Chapter 1047 - Achieving Three Goals in One Stroke

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Chapter 1047: Achieving Three Goals in One Stroke

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Yu Lili felt a little lost.

Ou Ming tied his cufflinks and stared at Yu Lili with his charming peach blossom eyes. He took her face in his hands and said, “Yu Lili, I am not sure whether I can protect you. When I go back, everyone will denounce me. I will lose my fame. If Shen Manting is saved, I will tell her clearly that I can’t marry her. If she is dead, in the eyes of everyone, I am the guiltiest person.”

Moreover, behind that guiltiest person, the existence of Yu Lili was probably more attractive than the life and death of Shen Manting.

Although Ou Ming felt that the reason for Shen Manting’s suicide was certainly not simple, people wouldn’t care whether her suicide was caused by his running away from the wedding or not. For most of them, coming along for the ride was more important than upholding justice. The public’s expectations was usually based on what they believed in the beginning.

Ou Ming was very certain of the results that were likely to happen. In that moment, he had already prepared for the worst in his heart. He absolutely could not let Yu Lili go back with him. He glanced at her and said, “I will solve everything and then come to Paris to take you back. During this period, you must live here. Don’t go back.”

Yu Lili licked her lips and nodded. Ou Ming gently kissed her forehead, put on his coat, and left.

In China, Shen Manting’s attempted suicide caused a great uproar. Since she was discovered quickly after the attempt, her situation was not serious thanks to some rescue measures and gastric lavage.

Shen Luo’an’s panic gradually disappeared when he saw Shen Manting waking up. He became clear minded as he looked at her lying in the bed with her eyes closed.

Shen Manting had obviously estimated the time when someone in her family would send her food. She deliberately locked the door and attempted to commit suicide in order to let others discover and stop her behavior.

In that way, her suicide wouldn’t succeed. At the same time, she would be able to attract the attention of everyone and push Ou Ming to the cusp. Her behavior made him become the guiltiest person.

Him running away from the wedding had already been discussed by many people. It had gained even more attention because of her actions. In the situation, Shen Manting naturally was considered the victim and a member of a vulnerable group.

Now, if Shen Luo’an’s affair with Shen Manting was exposed, the original event would not only concern her and Ou Ming. Her plan would achieve three goals in one stroke.

By pus.h.i.+ng herself in front of the public, she gave Shen Luo’an a severe warning and gained revenge on Ou Ming. As a result, no one would punish her.

It turned out that Shen Manting was quite smart. Shen Luo’an looked at her and sneered. He glanced at her for a long time before he turned around and left.

Coincidentally, Ye Youyou arrived at the ward just as he was leaving. When she saw Shen Luo’an, she asked, “How is my little aunt?”

Shen Luo’an didn’t look at her or respond. He simply walked away.

When Ou Ming returned to Kingstown, he was surrounded by a large group of media workers.

“Mr. Ou, have you come back from Miss Yu?” one of them asked.

“What do you think of Miss Shen’s suicide?” another asked.

“I heard that you have been with Miss Yu for many years and have been two-timing. Is that real?” another asked.

Faced with a barrage of questions, Ou Ming kept silent.

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