Chapter 542 - Vital Qi

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Chapter 542: Vital Qi

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“There really is a place in this Beast Lair that gestates Vital Qi? Are you certain you are not mistaken?”

Upon hearing this, Mo Wen’s expression turned serious. He also felt surprised. It was actually a place that could gestate Vital Qi. That was even more precious than the Vital Qi itself. Of course, the Vital Qi was also precious.

What was Vital Qi? Even Mo Wen could not describe it clearly. He only knew that Vital Qi was a special energy that was a cla.s.s above spiritual energy. He did not know how Vital Qi was formed, but he was certain that its formation was very difficult, so there was very, very little Vital Qi in the world.

It was different from spiritual energy. Only immortal cultivators could use spiritual energy. For ancient martial art pract.i.tioners, it had almost no direct benefits. They also could not absorb it. At most, they could temporarily convert it to use some immortal cultivator treasures.

But Vital Qi was different. For immortal cultivators, Vital Qi had many benefits, its value far higher than that of spiritual energy. For ancient martial art pract.i.tioners, it also had many benefits. It was a special energy that neither immortal cultivators nor ancient martial art pract.i.tioners would reject.

A strand of Vital Qi was enough to supply an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner with decades of cultivation. Also, aside from that, it also had many other benefits, even changing the very essence of an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner’s body’s const.i.tution.

Mo Wen did not know much, but he knew more than the average ancient martial art pract.i.tioner. Vital Qi was something that immortal cultivators dreamt of. A strand of Vital Qi may not be of much use for an immortal cultivator, but for an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner, it could completely change the essence of their body’s const.i.tution.

Rumor had it that an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner who absorbed Vital Qi would have a much higher probability of becoming an immortal cultivator due to the changes in their body’s const.i.tution. The more Vital Qi they absorbed, the higher the probability of them becoming immortal. Rumor had it that if an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner could absorb Vital Qi for a long period of time, they could directly become immortal cultivators and very special immortal cultivators at that.

In his previous life, he had traveled to many places in order to find some Vital Qi, but he had never found any. He would never have imagined that he would actually accidentally get wind of news about Vital Qi in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

Also, a place that could gestate Vital Qi was already extraordinary.

“Of course it is Vital Qi. I am still the chief disciple of the Five Beasts Sect. How could I have been mistaken?” Yin Banshuang was somewhat dissatisfied with Mo Wen’s questioning. When it came to knowledge, under normal circ.u.mstances only she would be questioning others. Since when had she been questioned by others?

At the very beginning, she had not told Mo Wen what it was because she was afraid Mo Wen did not know what Vital Qi was and would therefore lose interest in joining forces with her. After all, Vital Qi was a term used in the Immortal Cultivation world. The chances that an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner would know it was slim.

Even she only knew about Vital Qi from the archives of the Five Beasts Sect, and her knowledge was limited. But she never imagined that this youth’s knowledge would be so extensive. She had just revealed a little bit and he immediately knew the whole story.

Upon hearing this, Mo Wen nodded his head. The ancient martial art pract.i.tioners of the Inner worlds were different from the ordinary ones. Because of the existence of the Huatian Palace, they came in contact far more with items from the Immortal Cultivation world than those of the main s.p.a.ce. Their knowledge would then naturally not be limited to ancient martial arts.

“However, there should not be a lot of Vital Qi in that place. Maybe only enough for the two of us to practice,” Yin Banshuang said somewhat regrettably.

After all, Vital Qi was a wonder of heaven and earth. Its formation was very difficult. To be able to find a strand or a shred was a huge opportunity. It was certainly unrealistic to want more.

It was precisely because there was very little Vital Qi in that place, splitting it between two people to use was stretching it a bit. If there was a lot, she would not have cooperated with Mo Wen, instead directly informing her sect about this secret.

With her position in the Five Beasts Sect, getting a portion distributed to her would certainly not be difficult. But if it was just a little, whether or not she could get some was most likely still a question. She would most probably not get a share.

After all, Vital Qi was too precious. It could essentially change an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner’s potential. Each of the old monsters in the Five Beasts Sect dreamed of becoming immortal. Against the temptation of the Vital Qi, how would they give it to a junior like her?

“With your current cultivation, as long as you can get a strand of Vital Qi, the chances of you becoming immortal in the future will be many times higher.”

Mo Wen gave Yin Banshuang a glance. This woman’s good fortune was not small, even coming across something like Vital Qi. Among other things, a strand of Vital Qi could at least cause this woman’s cultivation to rise to the next level and step into the intermediate stage Golden Elixir realm.

“Becoming immortal is too distant. My goal in life is to practice until I become a Martial Arts Grandmaster.”

In the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, for centuries no one had ever successfully become immortal. The last record of someone successfully becoming immortal was three centuries ago. Although Yin Banshuang was proud, for her, becoming immortal was an equally unreachable distance away.

Mo Wen smiled, not commenting. Everyone had different goals in life. His goal was to become an immortal, not an immortal cultivator, but an immortal that lasted as long as the heavens and the earth and s.h.i.+ned as brightly as the sun and the moon.

Of course, that goal was too distant. Maybe he would forever be unable to reach it, but as long as he was alive, he would walk this path.

“Then, let’s go. Don’t overthink it. The place where the Vital Qi gestates is on the fifth level. If we don’t die along the way, it will already be a success,” Yin Banshuang said as she laughed in self-mockery.

