Chapter 244 - Time to Talk

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Chapter 244: Time to Talk

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The man was tall and handsome. Just by standing there, he attracted all the attention. Against the light, he walked into the hall with an expressionless face. Dressing formally, he looked distant and cold. However, the moment Su Qianci saw him, she felt something was blooming in her heart. Feeling sweet and bitter at the same time, she immediately ran toward him.

Seeing her, Li Sicheng’s eyes melted a little bit as he spread his arms for her. A pa.s.sionate hug chased his coldness away. Su Qianci threw her arms around him and said cheerfully, “You’re back!”

“Yes, I am.” His voice was deep and mellow, like the music played by the best cello.

Su Qianci looked up at his face. Li Sicheng looked very tired. There were even shadows under his eyes. After spending just a few days in America, his face looked even more chiseled. He must have lost a lot of weight. Su Qianci felt for him, touching his face with her fingers. “You must be tired.”

Li Sicheng held her hand and kissed it. “Not so much after seeing you.”

“Ayaya…” Captain Li cried, looking serious. “You young people should get ahold of yourselves.” As people heard that, they all chuckled.

“No, I cannot watch this.” Luo Zhan looked envious and mad. “Bro, it is inhumane to display your love in front of single people like us.”

“That’s too much.” Ou Ming felt jealous as well. Glancing at Yu Lili, he said, “I wouldn’t mind competing with them.”

Yu Lili flicked his hand away. “Get lost!”

Mrs. Tang was infuriated, standing with her arms akimbo. Grabbing the microphone, she yelled, “Li Sicheng, you are back just in time. Let’s talk about what you should do.”

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes and walked closer, holding Su Qianci’s hand.

Qin Shuhua saw Mrs. Tang being fierce, pulled her son away, and said, “You do need to talk to us. What has happened? Why is Tang Mengying suddenly pregnant?” Qin Shuhua’s att.i.tude was obvious, clearly indicating that she believed Tang Mengying.

Captain Li’s face darkened as he commanded, “Shuhua, step aside. Sicheng can handle it himself.”


“Come back here now.”

Qin Shuhua became silent, walking to Captain Li.

“Brother Sicheng…” Tang Mengying saw Su Qianci being intimate with Li Sicheng, and jealousy almost drove her crazy. However, she still pretended to be gentle and timid. Looking at Li Sicheng, she said in a low voice, “I… Sorry. I shouldn’t have kept the baby without informing you…”

“Well,” Li Sicheng looked at her coldly with absolutely no warmth in his eyes. “It’s your baby, so you could keep it or get rid of it as you like.”

Having guessed his att.i.tude, Tang Mengying gritted her teeth, stood up straight, and said, “It is also your baby. You are his father, aren’t you?”

Li Sicheng heard that and suddenly smiled. His smile was so bright that it caught everyone’s attention. The Li family, the Tang family, and all the guests invited to the party and press conference were all confused by his reaction. However, his smile was completely mirthless.

Slowly, Li Sicheng said, “It is time to talk.”

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