Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: You Are Mine

This is the highest mountain peak in the Fog Forest.

In addition to dense fog and frigid cold on this mountain, there is a stifling miasma.

Ordinary people, even if they are Precelestial experts, do not dare to willingly set foot on this area.

At this moment however, there are two figures standing on this mountain. They look indifferent, like strolling in their own yard.

“Jun Shang, just the rampaging animals don't seem to pose a threat to her.” Han Ye glances at the handsome man beside him. He cautiously and solemnly asks, “Should this subordinate go down?”

However, this one glance takes Han Ye aback.

For he had never seen Jun Shang have this kind of expression.

That eternally indifferent and disdainful gaze, nothing in the world could enter his eyes. At this moment, they are bright and ablaze with a raging flame.

That gaze has a single-minded fixation on the forest below, scorching, like a wild beast that has found its favorite prey!

Han Ye gets a bit silly.

Jun Shang is looking at the Shen Musician heir? His destined woman?

This expression in his eyes, it doesn't look like it has any killing intent a!

He wants to open the topic.

The sounds of zither from below abruptly stop.

Han Ye turns his head down and sees the white woman sitting on the top of a cliff. Corpses of rats and wolves scatter around her.

The cold wind whistles like a crying ghost in the dark forest.

The white clothes are splattered with scarlet, appearing strange and b.l.o.o.d.y.

When the woman looks up and reveals her languid and gorgeous face, Han Ye could only revel on her beauty and temperament. He suddenly can't breathe, unable to mask his star-struck eyes.

This woman is Jun Shang's destined.

It is not that there are no women who are more beautiful than her, but Han Ye has never come across a woman with such temperament. A free spirit that could charm and seduce one's very soul.

Suddenly, the woman softly strums a string. Her lips seemed to have gone pale from excessive use of mysterious energy, but they curve up and a pleasant voice escapes from them. The sweet-sounding words are accompanied by the sound of the zither, penetrating through the fog.

“You come from afar and caused chaos in the Fog Forest, only to watch the fires burning across the river*. Won't you be so kind and reveal yourselves?” *to delay entering the fray until all others have been exhausted by fighting amongst themselves (idiom)

Han Ye sucks in a cold breath: “Jun Shang, she discovered us!”

Merely a woman from an insignificant mortal realm, without any means to have spiritual powers, and she was able to discover their presence?

How can this be?

Without waiting for Han Ye to get over it, the man beside him has already disappeared.

When Han Ye comes to himself, he discovers that Jun Shang is already in front of the woman in white. He quickly follows.


Muyan raises her head to look at the man that suddenly appeared.

The man's handsome appearance could make any woman in the world lose themselves in infatuation. The eyes, above all, have a blue gleam when they gaze upon you. Muyan's heart can't help but skip a beat.

Deep blue like Xiao Bao's.

However, the surprise in Muyan's eyes quickly and completely withdraws. She slightly raises the tips of her brows, “Who might you be, sire? What do you wish to achieve, causing the animals to rampage?”

The man tilts his head down, giving her a profound stare like he's watching his prey.

Muyan's heart rises with displeasure at the trace of audaciousness and controlling. As she is about to speak, the man unexpectedly reaches out and buckles her jaw.

While Muyan is startled and bewildered, the man slowly bends his head down. The cold, thin lips fall on Muyan's warm and soft ones.

A deep magnetic voice, touched with silken darkness, hums in her ears, “You are mine.”

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