Chapter 1800 - Lady, Do You Trust Me?

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Chapter 1800: Lady, Do You Trust Me?

Mo Fei suddenly raised her head and looked at the woman standing not far away.

She was wearing a loose shirt, and it was obvious that it was not hers.

Ding junqi staggered a step and ran over, not caring if he could walk steadily. Then, he reached out and grabbed le Tian’s wrist. In the next second, he hugged her tightly in his arms. It was not until this moment that he confirmed that he was still alive.

Le Tian also hugged Ding junqi back. At the last second, she was really scared to death. Ding Yuejia was the first to be brought into the tail of the plane, but she was entangled by Mo Tian’s men.

The person who saved her told her that the tail of the plane had to be cut so that she could take all the children away. However, they were already trapped in the washroom at that time and could not reach the tail of the plane. Her body was still tied with a bomb. Once the tail of the plane was cut.., once the sunlight shone in, she would die without a doubt.

[ the narrow washroom had blocked the curtains and everything that could pa.s.s through the sunlight when Yu Jiangqing brought Le Tian in. There was only a weak light inside.

The sound of the tail of the plane being cut and the s.p.a.ceship cutting in could be heard. Once the tail of the plane was cut, she might die without a doubt.

Le Tian leaned against the wall and tightly held onto the bomb on her waist. Outside the door, there was the sound of someone kicking the door and banging on it. “You should go. Don’t hurt yourself because of me.”

Le Tian could tell that this person was very powerful. If it wasn’t for her, he would definitely be able to leave this place.

“I’m already very grateful that you can save my son.”Le Tian lowered her eyes and said in a low voice.

Ding junqi had indeed caused a lot of trouble. However, seeing that she was about to die, she decided to forgive him this time.

Yu Jiangqing raised his eyebrows slightly. This was the first time he had heard someone ask him to give up voluntarily.

“Young master Yu, the tail cut will be completed in thirty seconds,”the staff member reminded him through the headset.

“Miss, do you believe me?”Yu Jiangqing suddenly asked.

Le Tian raised her head. Did she still have a choice?

Although she did not know who this man was, she had seen Yu Jiangqing before. If he was Gu Juexi’s friend in Gu Juexi’s office, she would naturally believe him.

“Cut the wall of the helicopter bathroom,”Yu Jiangqing said in a deep voice. He then took off his coat and shirt and pa.s.sed the shirt to Le Tian out of curiosity, “I will help you take off your clothes in a while. Put on my clothes immediately and hug me tightly. We only have 15 seconds.”

Yu Jiangqing said seriously. Le Tian, whose mind was blank, nodded instinctively.

“Young master Yu, 20 seconds.”

Yu Jiangqing loosened his hands a few times and counted the time silently.

“Young master Yu, five seconds ready –”

Le Tian held his breath as the sweat on his palms drenched his shirt.

“Young Master Yu, two seconds –”

As he said that, Yu Jiangqing directly tore off Le Tian’s clothes and pulled down the bomb on her waist. At the same time, he opened the door and threw the bomb out, with his other hand, he carried Le Tian and jumped down from the cut.

At the same time, the small s.p.a.ceship that had completed the work of cutting the tail of the machine instantly left this place.

Boom —

A spark exploded in the air. Le Tian did not even have time to look before she was grabbed by Yu Jiangqing and rushed over to pick them up on another helicopter. ]

For a moment, le Tian really thought that she would die.

After le Tian was rescued, the children were transferred to the s.p.a.ce mothership. Song Helian was still trying his best to defuse the bomb.

Meanwhile, Mo Qi was still providing route support to the people chasing Tigger at full speed.

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