Chapter 172

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"Master Bear..."

Within the auction house, following the entrance of two people, the atmosphere immediately reached a climax unprecedented in history. Everyone abandoned the Master Peng and crowded around the young, beautiful women and elderly people.

He Yujie was the most beloved daughter of the Dragon Gate King of Gamble He. At the age of twenty-seven, she was the one who controlled the Dragon Gate's gambling den, the Pujing Hotel.

Xiong Ben Duo, The Dragon Gate's First Master of Wind and Water, and Newport's Zhou Tai An, as well as the mainland's Cao Zhenping, were also known as one of the China's three great Feng Shui Masters.

"Master Bear, our position is over there."

The two of them acted as if they had never heard the crowd's greetings as they walked straight to the front row of the VIP seats and sat down.

"Longmen He Family, this is …"

Lin Feng narrowed his eyes in interest.

Originally, he had planned to go to the Dragon Gate with Zheng Jun to witness the abilities of this The Dragon Gate's First Master of Wind and Water.

… ….

The final two minutes pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

When the time came, the auction officially began.

Indeed, it was worthy of being called the biggest auction in the Northwest region. It began with a hundred year old Lingzhi.

"Hundred year old lingzhi, starting bid two million." The auctioneer in charge of the auction announced it without hesitation.

A hundred year old Lingzhi, this was already an extremely valuable medicinal herb, it had a very strong body nourishing effect.

With that said, an intense bidding began.

"Two million and two hundred thousand."

"Two million five hundred thousand."


"Five million."

Everyone kept increasing the price, and soon, the price had already skyrocketed to five million.

At this moment, the voice of an Ice Mountain CEO sounded.

"10 million."

He Yujie raised the price to ten million.

As his voice faded, the other bidders were left speechless. They obediently withdrew their bids.

"Motherf * cker, as expected of the He Clan of the Dragon Gate. They are really rich when they make a move!"

"10 million, gee, he's so f * cking rich!"

… ….

The next auction was the same as the first one. Every item was bought by He Yujie at a sky-high price.

Some people tried to bid against He Yujie, but they failed in the bid increase due to He Yujie. This woman used the most forceful method to win all the medical materials that were in the auction.

"Crazy! This woman is completely crazy!"

"I've seen people bid before, but I've never seen anyone bid like this!"

Facing He Yujie's repeated attacks, the other bidders in the auction were all heated up.

They were shocked by He Yujie's domineering way. They couldn't do anything about it though. The situation at the auction was the result of the higher bidders.

"Why did this He Yujie buy so many herbs?"

Lin Feng was also shocked by He Yujie's actions, he did not have enough money to go all out, and wanted to obtain all the medicinal ingredients that he wanted to bid for.

He was curious. He Yujie had come here from the Dragon Gate and had taken down every single herb in the auction. What was she up to?

"King of Gamble He's body is getting worse and worse, and it's getting worse. I heard that he doesn't have much time left to live!"

He knew a little about the health condition of the King of Gamble He. Starting from this year, He Yujie and Xiong Ben had already appeared in the various medicinal herb auctions in China. Every time they appeared in a place, they would act in a domineering manner, not leaving a single one behind.

"So that's how it is!" Lin Feng nodded in realization, then smiled and shook his head, "Although these herbs are all over a hundred years old, they are still far from being able to reach the elixir realm. Even when compared to half of the elixirs, they are still far from being able to reach it."

"Although these things can slow down the aging of organs to a certain extent, it's only a method of treating the symptoms and not the root of the illness. Unless there is a medicine made from elixir to restore the vitality of the organs, these things alone cannot sustain them for too long."

"With the relationship between Xiong Ben and the He family, there's no reason for the He family to not know about this …"

The Master Peng nodded his head, "Master Lin, of course the He family knows about this. However, they do not have any good methods, and the only temporary way is to use these medicinal ingredients to delay them for a day."

"That's true!" Lin Feng nodded and did not continue speaking.

Before there was a better way, this was the only thing the He Clan could do.

… ….

Soon, the auction was nearing its end. What followed was today's finale, where the final item would be auctioned.

"Everyone, all of you who came to partic.i.p.ate in the auction today were blessed. The last best treasure is a stalk of spiritual medicine."

The auctioneer in charge of the auction seemed especially agitated when he spoke.

As the sound of his voice faded, someone quickly brought out a tray. The tray was covered by a red satin cloth. As the satin was removed, a medicinal plant was clearly displayed.

"Jürgen? It's actually Ge Sen! "

"No way!" How could this thing be an elixir? Could it be that you made a mistake? "

Most of the people partic.i.p.ating in the auction had a certain understanding of herbs. Although they were not as knowledgeable as the other experts, they were still very familiar with ordinary herbs.

The herb in front of him was called Elixir, but it was only the most basic of common herbs, the pueraria.

Ge Yuan's effect was very ordinary, only having the effect of relieving muscle fever, permeating the rash, relieving thirst, raising the sun and stopping diarrhea. Compared to the most ordinary artificial planting of ginseng and lingzhi, the effects were far worse, not to mention those ginseng and Lingzhi that were over a thousand years old and could already be called as elixirs.

"What kind of plane is this? How dare you take out such a precious medicine to be the center of attention? Is there something wrong with your head?"

The Master Peng was equally dismissive towards this.

"You're wrong, this is a real spiritual medicine." Lin Feng opened his mouth and once again revealed a cautious expression.

However, this caution was quickly replaced by a sense of loss and regret upon closer observation.

"What a pity, what a pity!"

Observing carefully, he could clearly see that there was a problem with this type of spiritual medicine. Although the problem wasn't big, it had a lot of damage to the effects of the medicine. If it wasn't for the damage, this fruit root could be called a true spiritual medicine, but right now, it could only be considered half a spiritual medicine.

"Master Lin, what did you say? This root … Is it really a real spiritual medicine? "

Master Peng was so taken with the shock brought about by Lin Feng's words that he did not notice Lin Feng's subsequent loss.

"That's right. But now, this root can only be considered to be half a spiritual medicine." Lin Feng nodded his head to confirm.

"Why did the spirit medicine become half medicine again? Master Lin, could you please elaborate a bit more? " The Master Peng asked in a daze.

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