Chapter 447 - Song Yuanxi, Who Exactly Are You? (7)

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Chapter 447: Song Yuanxi, Who Exactly Are You? (7)

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When Qiao Lian heard these words, she responded fast and replied, “You did this on purpose?”

Certain scenes that involved hanging from wire ropes could be very dangerous, and only very experienced actors would attempt them by themselves.

Normally, for newbies like Song Yuanxi, there would be someone called in as a stunt double.

However, she had attempted it by herself and then had made the phone call.

Indeed, she answered, “You’re right!”

“You’re nuts!” Qiao Lian couldn’t help but scold her.

This person was simply nuts!

She had actually done such a cruel thing to herself so that Shen Liangchuan might go visit her.

“What right do you have to say I am nuts? If you hadn’t told Brother Liangchuan certain things and if Brother Liangchuan hadn’t banned me from leaving the filming crew, why would I have to resort to this dangerous move? Qiao Lian, I will not allow the both of you to be blissful together! Now, shall we make a bet?”

Song Yuanxi’s voice had a tinge of viciousness.

Qiao Lian was stunned. “Bet on what?”

“Bet that Brother Liangchuan has never forgotten my sister! Bet that Brother Liangchuan will come and visit me and that he will forgive me!”

Qiao Lian narrowed her eyes and replied, “I am not in the mood for these sorts of things!”

She hung up right after saying this.

She took a deep breath, feeling like her chest was seemingly being pressed by a huge heavy rock. She could not concentrate and wasn’t herself.

Would Shen Liangchuan visit her?

“Chief Editor Lian Lian, why are you sleeping here? Did you fight with Best Actor Shen?” Shi Nianyao couldn’t help but nag beside her ear.

Qiao Lian lowered her head upon hearing this. “No.”

It was true that they hadn’t quarrelled.

However, the current situation was worse compared to if they had quarrelled. This made her wish that she had had a big quarrel with him instead.

She tried hard to organize her own feelings and then turned towards Shi Nianyao. “Let’s work.”

She walked to her desk and sat down.

The moment she sat down, a person walked in from the entrance. “h.e.l.lo, may I know who is Qiao Lian? Ms. Qiao?”

Qiao Lian paused for a moment. “I am. What’s the matter?”

The person handed over breakfast to her. “h.e.l.lo, this is your order.”

Her… takeout?

She was slightly taken aback. She looked down at the takeout bento box.

It was her favorite three-ingredients steamed buns and porridge.

Shen Liangchuan had recommended her the steam buns from this shop before.

So could this bento set had been ordered for her by Shen Liangchuan?

Qiao Lian had a complex look on her face. She entered her office after receiving the breakfast.

She opened up the box and placed it on the coffee table. The smell of the soft white steamed buns and the smooth delicious porridge was irresistible.

However, Qiao Lian did not have any appet.i.te suddenly.

She picked up a steamed bun and tried her very best to take a big bite.

Next, she coughed out loud rigorously.

She choked, making her face red and her voice hoa.r.s.e.

She was intending to drink some water but when she reached out for the cup, she realized that it was empty.

Qiao Lian gradually placed the cup down. She didn’t spit out the bun but tried to swallow it down.

Tears were flowing down as she tried her best at it.

However, when the first teardrops flowed out, they gushed out like a flood. Huge teardrops came tumbling down her cheeks.

She finally managed to swallow the big bun bite, but her throat was sizzling in pain.

She picked up some tissues to wipe away her tears.

Qiao Lian, why are you so useless? You cried just by eating a bun.

However, her tears became even more intense. Meanwhile, she threw the tissues into the bin beside her and lifted her hands to cover her whole face.

The tears dripped onto the table, drop after drop through the gaps between her fingers.

What to do now?

Even though she knew that she shouldn’t be jealous, she still felt like crying. What should she do now?

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