculated in his heart. "Brother, if we develop this place, the money will flow out like water."

Lin Fan said, "Don't talk about all that. I don't understand that at all. But the quality of it must be ensured. After all, this is the welfare inst.i.tute's future."

w.a.n.g Ming Yang patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and couldn't help but smile. "Brother, you worry too much. I've worked in this industry for so long and I've been able to make it to where I am because I've been using high-quality materials all the way."

Lin Fan smiled. "Alright. If I don't believe you, who would? I was just saying."

In the teachers' group.

Director Huang sent a WeChat message: "Announcement for everybody. Master Lin has already brought people to survey the land. The construction of the dormitory building is starting. Although the welfare inst.i.tute cannot guarantee too much, we definitely won't disappoint you all. Therefore, we hope that all teachers can teach the children well. Master Lin won't neglect you all."

When Director Huang sent this message, the group suddenly entered a momentary deep silence.

"Ah! Master Lin is really building the dormitory block?"

"Does that mean that we will have rooms to stay in Shanghai in the future?"

"Is that real, Director? You're not lying to us, are you?"

As Director Huang looked at these questions on WeChat, she was helpless. "Of course it's true. Why would I lie to you? Master Lin is a man of his word. Everything he promised you all back then will definitely be realized. The biggest repayment you can give Master Lin is to teach the children well."

"Understood. We will work hard!"

"Ah! I'm so motivated now!"

"I feel way too fortunate to be a teacher in the welfare inst.i.tute."

The teachers had never dared to imagine such a thing.

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