Chapter 1282

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At the same time, Ye Fan pointed the sword in his left hand downwards, and a dragon made of swords fell from the sky, rushing straight to the ground!

The Sword Dragon brought along a large number of flying swords and sliced through the rocks on the ground, creating a violent sword image. It collided head on with Zhou Tengxing's true essence blade!


The Sword Dragon was unable to withstand the destructive power of this true essence and was forced back inch by inch!

After the head of the sword dragon was split apart, its body was struck once again. Following that, the head of the sword dragon was split apart, and the tail of the dragon was finally blown apart! Top

The thousand swords dispersed in a disorderly fashion. Some of them stabbed into the ground, leaving behind only a gully in the ground!

Seeing Ye Fan's sword dragon finally break down, the Zhou clansmen couldn't help but feel their morale rising as they shouted from the back!

"Forefather Tengxing!" "Patriarch Tengxing!"

On Ye Fan's side, the Su Family members all had serious expressions. They could all feel that Zhou Teng Xing's cultivation level was completely different from Zhou Teng Lu's! leaf

Fan Xian narrowed his eyes. He wasn't surprised that the Sword Dragon had been destroyed, but he felt that Zhou Tengxing's true essence had undergone two changes as it was released.

If not, the remaining flying sword would not have been scattered after his flying dragon was knocked off its head.

It was as though a bomb had been dropped. When the bomb exploded, it turned into three bombs. Even though the destructive power was about the same, the total amount had changed. What was going on?

"Brat, why are you so surprised? The good show is yet to come!" Weeks

Seeing that Ye Fan seemed to be thinking about something, Teng Xing grinned, and a strong dark nether true essence instantly gathered in his body!

"Profound Nether Armor!"

The true essence within Zhou Tengxing's body seemed to form a dark blue armor that wrapped around him while releasing a true essence pressure towards the outside.

"I don't like to play with illusions. Today, I will teach you the meaning of being inferior to the young!"

After Zhou Teng had finished speaking, he took a big stride forward and his body shot towards Ye Fan like a cannonball! leaf

From his stance and footwork, the sail could tell that this fellow was much more proficient in actual combat than Zhou Teng Lu, as if he had an extraordinary background in ancient fist arts.

However, in terms of physical fitness, the gap between him and Ye Fan was quite large, and Ye Fan basically saw the details, so his speed wasn't particularly fast. leaf

With the mindset of trying it out, this time, the sails did not need the sword dragon to block it. Instead, he went up to Zhou Tengxing's punch himself and also stepped forward. He planned to use his fists and kicks to meet the blow head on!

"Come at me! If a sword artist dares to compete with this ancestor in fist techniques, then you must have some guts! "

Seeing that Ye Fan was not using his sword, but was competing with him, Zhou Teng Xing laughed out loud. However, his eyes were full of disdain, because it was already too late for Ye Fan to receive his attack! can

It was right after that, Ye Fan, who seemed to be too late to attack, took advantage of this momentum and smoothly stretched out his arms. Suddenly, his muscles intertwined and a wave of power was released.

Zhou Tengxing's eyes narrowed! He was shocked!

Originally, he had thought that Ye Fan was asking for trouble and did not know much about the art of fist and palm techniques. Unexpectedly, Ye Fan's instantaneous attack and judgement had far surpa.s.sed his imagination.

Straight Fist was the most basic ancient martial arts technique, but it was also a fist technique that was also fast and ruthless. And …

Ye Fan used the Collapsing Fist, which had a higher penetrative power and a shorter gathering time, to make up for his late attack. This

In a battle of ancient martial arts, one could determine the outcome in an instant!

"Bam!" two

The moment their fists collided, it was as if shot b.a.l.l.s had collided with each other. The resulting impact was deep and loud!

Zhou Tengxing felt a powerful force pa.s.s through. Fortunately, he was protected by the Dark Nether Armor, so he only took one step back.

