Chapter 1318 - Professor Bai and His Daughter

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Chapter 1318: Professor Bai and His Daughter

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As Professor Bai walked out, Si Kongchen followed behind him and asked while walking, “Are you saying there is a side effect of your drug?”

Professor Bai said, “Of course, there is! The drug will activate all the potential of your body, but after that, you’ll need some time to slowly recover. By stimulating your potential, the drug will also consume your energy. Using it once or twice will be bearable for your body, but the third time won’t. Besides, all your energy would be squeezed out when you use it the first two times. If you use the drug again before your body has recovered and attained new energy, what do you think would happen?”

After saying that, Professor Bai gave Si Kongchen a glance.

Professor Bai had white hair and a wrinkled face, but he was actually very healthy and strong. He was over six feet tall, looking imposing and st.u.r.dy. He walked quickly, light on his feet and with steady steps.

Xie Longyun was his daughter. She didn’t take his family name because he divorced his wife when his daughter was a little girl, and then his daughter left with her mother. Later on, his daughter took her mother’s family name.

His and his daughter weren’t really close. However, she was his only family now. He had to take care of her, even though she wasn’t close with him.

On hearing Professor Bai’s explanation, Si Kongchen nodded as comprehension dawned on his face, “Oh, I see! Having three chances to boost one’s power to a higher level is very helpful already!”

The two walked out of the gate of Section C, and Professor Bai guided Si Kongchen toward his office.

“I’m currently doing experiments for improving the drug, but I need time,” Professor Bai said after walking into his office. Then, he picked up his cup from his desk and poured himself a cup of water, also pouring a cup for Si Kongchen.

Si Kongchen took over the cup of water and sat down as he looked at him and asked, “So, is this the reason why you’ve been holding the plan without calling an action?”

Professor Bai sat into his chair and put the cup on the desk as he leaned against the back of the chair. Then, he waved a hand and said to Si Kongchen, “No. The drug is very helpful for us, even though each soldier can only use it twice or thrice. If we’re gonna use it on the other bases, I’m sure it’ll work well. Even if all the other bases forme an alliance, there will only be three for four level-eight people in total. We only have to send out a few level-seven ones to deal with them. They’ll be able to defeat those level-eight people after taking the drug. After that, we can simply flatten their base using our weapons. That’s simple, right? What’s been making me worry are those underground creatures. If we can’t solve that problem, they’ll become a bigger threat to us than the other human bases.”

Si Kongchen looked at him and thought for a moment before asking, “Are those things so strong? Can’t our missiles kill them?”

Professor Bai gave him a quick glance and said, “I guess before your missile could hurt them, they’d grab it and throw it back to you!”

His words made Si Kongchen gave a slight start, “Really! They can catch missiles? What did you see down there?”

Professor Bai and his people started exploring the underground world in the third year after the apocalypse; he spent nearly two years underground. During that period, he sent people up to the earth’s surface to bring supplies underground from time to time. At the end of the second year, he and a small part of his team suddenly ran out desperately from the underground realm. Most of the people he brought down there didn’t make it out.

So, in fact, Professor Bai had known about the underground realm long ago. Recently, great numbers of underground creatures suddenly came to the surface. He was surprised to see that, and he also guessed that something might have happened underground.

After coming out of the underground realm, he never sent anyone down again. It was hard to imagine what had changed down there during the past two years. Judging by the fact that large batches of underground creatures had come to the earth’s surface recently, he figured the changes that had happened underground must be drastic.

One could easily imagine how dangerous it was to go down to that place now. It might be even more dangerous than Professor Bai estimated!

While Professor Bai and Si Kongchen were talking, Xie Longyun got into trouble underground.

She was going to ambush Lin Qiao, but as the latter seemed to have foreseen her action in advance, she gave up on that plan and prepared to lead her people to explore the underground realm. When the Chief lady from All Beings Base relaxed her vigilance, she would then take further action.

However, soon after she and her people started their exploration, a tree blocked their way, looking really weird. It was only about eight meters tall but extremely luxuriant. Branches reached in all directions from the tree trunk. Those branches were twenty, even thirty meters long, so the tree looked like a child holding a huge umbrella. The leaves of the tree weren’t large, only a few centimeters long. The tip of each leaf split into two, each part having a hard and sharp thorn in the end. The thorn was a thick as a baby’s little finger, about ten centimeters long and very sharp!

The tree was quiet at first when Xie Longyun and her people approached it. However, just as those people were less than thirty meters from it, it suddenly started moving. The branches swiftly swung toward then while countless sharp thorns flew at them from the leaves.

Xie Longyun and her people were startled to see the ma.s.sive wave of thorns coming at them. They hurriedly released their powers to shield themselves. As superpower possessors at level five or six, they believed they would be able to stop those thorns from approaching their bodies.

However, it turned out that they were wrong.

Puff! Puff! Puff!


Waves of shrill screams were heard along with the puffing noise of the thorns sinking into flesh. All those people were turned into hedgehogs!

Xie Longyun was the only one who didn’t end up like a hedgehog, because she had turned her skin into metal. But still, she furrowed her pretty brows into a deep frown. Those thorns failed to penetrate her skin but left tiny dents on her skin when her entire body was turned into metal.

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