Chapter 175

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Ye Qingli panicked, not many thoughts going through her head.

She saw the beast below, sitting underneath the water and stalking them.

She immediately raised her hand and threw a dagger directly at the bottom!

The beast turned his head and the dagger hit the top of its head.

Following the sound “ding”, the dagger was sent flying. It had not even left a scratch on the beast. 

Jun Ao Han slowly said, "This beast is called the j.a.panese Beast. Its skin is as tough as bronze, and its bones are st.u.r.dy as steel. No weapon can penetrate it unless it was aimed at its eyes; otherwise, elsewhere is useless."

"Why didn't you mention that earlier?"

Ye Qingli was so angry.

Even though she knew about it, this guy was still deliberately teasing her!

Jun Ao Han calmly tightened his grip on the steel rope in his hand.

Although the hemostatic drug was applied, the steel rope still cut into his flesh.

Even if his internal strength were stronger, it would be useless in this place where there was nowhere to go.

However, his tone was not the same.

"You wish to leave now?"

"Nonsense! Do you wish to be trapped in here for the rest of your life?"

Jun Ao Han said slowly, "That is not entirely true. It is only you and I in here. I think that is quite good. In any other place, you would not hold me so intimately."

Ye Qingli almost wanted to stab a few golden needles into him.

This guy was bending the corner and wanting to take advantage of her.

"If you want to be fodder for the beast below, just do something foolish. Did you not see it just now? It wants to eat us both!"

"Since it is not pleasing to your eyes, I will solve it!"

Jun Ao Han moved both of his hands. The two steel cables were instantly extended by a few feet, the action was lightning fast. Ye Qingli’s hands were adorned in a pair of golden gloves.

"Catch it!"

One of the cables was held in Ye Qingli’s hand while the other wrapped around Jun Ao Han’s waist. Then, his figure was seen flying down in the air!

He had this energetic look on his face like a tiger pouncing on its prey!

He spun from above like a tornado.

Ye Qingli was dumbfounded.

His movements were so fluid, it was as if he did not have a rigid structure.

This man's martial arts were much more powerful than she had thought!

In Jun Ao Han’s hands, a short sword appeared without a trace.

With lightning quick movements, he dived into the water, and suddenly the water was rippling.


A sticky substance was sent flying and splashed onto Ye Qingli’s face.

She subconsciously wiped it with her hand, her hand becoming fresh red.

It was blood!

She screamed, "Are you okay!?"

Then, a fountain of blood sprayed into the air!

A dark shadowy figure came flying out of the water!

It was the head of the beast!

At this moment, Ye Qingli suddenly heard a beng sound.

The rope that was tied around the body of Jun Ao Han seemed to be unable to withstand the pressure and broke!

Only then did Jun Ao Han rise from the water.

The steel rope snapped under the great force, and the surrounding walls shook violently, causing countless pieces of rocks to roll down from above.

A large piece of rock directly landed on his back!


He spat out a mouthful of blood!

His body was thrown towards the water!

"I am coming!" Ye Qingli acted without thinking. She grabbed the steel rope with one hand and slid downwards!


Her hand slid across the water, but she only grabbed onto half a sleeve. There was nothing below that!

The rolling waves travelled towards land.

Ye Qingli was stunned.

She suddenly called out, "Hey!"

"You are not dead, right?"

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