Chapter 35 - He Bullied Her so Much Last Night

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Chapter 35: He Bullied Her so Much Last Night

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The next day, the moment the sun began to rise, a loud banging noise against Ji Nuan’s door woke her up.

She furrowed her brows and tried to turn over but could not. Her whole body was held in Mo Jingshen’s arms.

Thinking about last night… there was no shame whatsoever on her face. Instead, she felt like hitting him several times in indignation.

He told her not to think about sleeping at all, and she really barely had any sleep!

Mo Jingshen was too good at bearing grudges. Because she suddenly pushed him aside due to Ji Mengran’s words while they were teasing each other, he held a grudge!

After bringing her into the bathroom, he kissed her until she was weak. He then teased and touched her until she couldn’t bear it anymore. Just as she was about to climax from his teasing…

He actually acted as if nothing had happened. After cleaning her, he carried her out and threw her on the bed, holding her to sleep. He did nothing else!

Her body burned for a really long time because of that and being held by him worsened it. No matter how she struggled in his arms, he acted like he was blind, holding her tightly and preventing her from moving.

After being teased to the point where her entire body was on fire, he left her with no way out to extinguish it. This was even worse than being drugged with that sort of medicine…

Ji Nuan’s face was filled with frustration and rage. The rapid banging against the door caused her to be unable to settle down in his arms. She tried to sit up but was immediately pushed back down by him.

The man’s eyes did not open. His handsome face held the languid drowsiness that accompanied the early morning. Just as she was about to get up once more in rage, he held her and spoke hoa.r.s.ely, “It’s only 5:30 a.m. Would regular people knock at such a time?”

That’s what she thought too. Only someone without a heart would come at such a time to interrupt people’s dreams.

The moment she thought this way, she could immediately guess who it was.

It was really so hard to chase her away.

Ji Mengran most likely did not sleep at all last night.

Ji Nuan’s mind became more aware. She shrunk in his embrace, but because of last night’s burning torture, she opened her mouth and bit his chest.

Mo Jingshen grunted, furrowing his brows and tightening his arms around her.

“Be more obedient. Don’t move about as you please.” His voice became even more hoa.r.s.e.

She refused to believe it. After torturing her to that pathetic state last night, how could he not have struggled at all?

If this were not the Ji family home, she would have directly pressed him on the bed and forced herself on him last night.

The banging noise against the room door became even louder. Ji Mengran raised her voice outside the door, “Big sister! Wake up, ah! The sunlight is especially nice today! Let’s go on a morning run!”

Ji Mengran had never been so hardworking before, nor had she ever taken the initiative to go on a morning run.

She could not sleep, but did she consider whether or not others were tired?

Ji Nuan abruptly sat up. Her actions were too sudden and caused Mo Jingshen, who was caught off guard, to open his eyes.

His voice was low and calm, “It seems like I should let you return to this Ji family less in the future.”

Ji Nuan glanced at the door. Even if she did not have much desire to get off the bed, at this rate, she would become frustrated at Ji Mengran to the point of slamming the door on her face.

“Big sister… are you awake…” as though checking, Ji Mengran’s voice rang again outside the door.

Ji Nuan decided to lie down and not move, acting as though she heard nothing. She refused to believe that at such a time Ji Mengran could be thick-skinned to the extent of ignoring the other family members’ feelings while she continued banging the door.

Indeed, after knocking the door for several more seconds, Ji Mengran—who could not hear any sound inside—guessed that she was being ignored. However, she could not continue knocking because her father and Auntie Shen had both woken up!

“What are you doing so early in the morning?! Don’t you know that everyone is resting?” Ji Hongwen’s brows furrowed as he walked down from the third floor. The moment he saw Ji Mengran, his face became cold.

Ji Mengran immediately took a step back, cautiously softening her voice and saying, “Dad, didn’t Big Sister just recover from a cold? I thought of going to run in the morning with her to strengthen the body…”

“Why don’t I see you wake up so early normally? Don’t you know that your brother-in-law is in there? Why are you making noise?” After berating her, Ji Hongwen no longer felt like he could sleep further. He warned her once more and turned to go downstairs.

Silence was restored outside their room. Ji Nuan was especially drowsy. After relaxing, she buried her head in Mo Jingshen’s gentle embrace and found a comfortable position to resume sleeping.


At seven-plus in the morning, Ji Nuan felt refreshed as she walked down the stairs. Seeing the people downstairs, she smiled and turned around to shout upstairs, “Jing Shen, I forgot to bring my phone. Go help me take it.”

Ji Mengran sat at the dining table. Just as she was about to find words to scold Ji Nuan who had woken up so late, her words were choked back down by Ji Nuan’s actions.

Not only did she not catch any sight of Mo Jingshen’s silhouette, but after Ji Nuan’s words, she could hear steady footsteps walking back to the room. He clearly went to help Ji Nuan get her phone.

This Ji Nuan, she actually ordered Mo Jingshen here and there! Who did she think she was!

Less than a minute later, Mo Jingshen came back to the staircase. Ji Nuan still stood there waiting for him. She took the phone from him and fluttered her lashes at him. “Thank you, hubby!”

Mo Jingshen’s clear black eyes met her gaze. He calmly curved his lips. “Let’s go eat breakfast. Dad is already waiting.”

Seeing the two of them coming down together—one refreshingly pretty and well-mannered, causing people’s’ heart to become fl.u.s.tered, while the other cold and handsome to the point where others could not take their eyes away—Ji Hongwen did not become upset even though they had woken up late. Instead, he smiled and had Auntie Qin bring over their breakfast.

“Dad, good morning!” Ji Nuan’s spirit was good as she walked over to the seat closest to Ji Hongwen.

Seeing her head over to that seat, Shen Heru’s face became slightly unhappy. She was about to say something sarcastic, but the moment Mo Jingshen walked over, she considered his aura and reputation and decided not to speak.

“Good. How did you sleep?” Ji Hongwen’s mood was rather good as he glanced at Ji Nuan. He then looked at Mo Jingshen. “This is the first time the both of you have come back to the Ji home to stay after your marriage. If there’s anything you’re not used to, say it.”

Mo Jingshen calmly and politely nodded his head, showing his manners. “It’s all right. The bedroom’s soundproof walls are rather good. We couldn’t hear much movement and slept well all night.”


Ji Nuan shot him a glance.

This man was genuinely black-bellied. After bullying her to that point last night, these words were clearly meant to poke fun at her.

She gloomily glared at him, but Mo Jingshen only calmly chuckled.

Ji Mengran sat right across from them. She raised her head to look at Mo Jingshen.

As they were at the Ji family, Mo Jingshen did not seem as stern and apathetic as he typically did. Although he seemed indifferent, he gave Ji Nuan sufficient face and did not have the distant coldness that pushed people thousands of miles away.

He carried the cleanliness and sharpness that was brought in by the morning. It was really nice to look at.

However, his hands were busy with pulling out Ji Nuan’s chair for her. There was no attention to be spared for the people at the side.

Ji Mengran secretly gripped the tablecloth near her hand, squeezing it to the point where its shape became distorted.

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