Chapter 33

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“Actually, this Blade of Tai Ya can still be much better. I will research on the weapon forging sheet next time, and forge a G.o.dly weapon for you.” Ye Lang looked at the Blade of Tai Ya in Tigress’ hand and seemed to still be somewhat unsatisfied with it.

If his words were to be heard by other people, they would surely have the impulse to choke him to death. G.o.d knows how many rare materials were used to forge this Blade of Tai Ya, it is practically a treasure which many yearn for, day and night, and adding on the fact that the smiths that were hired were all top-grade, the construction cost of this Blade of Tai Ya would let other shrink back from it. Even someone of the Imperial household may also not possibly possess this kind of weapon.

And he himself had instead forged this weapon to give it to his ‘female slave’, indeed worthy to be called a prodigal son.

Never mind this point, what would make others feel even more depressed and drive them mad, was that he actually still felt that this weapon was not good enough.

And the so-called weapon forging sheet, it was not one of the products of the martial arts treasury, but was instead this world’s technique, which was recorded within Ban’s alchemy notebook. It made use of alchemy to forge the weapon, or perhaps refine the weapon. Of course, there were also similar books within the martial arts treasury, and Ye Lang had also mixed those and his own knowledge together to combine it into a new technique.

However, time is needed for him to do those things, and at present, he still did not have this ability. Perhaps a few years later, he might be able to succeed in combining it into a new technique, or perhaps there might still be a longer time needed.

“It is already very good, I really like it a lot.” At that time, Tigress gently caressed her Blade of Tai Ya and said contentedly.


Stab, carry, hack, chop……

Tigress held onto her Blade of Tai Ya and made different kinds of movements in the courtyard, brandishing the pole arm vigorously and powerfully, while waves of strong air dispersed to all directions with every movement she did with the pole arm.


“Backstroke thrust!”

Tigress turned her body and did a beautiful spin with her Blade of Tai Ya, stabbing directly behind her, causing the pole arm to bring forth a strong douqi and break into the sky.

“Clap, clap……”

Applause started ringing out, and Tigress saw that Ye Lang was standing in front of her. Due to being too absorbed in her practice just now, she did not realize that Ye Lang had already come out.

“Young master, you woke up already? I will serve you immediately……” Tigress immediately put away her Blade of Tai Ya, then said in a bit of a rush.

“There’s no need already, I have already washed my face and eaten breakfast. You can continue practicing. Your backstroke thrust is getting better and better, even without a spear head, you would also be able to stab a person to death.” Ye Lang said with a slight smile.

Actually, Tigress had already prepared everything, Ye Lang only needed to pick up the chopsticks to start eating, pick up the towel to wash his face. If he wasn’t able to do even those things, then he should really just go and perish already.

“Thank you, young master.” Tigress once again said it habitually, and within her heart, there was a bit of confusion, but up to now, she hadn’t gotten an answer to what this confusion was.

She did not know why her young master said that without a spear head, she would also be able to stab a person to death. This was actually very simple, she just needed to add a bit of douqi, and without even being highly proficient in the technique, she would still be able to stab a person to death.

After this, Ye Lang took out a pile of books and continued studying his alchemy. Right now, he was more and more captivated with alchemy as he had discovered a lot of interesting things.

Alchemy was not only able to be used in fighting, it could also be used in many other aspects. For example the weapon forging sheet which he had been researching recently, where by using the transformation formation within alchemy, forging out a weapon without the use of a smelting furnace could be achieved.  So, as long as you practiced until a certain realm, you could even achieve a height which exceeded normal forging.

Moreover, the speed of forging with alchemy was much faster than forging normally. The only weak point was that it required exceedingly high alchemy techniques, and also huge amounts of energy, but there was a limit to the energy a person could use.

And since it could be used to forged weapon, it could also be used to forge other things.

This was just merely one of the things within alchemy, and there were still many more things which were even more fun. Especially after Ye Lang combined the things of the martial arts treasury with alchemy. That effect was simply like a chemical reaction happening, having a reaction which one could not imagine.

And those things were exactly odd formation techniques and pill concocting techniques!


Odd formation technique is a small item within Qi Men Dun Jia. However this small item was able to let a person use his entire life to research on it and the entire Qi Men Dun Jia was of course much more all-embracing. (Qi Men Dun Jia – )

According to the modern age’s research and explanation, Qi Men Dun Jia was the essential work of the Chinese people, which was also the first big secret technique of the three big secret treasures. Ji Men, Liu Ren and Tai Yi, which is I Ching’s highest standing of prediction learnings, having the reputation as monarch of all studies, studies of seizing heaven’s and earth’s luck, and also celestial body theory, the monumental science work of humans and  the earth’s movement laws. ( I Ching – ), (Liu Ren – ), ( Tai Yi – [I got so very confused, luckily you can just skip this.]

Everyone knew that the 9 symbolic seals belonged to the Qi Men 9 symbol technique, and didn’t really belong to Buddhism. And this was also able to let one research for a very long time, in short, the things which were included within this were just way too many.

Also because of this reason, about the research of Qi Men Dun Jia, Ye lang had only pried into the beginning only, but just that was already enough to let him benefit endlessly.

As for pill concocting technique, this was definitely a legend in many parts of alchemy. There were different methods leading to the same result. Gun powder was the product of pill concocting technique, and also the legendary immortality pill.

When both sides combine, the you could only wait and see for the result only.

The thing which Ye Lang needed to do currently was to merge the knowledge of his martial arts treasury into this world. This process needed a very long period of time and constant experiments.

Of course, he would also not deny the knowledge of this world, on the contrary, because he wanted to merge the knowledge which did not belong to this world with this world, he needed to go and and gain more understanding of this world. Only by completely understanding, would he then be able to merge both knowledges together into one.

And his ident.i.ty’s background allowed him to have plenty of time, energy and money. Allowing him to be able to do experiments without worry and care. Adding on that the thing which he was originally learning was alchemy, he was able to undergo his research under the situation where everyone did not know that he was researching.

As long as he did not take the initiative to reveal it, there would be basically no one who would know about what kind of alchemy abilities he had.

Time slowly pa.s.sed by, and just like this, one of them immersed himself in reading books, being extremely quiet, while the other one was brandishing her pole arm, just like a thunderstorm.

Tigress’ movements became faster and faster, until when her figure was practically unable to be seen, and everywhere was just the shadow of her Blade of Tai Ya, and her strength qi which filled the entire courtyard.

Although the pole arm’s shadow was everywhere, Tigress’ techniques were however not complicated at all, and were just merely the result brought forth by her speed. The speed with which she brandished her Blade of Tai Ya was already so fast that she was able to leave an after image.

After all, leaving after images showed the strength of a martial arts user. To be able to reach this point, she could already be counted as having entered the expert level of human grade. Of course, this was just the human grade of ordinary experts, and according to the grade, it could be counted as human 5 grade.

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