1965 Elder Mu

If you are looking for 1965 Elder Mu you are coming to the right place. is a Webnovel created by . This lightnovel is currently . "That won't do!" Liu Lujie shook his head adamantly.

"We have already fought and lost to him. We only entered the Ethereal Hall as spectators this time. If everyone could return endlessly after being defeated, there would be no fairness in this duel at all!"

I Am Low Profile had challenged all the inner disciple at once, and as embarra.s.sing as it might be, it would still be fair for them to go at him one by one. However, if they continued challenging him in a different ident.i.ty after they had already been killed, they would really become laughingstock once others knew about it.

They might have lost, but they had to lose with pride and dignity!

At the very least, this was his bottom line as the number one expert of the inner disciples!

"Senior Liu, you're right. I asked an inappropriate question..." w.a.n.g Jiandong lowered his head in embarra.s.sment.

He had been so engrossed in the idea of the getting rid of I Am Low Profile that such a notion had crossed his head. Thinking about it once more, he did agree that it would not be appropriate to take such a course of action.

The sword was the conqueror of all weapons. The foundation to mastering the Way of the Sword started from tempering one's heart. If a sword pract.i.tioner could not even conduct themself with pride and dignity, their Sword Intent was bound to be weak and impure.

"Speaking of which, since Senior Bai has been defeated, we should quickly return. Otherwise, I fear that Senior Bai might go berserk after returning to the real world," Liu Lujie said.

He was just about to leave the Ethereal Hall when he suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his throat. He tried to turn his head, but before he knew it, he found himself staring right at his own bottom.

"The h.e.l.l!"

In his peripheral vision, he could see I Am Low Profile marching forth like a relentless war machine. With each step he took, a huge bunch of heads would fly into the air, as if a lively blood-fest.

The reason he had been killed was because he had simply been too close to the battle. Some of the sword qi that escaped from the center of battlefield had struck and decapitated him.

Even a hint of sword qi leaking out from the other party was enough to kill him. How were they supposed to a.s.sa.s.sinate the other party like that?

a.s.sa.s.sinate your head!

They would not stand a chance at all!

With a resentful look on his face, Liu Lujie's head bounced up and down several times before eventually settling in a patch of gra.s.s not too far away. In his last sight, he saw w.a.n.g Jiandong's head also bouncing up and down...

The expression on the other party's face was also one of melancholy.

They were just innocent spectators who had come here to watch the commotion.

Where did the law in the world go to? Why would innocent people like them be caught up in this mess?


Their consciousness retreated from the Ethereal Hall, bringing them back to the real world.

While his consciousness was being pulled back into his body, he could not help but remember his encounters with I Am Low Profile. The first time, he was impaled in the head. The second time, his head was decapitated while he was watching from a distance.

He was a person who had retained the position as the number one inner disciple for the past ten years. His eyes were set on the Ten Li Sword G.o.d! When did he become a side character who could be defeated so easily?

While he was still feeling exasperated over everything that had happened in the past hour, he finally opened his eyes once more. The first thing he saw was Senior Bai Ruanqing trembling before him, and when he took a closer look, he realized that the entire room was a huge mess.

It seemed like he was not the only one who could not accept the outcome. A certain someone who had been decapitated right after she had executed her ultimate move was unable to take her defeat and was currently venting her anger on his furniture.

It was fortunate that those items were not worth much, or else he would have really suffered a huge loss this time around.

"Senior Bai, please calm down..." Liu Lujie quickly stood up and clasped his fist.

With a frosty look on her face, Bai Ruanqing glared at Liu Lujie with tightly clenched teeth. "Calm down? Do I look angry to you?"

Liu Lujie's heart immediately turned cold. While he was still at a loss as to how he should respond to the question, his vision blurred.


The sound of fists and kicks sinking into flesh echoed loudly in the air.

Before long, all the inner disciples within the residence, including Zhu Yanzhi and Wei Suifeng, were lying on the ground with bruised cheeks and broken noses. It was a truly miserable sight.

"Alright, I feel a little better now..."

The beating that she had just dished out alleviated the suffocating feeling in Bai Ruanqing's heart a fair bit. Taking a deep breath, she a.s.sumed her lofty att.i.tude once more and instructed, "Keep a close lookout for the person I told you to look for. Also, make sure the news that I visited you tonight doesn't reach the ears of another person. If I hear anyone talking about this matter, I'll make you regret having been born in this world!"