On the other hand, Ye Fan felt that the Netherezim Quintessential Essence was bone-chilling cold, and it even stung his hand. He also quickly took a few steps back.

To think that... "In addition to using the sword, you also specialize in using fist techniques. Rumor has it that your external body's strength is extraordinary." Zhou Teng Xing narrowed his eyes and became exceptionally cautious. He

He did not understand. Ye Fan knew ancient sword techniques and ancient fist techniques. In fact, Ye Fan also knew them!

This was because the ancient martial arts were actually similar to the 'One Hundred Gates'! He

In this situation, it was not the first time that Ye Fan had seen his clansmen use ancient martial arts, and he already had some understanding of the various ancient martial arts. If

In terms of actual combat experience in ancient martial arts, Ye Fan was even more profound than these ancestors.

"Don't tell me that's all you have?" Ye Fan clenched his fist, and said as if thinking of something.

Zhou Tengxing snorted coldly, "This is only just the beginning. Kid, I'll let you have a taste of my Xuanming Tribe's' Divine Winter Fist '!"

Before he finished his sentence, Zhou Tengxing had already approached Ye Fan. He punched out, bringing with it a bone-chilling cold primeval essence! This

True essence was like the cold winter gale, but what was even more strange was that it actually materialized his fist, forming a huge icy blue fist. It really did seem like the ancient G.o.d of winter, smashing it out!

This time, Ye Fan didn't dare to directly use his body to take the blow. The opponent's cultivation was clearly beyond the Divine Awakening Realm, reaching a whole new realm that he had never even heard of. leaf

If Fan Xian had forcefully used his body to receive this punch, he wouldn't have died, but he would've certainly been injured. This

Not competing in Ancient Fist Art, this was a battle for life! by

Thus, he still had to use the sword! leaf

The sail had already summoned the Broken Moon Sword. A fan shaped sword intent was sent out, and the Unparalleled Sword Intent moved as if it wanted to shatter that Winter G.o.d's Fist!

But the scene that surprised Ye Fan appeared again! oculus

He watched as the strike of the Divine Winter Fist was broken apart, and then, it was followed by another strike out of thin air! mimicry

What the Buddha had broken was just an illusion, the real fist was still hidden behind! leaf

Fan quickly used his sword again, barely destroying that fist! can

Yes, a third punch actually came!?

A huge icy-blue heavy punch finally hit Ye Fan and sent him flying!

Ye Fan did a somersault in the air, and after landing his sword on the ground, he drew a long mark and stood firm. But

Ye Fan discovered that he still had a lot of parts of his body that were frostbitten by this Xuanming Quintessential Essence!

If so many times had happened, his blood would have frozen and his joints would not have been smooth.

Seeing that Ye Fan was finally forced back, the Zhou clansmen became even more excited. Many of them started to wantonly laugh, mocking Ye Fan for overestimating his strength. posterior

Su Qingxue and the others all had cold sweat on their palms. They were worried for Ye Fan and didn't dare to disturb his state of mind. leaf

The sails were actually not in a panic. If the Zhou Ancestor truly couldn't withstand a single blow, how would the clan be able to fight against the Doomsday King? He

"What I care about is the state that Zhou Tengxing has reached, the realm that he is still unclear about."

Your attack … For it to appear three times, that shouldn't be the result of your Xuanming Tribe's cultivation technique, right?

If this is your Fist Aura, then the first move you executed isn't considered a fist art... Could it be that this is an ability you obtained after surpa.s.sing the Divine Awakening Realm? " Ye Fan slowly stood up and a.n.a.lyzed.

Zhou Teng Xing grinned and said disdainfully: "You brat, you really know how to act. After being taught a lesson by this ancestor's Divine Winter Fist, are you still trying to act all pretentious here?

You don't have to pretend to be calm. "Because you've never seen a Dao Yan stage martial artist, you are at a loss, right?" Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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