Chapter 158

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"Don't question it. That's what he said, it's unbelievable!" 

"It really is unfathomable, how Coldblood Five would tolerate him. What he's teaching must be very valuable. However, I believe, after he's done teaching he'd be killed by Coldblood Five!" 

"I think so too. He had a death sentence on his head in Coldblood Thirteen's hands, now it is unquestionable!" 

"Why are we spending so much time talking about a dead man? Let's discuss something more important. It's the Empress Dowager's 80th birthday ceremony next month, we need to eliminate all foreign spies to prevent disturbances."

"Mmm, this time…."

Not only the Coldblood Thirteen Eagles were aware of this, almost everyone in the Coldblood Group heard about it over the grapevine. 

Coldblood Five and Ye Lang maintained a peculiar relationship. A puzzling, unbelievable relationship. 

At Coldblood Thirteen's yard, Ye Lang was having a chat with Coldblood Five. Of course, as per usual, Ye Lang was talking and Coldblood Five was listening. Coldblood Five rarely spoke- this was just her personality. 

To be able to maintain a peaceful relationship between them was already not an easy feat. To have her laughing with Ye Lang like a regular teenager was definitely impossible. 

In reality, if it wasn't for the usefulness of Ye Lang's words and the fact that she couldn't have anyone else to discuss this topic with, she wouldn't have looked for Ye Lang- nor would she tolerate his att.i.tude. 

I'm THE Coldblood Five, but I'm ordered around by this little s.h.i.t. Just wait, and you'll be sorry! 

"Little Five, I'll end here. Bring me something delicious again tomorrow!" Ye Lang never gave it much thought. He never treated Coldblood Five as THE Coldblood Five but rather as a teenager. Since she didn't have any other names, he gave her one--- Little Five! 

Little Five. The idea seemed to be from Princess Qi's nickname, Little Qi. It was probably something logical to him. He didn't put much thought into things like these. 

[Translator's note: Qi (七) = seven. The seventh princess, Princess Qi's nickname was Little Seven] 

"Well I hope you'll still be alive tomorrow," Coldblood Five remarked icily. It wasn't something she said out of anger though. She truly hoped he would be alive tomorrow so she could continue learning. 

Why would she think that? 


Coldblood Thirteen could appear any moment now. When that happens, Ye Lang's good days will be over. He'd never have the freedom like what he has now. 

Of course, this was something Coldblood Five and the rest thought in private. It was hard to predict what would happen next.

"Thank you for your wishes, I'll live till a hundred!" Ye Lang thanked her politely. He didn't seem to understand her meaning. 

"A hundred…." Coldblood Five said in a daze, "We can only hope!" 

An like Coldblood Five rarely thought about living until a hundred. It felt so far away. She saw people die in front of her, but she didn't know when she'd die! 

It was too far away…. 

After seeing Coldblood Five off, Ye Lang stood. He returned to continue working on his experiment. He was also thinking of Coldblood Thirteen, wondering when he'd be back. 

However, Ye Lang was different. He wanted to know the date of Coldblood Thirteen's return not to face him, but for Coldblood Thirteen's alchemy skills that he had been cultivating in hiding. 

So much time had pa.s.sed, Ye Lang's killable time was coming to an end. I'll explain it better: Ye Lang had done enough thorough research on all the types of alchemy, even mastering them all. He needed some stuff he'd never encountered before. 

If he ran out of that, Ye Lang would leave soon. Although he was quite content with life here, he didn't feel like staying. 

Don't forget, if it weren't for Ye Lang liking Coldblood thirteen's alchemy skills, he wouldn't be here. If he truly wanted to leave, Coldblood Thirteen wouldn't be able to make him stay. 

"If you don't show yourself within a few days, I'll come in. It's for your own good, I'm worried no one will know if you died!" Ye Lang said while standing behind the door at Laboratory 2, "Since you're not talking, I'll take that as a yes!" 

Next, Ye Lang started to meddle with the different alchemy materials inside. That was how Laboratory 2 started to have ongoing alchemy experiments. If Coldblood Thirteen saw this, his jaw would drop. 

Coldblood Thirteen truly felt he was a genius in alchemy, but he couldn't fathom using Ye Lang's forging methods. He concluded he was inferior to Ye Lang in terms of imagination.

Nonetheless, alchemy relied on imagination and creativity. Many processes required these too, probably them being the most important skill. 

It was probably a talent too! 

Sometimes when something is given to us, some people can use it as a tool to help themselves while the rest cannot figure it out to save themselves. It was the most basic difference. 

Like Ye Lang. He'd just learned a few basic alchemy techniques but immediately innovated new steps to perfect the process. 

Coldblood Thirteen could do it too, but it'd take him far longer. As for others, they'd probably not figure it out within their lifetime! 


Suddenly, an explosion came from the alchemy laboratory. The messy laboratory was made even messier, while the people inside seemed to have disappeared. 

No wait,  Ye Lang was there. Even if his experiment failed, he should still be there. 

"Hey, what is this place?" Ye Lang peered at the structures around him. Something felt so different in his surroundings, "Unless…. Did I just teleport?" 

Ye Lang mulled over the possibility, his heart a little excited. He wanted to see where he was, thinking he could use this method to explore teleportation. 

Unfortunately, very soon Ye Lang noticed something. He thought the things around him were quite familiar, as if…

"Hahahaha, now THIS will be fun…" 

Ye Lang started to laugh. He must have discovered something peculiar, was he transported to a significant place? 

No, it wasn't teleportation, Ye Lang was still in the laboratory! 

Then why did he feel like it was different, and he couldn't see anybody else? 

It was simple, and there was only one reason: his height….. 

Ye Lang was now only twenty centimetres tall, he was a mini humanoid!! 

This reminded him of the movie… Honey, I Shrunk The Kids! 

At least Ye Lang's situation was a little better, he was still much larger than ants… 


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