Liu Lujie, w.a.n.g Jiandong, and the others cowered in fear as they squeezed their thighs together.

"I'll be leaving now!"


The next instant, Bai Ruanqing had already left the area on an aerial beast, disappearing from everyone's sight.

To think that a proud core disciple like her would be defeated in a single move in the inner disciples' Ethereal Hall... She would only have embarra.s.sed herself further by staying there!

w.a.n.g Jiandong double checked that the female dinosaur had really left the area before asking with a bitter smile, "What should we do?"

"What else can we do? Given how huge this matter is, we can't possibly hide it any longer. We have to report it to the elders!" Liu Lujie said.

Even though I Am Low Profile killing them was a huge affair, it would not be too big an issue. However, right now, I Am Low Profile had already killed over a hundred inner disciples and even destroyed a core disciple with ease. The situation was far beyond their control!

If they did not report it to the elders soon, they would not be able to bear the consequences!

"You're right! We should report it to the elders and leave the matter to them..." w.a.n.g Jiandong quickly nodded in agreement.

After coming to an agreement, the two of them quickly made their way out to the courtyard, intending to ride an aerial beast to the quarters of the elders. But at that moment, a sharp beast call came from above.

Raising their heads, Liu Lujie and the others saw ten elders heading toward them on the back of an aerial beast. When they were finally directly above the residence, they quickly leaped down and landed lightly in the courtyard.

They were the elders who were responsible for managing the affairs of the inner disciples.

"Liu Lujie and w.a.n.g Jiandong, what's going on in the Ethereal Hall?" the elder standing at the front asked.

This elder had a slightly sunken face and a long green beard. He was dressed in a light gray robe that flowed lightly with his movements.

He was the strongest and highest ranking elder in charge of the affairs of the inner disciples, Elder Mu!

He was also the 'friend' whom Elder Lu Yun had encountered outside the Elder Council that kept putting him down.

If Zhang Xuan was there, he surely would have noticed that Elder Lu Yun was standing amid the ten elders who had just arrived at Liu Lujie's residence.

He had just been promoted to an internal elder. Under normal circ.u.mstances, he would have had no right to follow behind the rest of them, but due to his merit from having just recruited an exceptionally talented disciple, the sect had made an exception just for him.

"Elder Mu, a sword pract.i.tioner known as I Am Low Profile has appeared in the inner disciples' Ethereal Hall, and he has challenged all of the inner disciples..." Liu Lujie immediately recounted the entire story to Elder Mu.

As he had watched the deeds of I Am Low Profile from the very start to the end, he knew the details of the matter.

"A person challenged all of the inner disciples and has killed several hundred people so far. Even when the two of you went up, you were no match for him as well?" Elder Mu frowned as his face turned terrifyingly livid.

"To think that I have taught you for so many years. How can the two of you be so useless?"

"We..." Liu Lujie's face reddened in embarra.s.sment.

"Regardless of whether that fellow is an inner disciple or a core disciple, his cultivation is bound to be capped at Ancient Sage 1-dan upon entering the Ethereal Hall!" Elder Mu exclaimed in exasperation. "Against an opponent of the same realm, how are several hundred of you not able to defeat him? This is a huge disgrace to the inner disciples! It seems like none of you have taken my teachings to heart at all!"

"Elder Mu, I beg your pardon, but I Am Low Profile is simply too powerful a sword pract.i.tioner..." w.a.n.g Jiandong protested indignantly.

"A load of bullcr*p!" Elder Mu interjected furiously. "How powerful can the opponent possibly be? No matter how formidable his moves appear, they are still from the swordsmans.h.i.+p of our sect! Stop finding excuses for your own weaknesses; it's a pathetic sight!"

"This... Fine!" w.a.n.g Jiandong still indignantly wanted to protest against Elder Mu's words, but Liu Lujie gestured for him to stop with a tug on his sleeves. Thus, he could only reluctantly accept it.

In truth, he knew that Elder Mu was actually a warm-hearted person who spoke awful words. Often, the things that he said did not reflect his true thoughts. Nevertheless, w.a.n.g Jiandong still felt deeply indignant at being criticized in such a manner to his face!

After Elder Lu finished speaking his piece, Liu Lujie looked at him and asked, "Elder Mu, what should we do?"

What they needed most was to resolve this matter as soon as possible. Otherwise, the ones who were disgraced would not only be the inner disciples but the elders as well.

