Chapter 544 - Nobody Was As Stupid as You

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Chapter 544: n.o.body Was As Stupid as You

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Dr. Zhao’s words made everyone think.

It turned out that Ling Tianya stayed in the hospital for so long not because she didn’t want to face the reality as the rumour had it. In fact, she was buying time to make sure she kept the pregnancy.

Ruan Qishan nodded. Dr. Zhao’s words moved him in a big way.

It was precisely because this doctor played along with Ling Tianya that Ruan Guofu had let guard down, thinking that Ling Tianya had really become infertile. That way, not only did she win herself some time, she also lured the snake out of its hole.

Ruan Qishan look at Ling Tianya with glimmering eyes. This daughter-in-law once again refreshed her image in his heart.

Such a smart, calm, and self-protecting woman was really rare in the world.

Ruan Zeyan saw the way his father was staring at his wife. Displeased, he squeezed Ling Tianya tighter into his arms.

Ruan Qishan glared at Ruan Zeyan. This naughty boy, what are you thinking?

Behind him, Du Gang was also speechless.

This boss of his was just done being jealous of his father-in-law, and now he was jealous of his own father.

Sure enough, men in love were all idiots!

His boss was no exception!

The three old men and the other family members were all in complete shock at this point. This wife of Ruan Zeyan was such a character; she’d antic.i.p.ated everything that happened today. She had set a trap and waited for them to jump in.

And then she figured out: Whoever protested the loudest must had the worst intention.

Today, fourth grandfather had taken the lead the entire time, and now the old man was soaked in his own sweat and sitting restlessly.

Everyone in the room had witnessed how Ling Tianya had Ruan Lijia’s face roughed up and how Ruan Zeyan had third Mrs. Ruan’s jaw dislocated.

This couple had a merciless style and a taste for vengeance. And they had been very aggressive with her the whole time, forcing Ling Tianya to leave the family using some very hurtful words…

With that thought in mind, someone couldn’t sit still anymore.

Suddenly, a loud cry sounded in the big living room.

w.a.n.g Yazhi sat there and cried like a child.

Madame Ruan covered her ears. “What are you crying about?!”

“Yaya’s baby is still there… it’s so wonderful…” During this time, w.a.n.g Yazhi had been living in guilt. She thought that Ling Tianya was so miserable because of her stupid kindness. Every day, she blamed herself and washed her face with tears.

Seeing that w.a.n.g Yazhi was crying so much, Ling Tianya couldn’t bear it and stepped forward to comfort her. “Mom, please don’t cry. It was my bad, I’ve been hiding the truth from you and making you so worried. I’m sorry…”

w.a.n.g Yazhi sobbed like a little kid with tears falling down her face. She pounded Ling Tianya on the back. “You wicked girl, why did you lie to me, why didn’t you tell me! I was worried about you every day, I couldn’t even sleep!”

Seeing w.a.n.g Yazhi hit Ling Tianya, before Ruan Zeyan could react, Madame Ruan stepped up first and immediately reprimanded, “You be careful! Ling girl is carrying my great grandson in her stomach! You can cry all you want, but don’t you hit her!”

Upon hearing this, w.a.n.g Yazhi straightened in panic and turned, circling Ling Tianya with concern. “Yaya, did mother hurt you? Are you okay? I… was carried away in the moment. I…”

Seeing w.a.n.g Yazhi’s nervous expression, Ling Tianya shook her head instantly and said with a smile, “No, mother didn’t hurt me at all. I am fine.”

After hearing Ling Tianya say this, w.a.n.g Yazhi broke into laughter and hugged Ling Tianya. “My Yaya… This is wonderful, mother is so happy!”

There was a bright smile on Ruan Qishan’s face as well. His head was still dizzy, as if he was in the clouds.

On the other hand, Madame Ruan appeared extremely calm as if she had expected everything. The old lady had been looking forward to a great grandson and, logically speaking, her reaction should have been different when she heard Ling Tianya’s baby was still there.

Ruan Qishan suddenly opened his eyes widely. “Mom, did you know all along that Tianya’s baby was intact?” Thinking back now, the old lady should have been upset today, and whatever she said was countering what the fourth grandfather and everybody had said.

The old lady rolled her eyes at her son in disdain. “Do you think everyone is as stupid as you are?”

Ruan Qishan’s eyes widened at her.

Of course, the old lady knew all along!

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