Chapter 199 - A Brutal Strike (3)

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Chapter 199: A Brutal Strike (3)

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Linghe and the rest were taken aback by Yang Jian’s appearance. Since they brought Yang Jian to the barracks, they had kept him there and had yet to present him. Why did Ji Fengyan summon Yang Jian?

Ji Fengyan gazed at Yang Jian with pride. With one hand on Yang Jian’s shoulder, she lifted her chin slightly at Hu Sisheng and his gang.

“He is here to spar with you guys, no problem, right?” Ji Fengyan said, curving her lips.

The Green Nightmare Army were dumbfounded by Yang Jian’s sudden appearance. It was strange that he had gone wholly unnoticed before—this person seemed to have materialized out of nowhere.

Yang Jian’s current body was the product of meticulous craftsmanship by Ji Fengyan. To make Yang Jian look more “human”, she had even layered the wooden surface with a special latex blend. His vertical pupils had also been modified by Ji Fengyan—it could be closed up such that no one could observe otherwise.

From the outside, Yang Jian looked like a completely normal human being.

Hu Sisheng and the others stared at Yang Jian for a long while, noticing no sign that he was a pract.i.tioner. The weapon held in Yang Jian’s hands was unlike anything they had seen before. It looked somewhat similar to the lances used by hors.e.m.e.n, but not entirely alike. His body plate was also different from the glossy, heavy armour that they usually wore. Yang Jian’s armour comprised of overlapping oval, metallic scales—the overall effect of which looked strangely odd.

“Just him? He looks like such a freak…” The soldiers of the Green Nightmare Army scoffed after giving a Yang Jian a once over.

Ji Fengyan shrugged and patted Yang Jian’s shoulder. “Give it a shot. See if this new one is better.”

Yang Jian glanced at Ji Fengyan before taking a step forward.

Grinning, Ji Fengyan just stood to the side, eagerly waiting for the impending match.

Yang Jian’s replacement body had never been put into battle since its creation. Ji Fengyan was taking advantage of this opportunity to observe its efficacy.

Yang Jian walked silently toward the Green Nightmare Army, the trident in his hands gleaming in the sunlight. His scaled body plate contrasted sharply with the armour worn by Hu Sisheng and rest.

Having just been humiliated by Ji Fengyan and looking at the weird-looking armour worn by Yang Jian, Hu Sisheng cleverly held back and let the others be the first guinea pigs.

A member of the Green Nightmare Army bearing a heavy sword marched over to Yang Jian and rolled up his sleeves to reveal his muscular biceps. Looking in disdain at Yang Jian, he raised his heavy sword and launched at him with it!

Yang Jian stood unmoved, gazing toward the person barreling toward him. He moved his left foot back a little, both palms wielding the middle section of the trident. The shining blade followed the movements of his hands, carving out a crescent arc of light in the air!

Just as the person came charging up, the trident sent him flying off with a blow!

The crowd exclaimed in shock. No one had expected that the Green Nightmare Army—hailed as the elite forces of the army—could be so defenseless before Yang Jian!

Completely defeated even before they could execute a single move!

That person flew a few meters before hitting the ground with a heavy thud. Blood spurted from his mouth as his armoured chest plate suffered a deep crack!

Hu Sisheng stared incredulously at the sight before him…

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