They enjoyed so many resources from the sect, but the disciples whom they had groomed had ended up being defeated so easily. It would not reflect well on them if word spread!

"Since we're here, we should go in to take a look as well. I'm curious to know where this fellow came from, conducting himself so lawlessly!" Elder Mu waved his hand.

If you are really that powerful, you could easily apply for a promotion to become a core disciple or even a sect elder. You would be granted all the fame and fortune you desire... Yet, you chose to challenge the inner disciples instead. This doesn't make sense at all!

Somehow, this entire matter felt weirdly fishy to them.

They wanted to find out the ident.i.ty of the person who was messing with them.

"After confirming the other party's ident.i.ty, we'll pay him a visit and inquire about the matter. We must try our best to suppress this matter as much as we can. Otherwise, you lot will go down in history as the most worthless batch of inner disciples!" Elder Mu harrumphed coldly.

"Yes!" Liu Lujie and the others nodded.

"Prepare some Ethereal Tokens for us! It wouldn't be appropriate for us to enter the Ethereal Hall in our capacity as elders," Elder Mu said.

The inner disciples' Ethereal Hall was a place for inner disciples to acquire resources and battle with one another. Under normal circ.u.mstances, elders were not allowed to enter the premises.

If they entered the Ethereal Hall as elders to resolve the matter, it would only blow the matter up. More people would begin talking about the matter, making it harder to suppress the news.

"Elder Mu, please hold on for a moment..." Liu Lujie quickly walked back into the main hall, and before long, he returned with more than a dozen Ethereal Tokens in hand.

Even though Bai Ruanqing had already left the premises, the inner disciples who had led her there had not managed to find an opportunity to leave yet. They were vendors in the inner disciples' market, so they had plenty of Ethereal Tokens on hand. Given that this was a request from the elders, they would not dare turn down the request.

Each elders quickly activated an Ethereal Token before immersing their consciousness into it.

Similar to Bai Ruanqing, they also made sure to conceal their true appearances, disguising themselves as ordinary inner disciples.

Under Liu Lujie's lead, the large group swiftly arrived in the vicinity of the dueling ring.

At that moment, the entire area was swamped with people. Sword qi flew all around as if it was the end of the world. Countless heads flew through the air as light fragments dissipated here and there.

While Liu Lujie and the others were away, at least eight hundred more inner disciples had been slaughtered.

In other words, so far, I Am Low Profile had already killed more than a thousand people, which was equivalent to a tenth of the inner disciples!

This was too brutal!

"His zhenqi and stamina don't seem to have been depleted too much," Liu Lujie remarked in astonishment as he looked at the center of the crowd, where I Am Low Profile was strolling calmly.

He would never have believed that a cultivator could kill a thousand of his peers without exhausting himself to death prior to this incident... but such a thing was happening right before his eyes!

Liu Lujie felt that he would not be surprised by whatever I Am Low Profile pulled off at this rate.

"Elder Mu, you can also see that the crowd is riled up. There's nothing much we can do at the moment..." Liu Lujie sighed deeply.

This battle could not be stopped that easily anymore. It was not just a one-sided slaughter from I Am Low Profile; the provoked inner disciples were burning with fighting will as well. Even if Elder Mu stepped in and ordered the fight to stop, it was unlikely that the crowd would simply heed his orders.

"The only reason you feel that there's nothing that can be done is because you are weak. Just take a good look instead!"

With a displeased look on his face, Elder Mu ordered, "Elders, follow me to stop that fellow from slaughtering any more people!"


The ten strongest inner disciple elders nodded before proceeding forward.

Even though their appearance looked no different from ordinary inner disciples, it was obvious that they were true experts just from the Sword Intent they emanated. The crowd swiftly opened up a path for them.

Walking right up to Zhang Xuan, Elder Mu waved his sword and shrouded the entire area with a sphere of sword qi.

"Enough, you have already done enough today. It's about time for you to step down," Elder Mu commanded.

Seeing how the new group of challengers haughtily walked in to stop the battle, Zhang Xuan shook his head impatiently. "Yet another bunch of hero wannabes? Do you want to fight another one-on-one? My apologies, but I really don't have that much time to waste on you all!"


Not expecting the other party to put them down in such a manner, Elder Mu flew into a rage. He lifted the sword in his hand, intending to teach the young man before him a lesson. But all of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain along his neck.

The next moment, his head slid down to the ground. Before his consciousness dissipated, he saw the heads of the elders who had gone over together with him falling to the floor as well.

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