For a beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art pract.i.tioner to dare enter to the fifth level of the Tan Zi Beast Lair required a lot of courage. No one could really describe accurately how dangerous the fifth level was. But for every ten beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art pract.i.tioners that entered, at least eight would die in there.

“Most likely we won’t be able to leave. That group of people is making their way over here. They seem to have encountered some trouble.”

Mo Wen looked expressionlessly in the northwest direction. At the edge of his line of sight, a few human silhouettes had already appeared. Those people were das.h.i.+ng in their direction. He did not know whether it was coincidental or intentional.

“Members of the Purple Qi Pavilion.”

Yin Banshuang also noticed the group of people. The corners of her mouth curled up as she playfully said, “Before this, I was wondering who dared to enter into the second level of the Beast Lair. So it was the members of the Purple Qi Pavilion.”

The Purple Qi Pavilion was the oldest ancient martial art sect in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. In the past century, it had always been a point of contention whether the Five Beasts Sect or the Purple Qi Pavilion was the number one faction in the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension.

Some people believed it was the Purple Qi Pavilion, others believed it was the Five Beasts Sect. The reason why later it was decided to be the Five Beasts Sect was that the Five Beasts Sect more frequently joined in the activities among the ancient martial art pract.i.tioners of the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension. As for the Purple Qi Pavilion, they kept a very low profile, not revealing themselves at all. As time pa.s.sed, their fame naturally was overtaken by the Five Beasts Sect.

Because of this matter, the disciples of the Five Beasts Sect and the disciples of the Purple Qi Pavilion did not deal well with each other. Although it was not to the extent that they would draw swords on sight, their relations.h.i.+p was a tense one. There was always fierce compet.i.tion between the disciples of the two sects.

“They must have encountered a monstrous beast chasing them. Let’s go, we’ll go around. We don’t have to concern ourselves with whether they live or die.”

Yin Banshuang did not have a good opinion about the members of the Purple Qi Pavilion. Right now, she naturally would not want to meddle in the business of others.

“An intermediate stage seventh rank monstrous beast, four beginning stage seventh-ranked ones and more than ten sixth rank monstrous beasts,” Mo Wen said plainly.

“Your perception ability is frightening.” Yin Banshuang drew a cold breath, looking inconceivably at Mo Wen. At such a long distance, he could actually perceive the specific cultivation and numbers of the monstrous beasts. This type of perception ability was not just because he had powerful soul power. Most likely it would be impossible for even an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner at the pinnacle of the Golden Elixir realm to determine the facts so clearly.

If it was her, right now, she could not even determine specifically how many monstrous beasts there were.

An ordinary ancient martial art pract.i.tioner naturally could not do so, but Mo Wen had practiced the Divine Soul Trillion Layers. He could release his soul power for short periods of time and essentially be on a different level compared to an ancient martial art pract.i.tioner.

“Why? Could it be that you want to meddle in this farce?”

Seeing Mo Wen not leaving, Yin Banshuang looked somewhat surprised at him. Could it be that this youth had some connections with the Purple Qi Pavilion?

“When we are away from home, no one has it easy. If we can help, we should help. Helping others will bring grace to ourselves,” Mo Wen said.

Yin Banshuang looked stunned at Mo Wen, as though she had seen a monster. She really wanted to know whether something was wrong with this youth’s brain, or if he had schizophrenia.

Before this, who was it that aggressively trashed the territory of the Tong Luo Sect, acting as though he wanted to trample over their sect? When he started killing, he was merciless and did so without even blinking.

Yet now he was taking a totally different tone. “Helping others will bring grace to ourselves! How many consciousnesses do you have?”

Right now, Mo Wen was not concerned with what Yin Banshuang thought at all. With a step, he went over to the group.

In reality, Mo Wen was not interested in the lives of others. In the Green Ancient Mystery Dimension, the rule was the survival of the fittest. Every day, the number of people who died was uncountable. There was only power and survival. One could not help others. There was no need for pity here, and one did not need to pity others.

However, Mo Wen was not a cold-blooded person. Among the group of Purple Qi Pavilion members, he knew someone. It was an innocent little girl, somewhat likable. Before this, he had gotten a lot of useful information from her. So right now when he could help, he would not be stingy.

“You really have a problem.” Yin Banshuang looked at Mo Wen’s back, only following reluctantly behind him with a stomp after a while. If it wasn’t because she would later need to cooperate with Mo Wen, she would have absolutely turned and left right now.

In the northwest direction, a line of five people was sprinting on the ground. Among them were two youths and the other three were elders.

Among them was a little girl who was very young at a glance. Right now, she was sandwiched under the arm of an elder dressed in purple as they dashed forward.

Behind them, dark shadows were tightly pursuing. Some of the silhouettes were very large while some were very small. But without exception, the aura from their bodies was very powerful.

Especially from the silhouette that was das.h.i.+ng at the very front. Its figure was not large, but the aura from its body was enough to make a beginning stage Golden Elixir realm ancient martial art pract.i.tioner cower in fright.

It was a white monstrous beast that resembled a snow leopard. It had a single horn on its head and had blue eyes like two sapphires.

Behind the monstrous beast were four others, and behind the four monstrous beasts was another large pack.

Right now, this group of people was being chased by a pack of monstrous beasts.

“Elder Gongyang Cheng, you take sect junior sister Tian’er and keep going. The path to the surface is not far in front. I will hold off these beasts.”

A white image flashed. Not only did it not dash forwards, it instead turned back. With that stance, it seemed prepared to hold off the pack of ferocious monstrous beasts on their own.

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